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4 Questions To Ask an Aries Man To Get To Know Him Better

Aries guys might appear too proud or even quite closed in the beginning, but this is just the protective mask they frequently use. Deep down inside, Aries men are devoted, dedicated to the higher aims, but often naïve and with the short attention spans, just like children. Don’t let those characteristics mislead you and learn what the best questions to ask an Aries man are, to get him open up to you.

1. What’s Your Favorite TV Show/Series/Film/Play?

This is a very basic question, but keep in mind that the fifth house of heart, love or talents for the sign of Aries is placed right in the sign of Leo, which is the symbol for entertainment. Most of the Aries guys you will ever meet will just love to watch television, or at least online videos, while the minority of them, those who despise this kind of entertainment, will get amazed with the old style fun like watching plays in classical theaters. In any case, your question will make him to quickly open up, start talking, and what’s more important, to start smiling. Aries guys are not so talkative, and this question will be very safe for them to start expanding on their views about this or that TV series, which will come handy to you because you should widen this conversation with the following questions about his most favorite scenes, characters and so on. And from his story, you will now easily get to some conclusions about his inner world and “rules of the game” he practices.

2. Are You Into Martial Arts/What Sports Do You Recommend?

Questions To Ask an Aries Man

The part related to recommendation will appear in the case he is into martial arts and as his story progresses until one point, you can stretch it toward this other part of the question. And I can understand your doubts, but this is an excellent question which can provoke him to put down his guard and try to teach you something. Martial arts per se, represent something you can ask for, even in the case you don’t know anything about this subject and you can always justify yourself because you feel like you need to learn some type of defense. Every Aries guy is certainly very interested in many sports, and most of them are deeply into martial arts, but if you are not some football or the basketball fan, you could provoke him to talk too much about his favorite sport, while you are dying of boredom. Don’t do this and don’t fake your interests. If you are not into sports, it’s ok. You are a girl and you are just testing him can he be your loyal knight in shining armor. On the other side, any fighting technique can help you to feel safer and even if you haven’t practiced them, you will give him the wonderful possibility to shine with his knowledge, perhaps teach you a trick or two, and of course, to show off. And Aries guys just love to do this. In any case, this theme will uplift his spirit and many other interesting conversation topics can be born out of it.

3. Do You Have a Pet or Did You Have a Pet?

This is another interesting subject for an Aries guy. Be aware of the fact that this guy can appear very strong and masculine, yet deep down in his heart, he is just a boy and boys have special feelings for their special friends. You will hardly find any of the Aries guys growing up without the pet and most of them feel better with the four-legged ally by their side at any age. Besides all his masculine treats, there is something very powerful seeing a man with the dog by his side. However, in the case, you are not the pet lover or you perhaps have some allergies related to fur or feathers, you will quickly find out can you imagine being with this guy for a long time or even living with him. So, have in mind that the answer to your question will show you his vulnerable side, and also your capability to merge into his life.

4. Do You Love hot or Spicy Foods?

Questions To Ask an Aries Man

The neutral question again, especially when spoken during relaxing moments, and you want to create a safe conversational environment for an Aries guy. They are strong, but just on the outside. Their inside is often very fragile and positioning yourself as an interesting and funny lady who understands his hidden little details will add the special aura of attractiveness around you. This question is specially targeted to get him to open up regarding his favorite foods and therefore the ways he was raised and taken care of. Many Aries men just love hot or spicy meals, but this is not the core of your interest here. You want to know the ways he enjoys food because he will surely enjoy anything else in life in a similar way. This “delicious” conversation can also open many new themes for both of you, starting from the food preparations, clubs or restaurants to visit, probably together, and then all sorts of fun.


And let me reveal one secret more, which can be exceptionally successful with any man, but especially with the Aries man, because he is all “in his head” in the astrology terms. While you talk to him, try to focus for a few seconds on his right eye, and then focus on his left eye a few seconds too. And then focus on his lips. Do it very discretely and he will surely feel the magical energy emanating from your face. And that’s what you wanted from the beginning. However, I would love to hear your thoughts ladies about this astrological sign. What excites you the most and what words did you use to attract him when you first met? Feel free to share your experiences. What questions do you ask an Aries man? Do you think these are accurate? Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach

7 thoughts on “4 Questions To Ask an Aries Man To Get To Know Him Better

  1. well,, i called him handsome on a chat because im just asking my friend and asking how are they both in the department they in, i thought im chatting with my friend, they are using the same account and im shock about it, so he’s the one accidentally.intentionally reads it, and im slightly embarassed on that. he replied but not mentioning about that so i think he nevermind it. AND… Thats the start… he always bothering me with chats and i always see him when im walking in the hallway, i always coincindentally bump or seeing him and im shy to say hello so i just make face and he just laugh. he likes to chat about anything we have the same interest topics,, almost everyday,, yeah. And i have a crush on him actually, he’s fcking witty, i love those kind of guys. I tried to flirt him but he just so… innocent or ignorant on those things ? he’s slow or something? IDK. so in the end, i just treat him as a friend and forget this fcking aries who always bothering and makes me laugh. I want sometimes to say that Im interested with him but myself really dont want . Im not used to it. A guy always doing the first move on me… im here because he’s just very unique / weird in all the guys i met. AND, he’s a bisexual, . Well maybe he was just bored thats why he’s like that on me. anyways ,, Im a cappy thanks on this articles hihi. its amazing

    1. Hi Akira!

      Ok so you like him and yet you’re afraid to let him know. You flirt but aren’t sure if he “gets it” or if he’s just being nice? Sometimes men in general aren’t the best in picking up signals. If you like him then you need to just let him know. You can say “Hey, I’d love to spend a little time with you and get to know you better if you’re up for it”. Boom! That opens the door and if he wants to walk through, he will try to plan a date with you. If he isn’t up for it, he’ll tell you that and you’ll know for sure instead of just forever wondering. Sometimes Aries man needs to know you like him before he’ll make a move. Sometimes flirting isn’t enough. Just a thought.

  2. I didn’t approach first, he did, he really came on strong, it was different from anything I’ve experienced before, he was straight to the point about his feelings for me and it scared me a bit, but then I got to like this new and fresh approach. But he became an enigma to me in the months to come. So I can identify with a lot of what I’ve read about them. They can be sweet and sour.

  3. I didn’t approach first, he did, he really came on strong, it was different from anything I’ve experienced before, he was straight to the point about his feelings for me and it scared me a bit, but then I got to like this new and fresh approach. But he became an enigma to me in the months to come. So I can identify with a lot of what I’ve read about them. They can be sweet and sour.He is very witty and I love that, the energy between us is strong and we have kissed many times but never had sex, we have never been out on a date and his reason for this is because he is building his business(an educational facility) and he doesn’t have time right now for a relationship, but he visits when possible and we have s good time together. I believe part of our getting together is also because when I met him I was married and on the verge of a break up, which now I am separated and he my aries guy was having a friends with benefits relationship with his business partner.

    1. Hi Jen!

      It sounds like what you have with your Aries guy is going the way it can go for now but may develop into more with time and patience. It’s fantastic that he opened up to you and told you he liked you. Many women don’t get that courtesy! While you’re both busy with life, keep the lines of communication open and when time allows, you could have much more than what you two have now.

    2. Im a cancer but this is exactly what happe ed to me. Except i cant tell if hes secretly jealous about my relationship situation seperated but married or if hes losing interest.He s now in a relationship but i talk to him and he answers.

      1. Hi Trina!

        Aires me do get jealous so it’s not far fetched to think this may have happened. However, if he’s in a relationship, it’s not something you can really mess with unless he suddenly becomes single again then you may want to ask him what the deal is. Perhaps then you’ll get some answers. If you would like to know more about Aries man then check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

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