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Your Match: Aries Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

The Aries man and Cancer woman love match is one that is riddled with complications. Can they work out and have a happy life? Will they be able to get past their issues? Is their love strong enough?

These two are rarely attracted to each other but in the occasion it does happen, they will feel head over heels at first. When they start to get to know each other, they quickly realize how different they actually are. Keep reading to find out more about this complicated match up.


The Aries man will have a hard time resisting the ridiculously sexy Cancer woman. He will physically be drawn to her. She will love the masculine look he presents and will kick in her instincts to want to practice making babies with him.

Indeed if these two do encounter each other, it will most likely start with surface material. They’re both incredibly alluring with their physical looks. That being said, the chemistry is there in this way.

The sex appeal is what first gets their attention with each other. She’ll look at him as a pillar of strength and someone she could see fathering her future children. He will see her as a very tender female of which he can also see her as the mother of his future children.

When they start to get to know each other on a deeper level, they start to realize that they don’t have a whole lot in common that would hold them together. If they start falling for each other too quickly, this will create issues.

They have many adversities that may be very difficult for them to work past. They will have to really examine why they were drawn to each other and if there is a way to work at making this love become something more solid.

They can do it but then again, they may decide that perhaps it’s not really worth all the pain and anxiety that they may put each other through before they find common ground of which to make a tight foundation.

Cancer Woman, Who She Is

Cancer zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Aries Man and Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is the epitome of The Empress. She’s a caretaker, she is very loving, sensitive, emotionally driven, empathetic, and someone who everyone turns to when they are down or need advice.

She’s a much sought after woman but she wants to find someone who will provide her with security, protection, love, and be someone she can see herself marrying to have a family with.

Cancer woman’s desire to settle down and have family is typically very strong. The older she gets, the more she wants it. She will treat her man like gold and she will bend over backwards to make him happy.

While a highly emotional, the Cancer woman may sometimes be very moody. This means she needs a partner who is strong enough to take it but gentle enough to embrace her when she needs it.

When the Cancer woman meets the Aries man, she feels that he’s the guy that will fit all that she’s looking for. He’s attractive; he’s someone who could be a partner, husband, and father to her children.

Problems creep in though when she wants to settle down and he wants to go off on the next adventure, is too busy, and tends to want to spend some time apart from her here and there. She will take it personally and will struggle.

Aries Man, Who He Is

The Aries man is tough, intelligent, active, sporty, an outdoorsman, social, and ambitious to make his work/job successful. He’s a hard worker that will do what he has to in order for his future to be well tied.

He’s an adventurer at heart and spends lots of time doing things he really loves. He cannot stand to be bored and will do anything to avoid it. This is why he joins up sports or other things he can eat up lots of time.

He also tends to be into fitness and looking his best. He can be a bit narcissistic at times. He is exceedingly handsome and definitely the epitome of a strong father figure.

When the Aries man meets the Cancer woman, he loves how amazingly sexy she is. She’s absolutely delicious! He wants to get her in bed as soon as possible. She may not be ready to do that until she feels it’s going to go somewhere.

He may wait for her to be more comfortable and while he does, he’ll get to know her and realize that she’s someone who wants him to stay home more than he wants to. This could be very problematic for him.

Aries man doesn’t want to feel tied down and Cancer woman wants a man who is present 90% of the time. She won’t understand his needs to be off on his own or keeping busy. He will have to think long and hard if she’s worth the sacrifice of his time.

What Works Between Aries Man and Cancer Woman

The physical attraction between Aries man and Cancer woman is undeniable. However, I’m not convinced that the Aries man and Cancer woman soul mate connection is very strong. They’re just too different.

The two have a complicated road. However there are some things that they will have no issue with and could be used to strengthen their possible love union if they’re willing to work on it.

They’re physically compatible for one thing. They are also able to connect where discussing emotional issues is concerned. Aries man doesn’t like to open up but Cancer woman will be so empathic, she’ll be able to get him to talk.

Cancer woman tends to be very compassionate and understanding. That inspires the hard Aries man to soften up and be very open with his Cancer lady. This could be a very good thing.

This may also be the salvation of the relationship. If they can talk about everything that is important to them, especially their love, they can possibly overcome any hardships they have.

Trust is a 50/50 thing with these two. Either they totally trust each other or they don’t trust each other at all. Cancer woman can be flirty which will tick the Aries man off. He’s the jealous type and this won’t sit well with him.

It can either go very well with time and effort or it can fall by the wayside. This will absolutely be up to each individual as far as who they are, what their level of life experience is and how strong or weak their particular bond is.

What Aries Man Thinks of Cancer Woman, Especially In Bed

The Aries man can become very wrapped up in the Cancer woman’s loving arms. His manly instincts to mate draw him to her as she’s definitely all that is female and this is alluring.

He thinks that the Cancer woman is very intelligent, sweet, caring, warm, and someone he feels he can open up to. He feels comfortable with her and doesn’t mind sharing his deepest secrets with her.

In this way, he feels he can trust her. However, he will start to wonder when someone will come steal her away. He notices that she’s someone that is there for people when they need her.

Some of these people will be men and this will make him worry that she’ll be too nice to someone who will try to steal her away from him. Jealousy will definitely come out for Aries when it comes to his Cancer lady.

In bed, the Aries man thinks the Cancer woman is amazing. She has no problem being submissive to his need to dominate. She’ll also try new things with him if that’s what he wishes. She’s compliant and open to what he wants.

She’s willing to please as giving to her partner is what she loves doing best. Aries man will not have any issue with the Cancer woman between the sheets. It’s outside the bedroom he seems to have issues with.

Aries Man and Cancer Woman Problems

Cancer Zodiac Sign - Aries Man and Cancer Woman

As I’ve mentioned before, Trust is a huge issue between the Aries man and Cancer woman. This could cause the Aries man and Cancer woman marriage to fail if they aren’t careful.

Other things that don’t line up well with these two is their lack of things in common. Aries man is very active while Cancer woman is more of spending time doing things with friends or family in a comfortable place.

Cancer woman isn’t much of an adventurer though she will try every now and then for the sake of her Aries man’s desires. Otherwise, she’s one that takes great comfort in her own home or home of her partner.

They really don’t have many activities in common at all. This could make it hard for them to hang out and spend time together. Aries man is very active and is into physical types of activities.

Cancer woman isn’t so much into the physical and so the two find it hard to figure out what to do together. Aries man will do it her way for awhile but eventually he’s going to want to get out there and be busy again. She will have a problem with this.

These two have different life values and while both make excellent parents, they may not be the best match for each other. They may not be able to agree on parenting style, life morals, or other topics that are fundamental.

Communication will be a problem for these two. Aries man knows that Cancer woman is sensitive and he won’t want to hurt her. He’ll walk on eggshells until he cannot contain himself anymore.

Cancer woman will be afraid of Aries man erupting with his temper and she’ll do the same thing. These two cannot and will not make it if they cannot communicate properly.

Opening up emotionally may be the key to success with these two but they have to learn to talk about EVERYTHING if they want to make this happen. Otherwise their level of intellect and communication doesn’t line up very well.

Aries Man and Cancer Woman Break up

This is a tough one. Aries man has the capacity to really break a Cancer woman’s heart. If he decides she isn’t giving him enough freedom he may decide to break it off with her.

If she’s totally in love with him, this will crush her world. If she’s the one that finds it’s not working well, she may become sketchy, she may look elsewhere for comfort, or she may decide to ghost the Aries man.

He will be very angry with her for any of these outlets and thus will find it hard to ever forgive her. If he cannot trust her, he doesn’t want anything more to do with her and will move on quickly.

This will be a painful break up no matter how nice you try to spin it. Will they remain friends afterward? It’s highly unlikely just because they don’t have much in common that would warrant friendship.

Can they get back together? It’s not advised if they break up. They could but it would be extremely difficult to recover what they had to begin with.

Final Score

This union just isn’t one that is very easy. While the find attraction and chemistry, they find they don’t have quite what they need to make this a lasting love. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 4.5.

They have a chance but they’d have to fall deeply in love and be willing to compromise on pretty much everything otherwise they’re going to fall fast, realize it was a mistake and part ways.

I don’t see marriage as a likely outcome for these two but hey, anything is possible if they try hard enough and if the love is strong. This isn’t a match made in heaven but it could be if they want it bad enough.

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