4 Ways To Develop A Strong Emotional Connection With Your Aries Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
There is never a dull moment when you’re in the strong arms of an Aries. But what is the secret to build and develop a strong emotional connection with an Aries man? And what can you do to feel more connected to him? Continue reading to find out all the secret ways you can develop a strong emotional connection with your Aries man. All these tips are sure to make you closer with your Aries guy and help you build the fulfilling relationship you desire. 

Is there anything more exhilarating than being with an Aries man? Well, I think very few experiences can top the excitement that comes with being in a relationship with an Aries guy. These men are passionate, bold, and full of adventure!

There is never a dull moment when you’re in the strong arms of an Aries. But what is the secret to build and develop a strong emotional connection with an Aries man? And what can you do to feel more connected to him?

All these questions are very common to ask when it comes to your Aries man, but honestly, all of the answers are pretty straightforward. I am so glad you have stumbled upon this article, because I’m totally sure that the tips I’m about to share will be invaluable in your relationship with your Aries man!

So, continue reading to find out all the secret ways you can develop a strong emotional connection with your Aries man. All these tips are sure to make you closer with your Aries guy and help you build the fulfilling relationship you desire. 

4 Ways To Develop A Strong Emotional Connection With Your Aries Man

1. You Need To Keep Up With Him

An Aries man is definitely all or nothing! This guy puts his heart and soul into everything he does. He doesn’t believe in thinking things through carefully, when he feels the impulse to jump, well then… he goes for it!

He isn’t the type of guy to slowly and meticulously think through every option available to him. If something feels right to him, he’s all in. He has a lot of energy that he needs to expend, and he does so by throwing himself into every possible adventure. 

One minute he’s climbing a mountain, the next minute he’s going for a run, and then before you know it, he’s off on a road trip with a bunch of his friends. An Aries guy is always on the move and it is pretty hard for him to sit still and wait around. 

Boredom is his idea of a nightmare, and this rings especially true when it comes to his relationships. He cannot stand being in a partnership that is dull and without any action and adventure.

This guy expects a lot from his partner. He wants someone happy to go on adventures with him and to be his partner in crime. He just won’t feel satisfied or emotionally fulfilled if nothing stimulating is going on in the relationship. 

He wants to be with a multifaceted partner, someone who can challenge him with her depth and love for life. It is so important to keep your Aries man on his toes. If he even starts feeling a pinch of boredom, it is only downhill from there.

To really make a strong emotional bond with your Aries man, you need to be a bit of a thrill-seeker yourself and at the very least be happy to accompany him on adventures. Experience and exploration are definitely the keys to his heart.

2. Show Him How Passionate You Can Be

Strong Emotional Connection With An Aries Man

There is a deep fire burning in your Aries man’s heart. This guy is so super passionate, and whenever he feels the flames of love, he goes for it without thinking twice. When an Aries man feels something, he goes straight for it, guns blazing.

This is a guy that loves to live for the here and now. He doesn’t concern himself with tossing and turning with “what if’s.” He goes for whatever he wants boldly and with an incredible amount of passion.

When an Aries man feels something for a woman, he makes his intention known immediately. He isn’t shy about his feelings and is likely to profess his love bravely. This guy knows what he wants in life, and he does everything in his power to get exactly what he wants. 

The passion he has for his life, and the people he adores is out of this world. If you want to feel the heights of love, then being with an Aries is your answer. He takes what he claims as his, and is rather possessive when it comes to his relationships.

But it is really important for him to feel this same level of passion from you if you want to develop a strong emotional connection with him. He wants to feel wanted and desired as much as you do. 

It will only work in your favor if you’re quite expressive with your feelings of love and admiration towards him. An Aries man needs a lot of attention and affection from his woman, so you should make sure that this is never in short supply.

3. Be Open To A Lot Of Sex

As I mentioned previously, your Aries man is a bit of a daredevil. He has a lot of energy at his disposal and is often busy with some kind of exercise activity. But one of his favorite pastimes is for sure getting down and dirty in the bedroom.

This man is extremely physical and has a sex drive that would make even the most adventurous individuals blush. He absolutely needs sex in order to function and to feel like he can think straight. If he feels there isn’t a good sexual connection with someone, he is more than likely to pack his bags and get away as fast as possible. 

Sex for an Aries man is more than just the physical exchange, but it also is the cornerstone for the emotional connection he feels with his partner. An Aries man makes for a fantastic and adventurous lover and when his woman can match this energy, he is sure to feel satisfied and content in the relationship. 

When all his sexual needs are met, your Aries man is likely to be one of the most loyal and faithful lovers out there, and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his partner. He is fiercely loyal and protective and this really comes out when all of his senses are satisfied. 

So do your best to keep him happy in the bedroom, and he’ll return the favor by being one of the most fantastic partners you have ever had! Your emotional connection will definitely grow through the roof the more intimate the two of you become.

4. Show Him The Value Of Slowing Down

Developing A Strong Emotional Connection With An Aries Man

An Aries man can be quite selfish at times, and overly concerned with his own needs. It can be really hard to deal with this at first, but he really doesn’t mean to hurt anyone on purpose. He is just so excited and passionate about his goals and wants to fulfill them as soon as possible.

This can be a really good place for you to step in and show him a different perspective and the value of taking things slowly. One thing an Aries man lacks is patience. He cannot sit still for a second, but this also means that he tends to rush into things without thinking. 

It can be really valuable for you to show him how to slow down and be a little more careful with his actions. He is likely to see that when he steps back more often and doesn’t just rush everything to get it done that the quality of whatever he is busy with tends to be of a higher standard. 

Sometimes an Aries man thinks he knows everything, but he can definitely value it when someone teaches him a new skill. And if you can show him the benefits of being patient and slowing down more often, he is quite likely going to want to see what else you can teach him and this will do wonders for the emotional connection you share with him.

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My Final Thoughts On How To Develop A Strong Emotional Connection With Your Aries

The most important thing to consider when dating an Aries man is how much fun the two of you can have together. All he truly cares about is how much experience he is getting from any given situation.

He wants to milk every moment of his life, and see how much he can get out of it. It is so important for him to be with a woman who is happy to go on adventures with him and give him all the love and affection he is looking for.

You must always be game and up for a journey if you want to maintain a strong bond with your Aries man. Keep things new and exciting, and I bet you can hold on to him forever!

Have you recently dated an Aries man? What was your experience like and how did you get him to open up and be emotionally vulnerable with you? Please let me know in the comment section below. I’m so curious to find out what your secrets are!

Are you looking for more ways on how to keep your Aries man forever? Then check out more of my helpful tips on how to make him yours for a lifetime! You won’t regret it, I promise!

Good luck and much love!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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13 thoughts on “4 Ways To Develop A Strong Emotional Connection With Your Aries Man

  1. For the most part my husband is a true Aries however, due to a very bad previous divorce he is super twisted in his head about finances and even though I am a nurse and I bring home more than enough to cover my bills and a lot extra he cannot see straight with finances VS the good parts of our lives together. i am a Leo and this man turned to another woman 6 months after we got married on the day after he found out his dad was dying. So while I was wiping his dads butt and helping his mom take care of his dying dad he was chasing someone via facebook messenger. She ws not interested in him in the same capacity . This also was the woman he retaliated cheated with on his exwife after he found out she was cheating. I have never cheated nor even looked at another man and I have busted my butt making sure that everything he required me to do for this relationship fulfilled. He also was afflicted by some unknown disease which he could not move for 2 years and I helped him get through it and helped him put his clothes on etc… Now he is going through some midlife thing and because he wants financial freedom from me despite the good relationship I give him despite the sex 1 to 2 times a night and I love sex and I am very exploratory in that dept. He told me he dont see a future with me, even though he loves me and is in love with me and wants our finances seperated and as soon as he saves enough money wants to move out and get a divorce. He is not even making any sense. I just got his daughters back in our lives and they trust me not him quite yet and we now have 5 grandkids. If he does this his daughters will have nothing to do with him and they will never trust him. I dont even know what to do. And I read your book cover to cover and yes we are still have great sex.

    1. Hi Kimberly!

      Great sex isn’t enough in relationships. While it can prove helpful to helping one stay together and enhance the love between two people, it’s not the one main key that holds it together. That being said, your Aries guy sounds like he doesn’t feel manly enough with you due to the finances. Aries men like being “the man” in charge including being head of household. He seems to be threatened by your financial independence. It bothers him so much he seeks out docile and submissive women. He wants financial freedom so that he can be his own person and feel masculine. I know it’s silly but Aries men sometimes don’t make much sense. I would sit him down and ask him what his hang up is with finances and why is it so important for him to have financial independence. Maybe he wants to spend his money on stuff he doesn’t want you to know about. Ask him and find out! I have other books you should check out sweetheart! I wish you the best!

  2. Aries are a handful. The one I like likes me as a friend- he scared me too much and I feel that I am boring for him…I’m a Leo but I don’t think he could really handle me and all my Leo ways! He’s very hard to figure out! He’s been with so many women and not sure if he is truly for me.

    1. Hi Lesley!

      I can’t believe he’d find you boring as a Leo woman. You’re exciting, vibrant, and fun. If he’s been with many women then he may not be ready to settle down with someone or is indecisive. If you aren’t sure if he’s for you or not, get to know him better and spend time with him. You should be able to figure it out in time. You can also talk to him and ask him what he’s looking for when it comes to relationships. Maybe he’ll tell you then you’ll know if he fits well with you or not. I wish you all the best!

  3. I’ve just read all your information on arrows men and the Aries man I know is absolutely nothing of how you’ve described. Nothing at all. So what you’ve written is not helpful for me at all. It’s very stereotypic of an Aries man . Not saying what you’ve written doesn’t connect with some Aries men as the ones I know are like how you’ve pictures but mine is not.

    1. Hi Laura!

      All I can write are the basics of each sun sign. The reason an Aries man would be different than my typical descriptions is if he has other aspects in his chart that change up his personality. This is also why I offer one free VIP session for the woman that purchases my books on “Aries Man Secrets”. It allows you to write in and talk to me personally about your relationship. You might want to check it out sweetheart! I wish you the best!

  4. My man Terry is very deep very hard fir me to get him to open up anyway he’s left me to go bk with his wife and he was all in I really fell for it it I’m a Gemini so see spoke about our life’s together but seemingly I got a tarot reading we are going to get bk together

    1. Hi Charmaine Ross!

      I’m sorry to hear that he left to go back to his wife but honestly there is no way to say that he wouldn’t do that again. I understand you really care for him and want a life together but can you really trust that he won’t abandon you for the ex or for someone else in the future? I wouldn’t fully rely on a tarot card reading as they are actually subjective and not carved in stone. The cards can also show you what you want to happen rather what will. Be careful with yourself sweetheart!

  5. I have been dating an Aries man for about 7 months now and it’s the hardest relationship that I’ve been in. I’m an Aries woman, so that should give you some idea of just how hard it is. I struggle with him opening up, but I realize that the more I allow him to move at his own pace, the more open he becomes. He’s not that great at expressing himself, but he’s slowly coming out of his shell.

    1. Hi Jeanette!

      Yes, Aries with Aries can be a great success but also lots of work. Yes, it can also be slow moving. If he’s slowly coming out of his shell though, that’s fantastic! You are using the right formula for the two of you. I’m happy to hear that. Once you decide he’s worth it then he is. Keep doing what you know works best for you and hang in there! I wish you the best!

  6. ME-Cap/Taurus/Venus- Aquarius/Mars- Cap/Cap rising- HIM -Aries/Virgo/Venus in Aquarius/Mars- Gemini/Aries rising – Not sure where to being. We’ve know each other 4 yrs,went on dates but never really “dated”. Realized we worked better as friends with benefits.I do really well(not emotional). We have a deal to be totally honest. he’s dated on and off, we remained just friends. But it’s always been, him “letting me down easy” telling me I can’t have him and that I need to find someone I’m more compatible with. LOL I ust to blow up but now just laugh, let it go. I don’t think his ego can deal with a girl that doesn’t fall all over him. Anyway,about a year ago, Said he stopped seeing this girl he was with. I don’t ask questions, so no idea why. When I got there, it seemed different. He came out to greet me and honestly, looked at me like I was walking down the aisle.He was pretty drunk and I continued with the only friends,I told him no kissing, I had just started seeing a cancer man.He called me sweetheart,which weirded me out, I told him to stop. Then started, I don’t think I can do just friends, blah.. I told him he was just confused and he just wanted the sex. He started w/ no this is different… I cut him off and ended up leaving soon after. (I ended up dating the cancer guy, for almost a year. We aren’t together now but I’m still madly in love with him).. Present time: Aries and I are stuck in this cycle: we hangout few times and it’s fun, but then I feel his mood shift out to like hurt feelings and frustration. he creates a fight, or tells me I’m irritating, or I need to find someone and blocks me..I finally told him I’m working on me and getting over my dude and won’t be coming over. I assumed we were still OK as friends, like always, sent him 1 funny meme and he sent me this.. “You said you were gonna be busy working on yourself or something. You and I don’t communicate well. I’m not interested in really anything with you, except sex. And I don’t even like fucking you. That’s why it’s never good. It’s usually always been done out of mercy because I have a heart. There’s someone out there for you to better connect. Someone who’s chemistry can co-mingle with yours. Lay off the hideous perfume, men don’t like it and start having some respect for yourself. This isn’t me being a dick, it’s just the truth and science. I’m blocking you now.” ?? Out of nowhere.. So like after this last one, will never forgive. I’d like to text him and tell him what I really think but idk or think it’s worth it. Any insight? (sorry it’s so long, LOL) BTW my Cancer man also has Mars in Gemini, I typically can’t stand Gemini, maybe this is cursing my love life?.. hahah

    1. Hi Cap Girl!

      Ouch… so sorry you experienced this. It seems they have a talent for being harsh when they give someone the kiss off. I don’t know why they feel it’s necessary to demean someone but sometimes they just do. I don’t think reaching out to him would be ideal. You can better vent by writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal or on a paper that you can burn and let go of. It will help you purge and feel better for yourself. Forgiveness isn’t for the other person, it’s for yourself so that you don’t hang onto it causing further baggage to collect. I hope this make sense. Oh and Mars being Gemini, that means it’s who he is as a lover. If you don’t like Gemini then you probably would find issues for sure. I wish you all the best on your journey!

    2. Hi, Cap girl. I’ve experienced something like that too from an Aries man. I’m an aquarius and I don’t really mind if people are freaking out. I ignored his harsh message and he started to ask my feedback. So I just replied to him, you’re probably hungry right now go..
      And showed him that I’m not affected to his words, maybe he is expecting some drama

      Aries guys, as what I have observed are very jealous ones. So I never told him anything about third parties and always letting him know that he is someone especial to me.

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