15 Clear Signs That Your Aries Man Is Lying To You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Aries men are usually not liars...but when they feel guilty their behavior changes. Here's how to tell if your Aries is lying to you.

When you first date an Aries man, he is all over you, wants you all the time, and can’t keep his hands off of you. But with time, his interest might dwindle because he’s not a guy who can pay attention for a sustained amount of time.

At some point you might think: “Do Aries men lie?”

When an Aries man is lying to you, it is actually quite apparent because these guys are simply too honest and straightforward to be called liars.

But there may be some dodgy behaviours he participates in that he isn’t aware might actually be seen as lying or being dishonest.

So if you are curious to know if an Aries man is lying to you or not, then keep on reading! Here I explore 15 signs an Aries man is lying to you:

1. His Eyes Are Lying

One of the best ways to catch someone lying including the Aries is to look him in the eyes when he talks. If he looks down at all, he may not be being forthcoming in what he’s telling you.

If he looks up and to the left, he’s probably thinking about past events and trying to remember something. Honestly, if anyone wants to tell you the truth, they’re going to look at you straight on and tell you what they have to say.

2. His Body Language Is Different

You’ll get to know your Aries man over time and so when he talks to you, you should be able to tell whether he’s being honest with you or if he’s making something up in order to quickly answer you.

The more elaborate the answer, the less likely he’s telling you the truth. Many liars will come up with stories to tell those who are asking them questions they don’t want to answer.

3. An Aries Man Is Inconsistent With His Words vs. Actions

If he goes out for a pack of cigarettes and comes back a few hours later, you’ll want to ask him where he went that took so long. He’ll come up with a huge story that he ran into someone and then had this crazy thing happen on the way.

The more of that type of story you hear, he’s likely lying to you. Quick and short answers are typically the truth. “Where’d you go that took you that long”, “I decided to stop off at the gaming store to check out the latest games”.

Can you see the difference in the stories, right? Of course, it will depend on how well you know him as far as whether you believe he’s telling you the truth.

4. He’s Making Your Gut Flip Flop

We all have built-in “radar” in ourselves that can easily pick up on when things aren’t right. Usually, if your Aries guy is acting differently in some way, you’ll be able to tell.

When you tune in better with your own instincts, you should be able to tell when the Aries man isn’t being truthful to you. Do they have a tendency to lie? Sadly, many of them do.

That doesn’t mean all Aries men are cheaters and liars. That would be an unfair assessment. Many of them are filled with ego and thus are going to respond well to women who pay them attention.

Trust your intuition always! It will always be 100% truthful to you. Your mind will convince you of one thing while your heart will convince you of something else. Your gut never lies.

If you feel tense, it’s for a good reason and you need to trust it! It never lies to you, unlike the Aries man.

5. An Aries Man Is Looking For Attention Elsewhere

He may not need the attention but by golly, he’s going to take it in as much as he can. This can make him tend to fall for women who are lacking direction in their lives and are in “need” of his care.

He has a very big ego that needs to be stroked, he doesn’t care where or how he gets it. This man needs a lot of attention. 

This is what may lead an Aries man to cheat. He is a sucker for a woman in distress. He can lie about other things though so you’ll need to stay sharp. Remember that if you FEEL something is not right, it probably isn’t.

6. An Aries Man’s Stories Don’t Line Up

One way to know if an Aries man is lying is by tripping him up. Certainly, if you catch him in the act, you know he’s not being truthful. On the other hand, he may lie so much he starts to believe his own lies.

When this happens, he may start tripping himself up and forgetting what he told you before thus causing him to say something different. This will be a signal for you that he can’t keep his story straight.

Again, not all Aries men are pathological liars. Their moon sign will need to be taken into account. If he has a Sagittarius moon, he is less likely to lie as he’ll be more of an “open” guy and tell people what he thinks.

7. He’s Checking His Phone

One of the tell-tale signs an Aries man is lying to you is when he is acting dodgy around his phone use. You pick up on him changing his behavior with his phone when you come near. 

He is acting more private and a little dodgy, which is very unusual for an Aries man as they are so straightforward and honest. These guys usually have nothing to hide, but when they do, it is usually quite bad. 

His behavior might be sketchy or his obsession with his phone may change. There are many different things you can observe with him thus helping you figure out when he’s being truthful or not.

8. He Isn’t Fighting For You

If there is one thing an Aries man loves to do is to fight with passion and ferocity. He is the God of War after all. When an Aries man gets riled up about something, it means he really cares about it. 

However, when he doesn’t care about something, he can’t be bothered. If an Aries man is using you or lying to you, he’ll put minimum effort into you. If you try to leave or end things he’ll be non-chalant about it. He won’t fight for you. He’ll just accept it and move on. 

9. An Aries Man Avoids Confrontation

Aries is the God of War. This means that he lives for confrontation and is normally very good at winning the battle. So if you go at him to ask him about the lie you obviously know he told, he’ll twist it and make it your problem or fault.

Actually, he may respond just like a narcissist. That means that nothing is his fault if there is a situation or problem. It’s because of you, not because of him or anything he’s done.

10. An Aries Man Doesn’t Take Responsibility

When an Aries man is lying to you, he’ll take minimal responsibility about anything. It is much easier for him to blame you or someone else for whatever he might’ve done wrong. 

He will deflect and he will change the energy to point the finger at you instead. If you try asking him “why do you keep hiding your phone when I’m sitting next to you”, he may say “why do you need to keep trying to look at my phone?”

See how this works? It will get turned back on you and no matter what, you’ll lose. All you can really do is step back and ask yourself if the battle is really going to be worth the effort.

11. An Aries Man Will Gaslight You

One of the worst traits an Aries man has, especially when he is being dishonest is gaslighting you and making you feel crazy. You will know with certainty that he said something to you, but he’ll deny it straight out. 

He’ll continue to do this until you feel like you are going mad. This has so many negative affects on your self-confidence because eventually you won’t be able to trust your own gut or what your intuition is telling you. This is one you should definitely look out for.

12. An Aries Man Isn’t Making An Effort

One of the biggest red flags an Aries man has when he is lying to you, is that he doesn’t put any effort into the relationship. He might say that he loves you and cares for you, but his actions prove otherwise. 

He never makes an effort and when you ask him to invest more time into you, he says he will, but never does. This shows his level of interest in the relationship and that he actually doesn’t care. 

13. He Pretends To Be Confused

An Aries man is a lot smarter than he gets credit for. And when he lies, he’s pretty good at it as well. He knows that if he just acts as innocent and casually as possible that it would be unlikely for him to get caught in a trap. 

If you confront him about his lies, he’ll probably shrug it off or say something like “Oh, I must’ve gotten that wrong.” He’ll pretend like he has no idea what you are talking about. He believes if he feigns innocence, he’ll be okay. He’ll pretend like he made an innocent mistake. 

14. An Aries Man Doesn’t Ask Your Opinion

An Aries man is definitely a free and independent spirit. He doesn’t usually care what others think about his opinions and what he choses to do, however, when he is in a relationship with someone, he’ll want your approval. 

So it is a pretty bad sign when an Aries man no longer asks your advice or opinion before he makes his move. It means that he doesn’t care what you think. Thus, he doesn’t care to tell you the truth either. 

15. An Aries Man Doesn’t Say “I Love You”

As one of the most affectionate men in the Zodiac. It is really easy for an Aries man to say the words “I love you.” He wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to express whatever it is he is feeling. 

However, if you notice that you’re the only one saying the three little words then chances are good that he might be lying to you. This is quite unlike him and shows that something dodgy might be going on. 

Just make sure he isn’t super stressed or distracted at work before you blame him though. This could make him quite upset and angry.

Are Aries Men (Always) Liars?

On the contrary… Aries men aren’t usually liars. These guys are quite good at being very honest and straightforward in their lives. They don’t like to hurt people, however, they can be selfish. 

A selfish Aries man might lie because he doesn’t care about how he is going to get out of a situation. He only cares about himself. He might lie and lie until you get so fed up that you end up leaving him. 

It makes you the bad guy as he can say that you are the one to leave him. This is the sign of an immature Aries man who doesn’t want to take any responsibility for his own actions. Beware of this type!

However, most Aries men are loyal, devoted, and reliable as partners, but they can also be big players and have the potential to really hurt women. So beware ladies!

If an Aries man is messing you about and doesn’t give you the same kind of love in return, then he definitely isn’t worth the effort or your time. You should definitely rethink what it is he is actually offering you, because if it is nothing, then you should definitely leave. 

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Wishing you so much love and happiness

Your friend and relationship Astrologer

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