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6 Signs An Aries Man (Secretly) Likes You Through Text

Figure Out What Your Aries Man Thinks About You

How can you tell that your Aries crush actually likes you or if he is simply playing you? There are definite ways that will show you what he thinks or feels about you.

I’m going to help you to decode his texts so that you will truly know if he digs you and wants to build something. Keep reading to learn all you can about the six clear signs an Aries man likes you through text.

6 Clear Signs An Aries Man Likes You Through Text

1. He’s Very Talkative With You Via Text

If your Aries man crush is actually texting you back quickly and is willing to chit-chat with you, then he’s showing you that you’re worth his time. Trust me when I tell you that Aries doesn’t do that for everyone.

He may not text you back long-winded texts, but he will reply nearly every time unless he’s super busy. In that case, it’s understandable and he will still get back to you.

Aries men don’t often leave you hanging if they’re into you because they don’t want to risk the chance of losing you.

He gets very excited when he likes someone and it makes him eager to talk to you as much as possible. He won’t always do this but in the beginning, he does.

Even if he hasn’t said to you that he’s interested, you’ll know it because he’s texting with you frequently.

2. He’s Enthusiastic For Your Response

Signs An Aries Man Likes You Through Text

The Aries man likes to be in the lead and enjoys chasing the woman he likes. This is one of the ways the Aries man will show you that he likes you through text. He will want to woo you and get your attention.

He will often say things that flatter you and make you feel good. And he is being honest, so that’s a plus! These texts are not dishonest and you can believe in them.

Sometimes the Aries man may seem overly enthusiastic with his texts but it’s because he’s excited and wants to get in a position where he can ask you out. You can play hard to get a little, but not too much.

If you blow him off enough, he’s going to give up. Be sure that if he asks you out, you make it worth his while.

He’s not one to accept “no,” so be sure that when you play with him, you give him some incentive. That’s the best way to keep him interested.

3. He’s Honest And Open With You Over Text

When an Aries man likes you, he will open up to you and do things like telling you where he is and what he’s doing. It’s wise for you to do the same.

You’ll find it odd that he keeps texting you when he goes places. He wants you to know what is going on with him so that he can make a good impression.

He never wants you to feel as though you cannot trust him. This is another sign that your Aries guy likes you through text.

The Aries man isn’t going to hide things from you or become some great mystery. He thinks if you can see him for who he is, you’ll like him back.

Flattery will be a regular thing for him with you as well. Make sure you’re also flattering him a bit. He loves the attention.

Aries man texting is really fun and exciting when he likes you. He’ll make you feel like you’re the most beautiful woman on the planet. He will also make you feel you’re the only one.

4. He Asks You Lots Of Questions

Sign Aries Man Likes You Through Texting

Of course he likes you, so he’s going to ask you lots of questions so he can get to know you and find out who you are. This is totally normal and so if he is asking a lot, he really does like you.

He may ask important questions or he may ask simple things. He wants to know all about you. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Try not to get nervous when he’s asking things about your past, what you like, and what you want in your life. He isn’t prying just to be creepy.

Aries men don’t spend so much time doting on someone unless they think the person is worth it. You are worth it if he’s putting in so much effort.

Don’t be afraid to ask him questions as well. He won’t want to hide who he is from you because he wants more. He knows that he has to be himself with you if that’s going to work.

5. He Sends Long And Romantic Texts

He may not do this right out of the gate, but at some point, he’s going to start being romantic. He wants to seduce you into his world. How he does this is by telling you things that are meaningful.

Basically, an Aries man wants to show you that he can be vulnerable with you. It’s like opening him up and seeing who he really is so that you will fall in love with him.

So, yes – if he sends you anything that resembles a long romantic text then he is very much into you. This is an obvious sign that an Aries man likes you through text.

He cannot be any clearer than with sweet novels to you. Seriously you’ll be swept off your feet by the things he says.

You had better text him back as equally sweet and romantic, otherwise, he’s going to think that you’re not into him. It’s very important to keep up with him and match what he sends to you.

6. He Sends Selfies Or Romantic Memes

Signs An Aries Man Likes You Through Text Messaging

When texting an Aries man, selfies will always be included. He wants to show you how you make him feel. Actually, he may even ask you to video call with him once things escalate.

He wants to talk to you as much as possible and see you as much as he can. Before you start going out on dates, this will be important. It will also be something crucial for after you do start dating.

Be sure you’re sending him photos of yourself as well. He’ll love that. I mean he will really love that. He loves to look at you.

Sharing feelings and desires in life along with photos is a beautiful combination when texting with an Aries man. It allows you to see that he really does like you and wants more than a friendship.

After all these texts happen, he will start asking you to spend time with him in person. It’s very important that you agree to do that. He needs to be “hands-on” with you, otherwise, he might lose interest.

You can even send him sweet short poems or song clips. Do whatever you want when you’re talking to him, really. He wants you to be your true authentic self.

Oh, and hey, if he picks on you… that’s another great sign he likes you. There is no use in ribbing someone if they aren’t going to appreciate it. He’s much like a young boy throwing rocks at the girl he likes.

Yep, he’s a silly Aries man. Take it all in stride. You can’t go wrong picking back at him a little. Don’t do it too much though, as he may take offense and think you don’t like him.

Things To Keep In Mind About Aries Man Texts

An Aries man is very obvious when he likes you. You are the one he’ll spend most of the time on the phone with, whether it’s over text or a phone call. He loves to talk to you.

When he’s in that mode, he will put other people off in order to give his attention to you. This is the man that will go all out to show you he has feelings for you.

Beyond texting, he may send flowers or candy to brighten your day. You can bet that he’ll invite you out to do things often if you let him. He will have no trouble wining and dining you.

All you have to do is make sure you match his texts. If he texts you and says something sweet then text him back with something equally sweet. He wants someone who can keep up with him and be on his level.

Texting is only a beautiful beginning to a wonderful lover’s dance that you’ll hold dear for a long time to come. Play your cards right via text and you’ll have your Aries man over the Moon in no time.

Always be honest with him and be upfront. He’ll appreciate this more than you can ever imagine. Loyalty and honesty are two of the most important qualities he looks for in a woman.

Oh, and don’t worry – he’ll take it from text to face to face as soon as possible when he’s ready to confess his feelings for you. The need to be with you in physical form will be very strong.

I hope this helps you get a good understanding of how an Aries man operates via text.

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Find out right here how to avoid the biggest texting mistakes with an Aries man.

I wish you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I’m an Aries man with Virgo Moon. I’m a bit confused as to what I’m looking for in a woman although I have something ideally in my mind but it feels like there’s no such person since I have been looking for a period of time and am still single. Could I be focusing too much on getting the type of woman I want because I just want a long and stable relationship and marriage? I feel a bit conflicted now.

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