How To Go From Friends With Benefits To An Exclusive Relationship With an Aries Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So, you’ve gotten to know that Aries guy from between the sheets...but how to get him to commit? Keep reading for my exclusive tips on how to lock down that Ram. How to go from friends with benefits to an exclusive relationship with an Aries man?

So, you’ve gotten to know that Aries guy from between the sheets…but how to get him to commit? Keep reading for my exclusive tips on how to lock down that Ram.

How can you get that steamy Aries man you’re lusting after in the bedroom to devote something more to you? It’s quite the feat, but luckily with the secrets of Astrology we can get you closer to exclusivity with your Aries guy.

To learn how to go from lovers to an official item, read on…

Make Him Work

Aries men are simply over-the-top when it comes to winning. He needs to feel like he’s number one or else you’ll have a sad and sorry Aries on your hands. The problem is, once they conquer a challenge, they’re on to the next one.

So, the solution is obvious… never make him feel like he has won you over completely! He is working for the certainty that he is indeed your prince charming. Once he has that, he’s ready to fly the coop.

You can make him feel good, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time you should give off the vibe that you could take him or leave him.

Maybe this sounds cold, but I have found that Aries men are most stimulated and engaged when they are competing for something, especially for the hand of a gorgeous woman.

He does want to be your prince, but he craves the chase and intrigue involved with becoming your prince even more.

Giving the impression that you could do better is like a call to arms for an Aries man… “Oh yeah?? Let me show you just how good I can be for you.”

I’ve found that with time, an Aries man can learn to adjust into domestic partnership. But even after it’s clear that he has chosen you for his future, it never hurts to keep the spark alive, especially with an Aries involved.

Make Him Feel Like He Has the Power

An Aries needs to feel in control, and it helps if they feel like the hero. Aries is the sign of the self and they need to feel like a participant in the partnership.

By allowing them to feel powerful it makes them feel safe. And really, that’s what we are all looking for, we just have different ways of getting there. Feeling self-directed and like they have choices is a sure way to get Aries to hunker down and commit to a relationship.

Aries men love being the savior and giving him that opportunity is a great way to make them feel needed. But it must be understood that even when an Aries has a responsibility to another, their greatest responsibility is to themselves.

Don’t be timid though. He does not like a whiner; he wants a strong-willed woman. But if he feels that you are encroaching upon his own sense of power then he will push back or may even back away from the situation completely.

It’s a fine line you have to walk with an Aries, that’s for sure. Just the perfect amount of docility and displays of power are required to keep him entertained. But remember, they are the toddlers of the Zodiac. Playing games is part of who they are.

Flirt With Him

Make Him Feel Like He Has the Power

It seems obvious, but Aries men in particular need a cue to know that you’re into them. Like I said before, things need to stay spicy. Just because you’ve gotten them into bed, doesn’t mean that you’ve won. Keeping that spark alive is wildly important to keep him interested.

When you show him that you still are flirtatious and engaged in the pursuit even after he’s shown you his business, it tells the Aries man that you weren’t trying to just charm him for a fling, but that you are really a flirty and playful person. This will please him greatly because Aries love beginnings. A whole relationship that has the intrigue of a random hookup is the best kind of turn on to these guys.

So, let’s say you’re at a party together. Touching him in front of his friends and clinging to him is a good tactic. And then seeing you later joking with people across the room is a wonderful way to keep him asking himself, “Wait, does she really need me?”

Once you’ve got him questioning your actions, his interest will be piqued. At least enough to try to find out what you’re all about.

As well, make sure you’re complimenting him regularly. Telling him he has good style and a good way of presenting himself will really tickle him.

Keeping the spark alive well after you’ve gotten his motor running is a great way to keep him stay interested. Remember, these guys need to maintain a sense of entertainment in the relationship. When the dust settles, an Aries is likely to head on out your front door.

Be Fun-Loving

Aries is the child of the Zodiac and they need to feel like life is light and fun at all times. Heavy responsibility and dark moods just aren’t their cup of tea.

A waxing poetic about your tough childhood is simply not the way to get an Aries to commit. He will gravitate to the funny girl over the serious girl every time.

Aries need to live in the more light-hearted side of life, or you will completely miss that fiery, bright Aries and have to live with the broody Aries that sometimes pops out when things get too real.

Aries have to embrace their childish and goofy side in order to be the happy-go-lucky man that attracted you in the first place.

One of the best ways to connect to an Aries is to play games with them. They adore friendly verbal combat and they love some competition.

Aries is ruled by the macho planet Mars, so it should be no surprise that an Aries typically loves sports and sporting events. To land a girl who paints her face and has a season pass to his favorite team… in his mind, he may as well have won the lottery.

Going to a game with him is the ultimate date in his mind! This would be the best way to take down any defenses he has about entering into something long term.

Aries are a sign that must be able to feel like they can have it all… compromise is not their strong suit. They should feel that by being with you, they don’t have to give up anything they enjoy.

So, if you and your Aries man have a lot in common with your general approach to life and you are willing to give him space to feel childish, you’re as good as wifed!

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An Aries Man is Work to Pin Down…

Aries can be really exhausting, so you’ve got to be the best of the best if you want to secure this challenging guy.

Don’t be too easily accessible to an Aries man because nothing makes them yawn faster. Instead, opt for a game of cat and mouse where the Aries can be part of the chase.

Despite all the trouble it takes to secure an Aries man, he will repay you with fun spontaneity and some hot and steamy sex.

Did you successfully turn your Aries fwb into a fully committed boyfriend? I’m dying to know how it went!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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