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Your Match: Aries Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

The Aries man who is forged of flames find the Gemini woman who is blown to him with mighty winds. Can these two make a long lasting union? What are they like together? They’re actually quite beautiful together.

They’re very attracted to each other and seem to “get” one another when it comes down to it. They help each other in most aspects of their lives and they’re able to find a nice flow between each other. Keep reading for more luscious details about the Aries man and Gemini woman soul mate connection.


The Aries man sees a very sexy Gemini woman and he feels an instant reaction in his gut and perhaps in his pants. She’s very desirable and when he gets a closer look, he realizes she’s stunning.

The Gemini woman thinks the Aries man is very masculine and is attracted to his life vigor. She melts when he comes near her and she’s all about talking to him to find out who he is.

The Aries man will love that Gemini woman is a bit of a mystery. He also loves that she’s a woman of adventure. It speaks to his heart and he starts to fantasize about erotic trips around the world with her.

Their sexual chemistry is quite evident and they’re able to take that to start getting to know each other on other levels. It turns out that these two have what it takes to make it.

There is one hurdle that they must work very hard to get past but if they can do it, they will make this a very exciting whirlwind love. The Aries man and Gemini woman soul mate match is quite heavenly.

The Aries man and Gemini woman marriage is VERY likely unless they cannot work past the issues that befall them. Otherwise, this union is a green light!

Gemini Woman, Who She Is

Gemini zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Aries Man and Gemini Woman

The lovely Gemini woman is a free spirit. She’s intelligent, she’s ambitious, she’s very active, she’s passionate, and she lives life in a somewhat risky manner.

She knows that it’s important to live for today instead of worrying too much about the future. She can be somewhat indecisive at times which makes her appear as flaky or wishy washy.

She doesn’t mean to come across this way but she’s just uncertain of some things. She has to think things over for a bit beforehand. She loves risks but some risks do come with great thought.

When the Gemini woman meets the Aries man, she senses a kindred spirit. She finds that she’s sexually attracted to him but she’s also attracted to his confidence.

Upon talking to him, she realizes that he loves excitement and adventure as much as she does and that they both loathe boredom. This means that both will do well keeping each other stimulated.

Their sexual chemistry is quite wonderful and will make them both fulfilled. They’ll tend to have a sex life that is very lively and gratifying therefore keeping them loyal to one another.

Aries Man, Who He Is

The Aries man is strong, alpha male type, busy, active, and may be involved in sports. He’s someone that likes to be physical and quite fit. If he doesn’t stay busy, he knows he’ll become lazy and overweight.

This is why he strives so hard to set a fast pace for himself and be all that he can be. He will continue pushing forward until he’s too tired. He’ll maybe take a day or two of rest and then go right back at it.

He’s determined and he’s passionate about living life to the fullest while he has it. He doesn’t like letting life slip through his fingers by doing nothing.

When the Aries man meets the Gemini woman, he finds her to be quite irresistible. He wants to get physical with her and then when he does, he also finds that she’s every bit as active and lively as he is.

This pulls at his heart strings and he’ll want to do everything he can to make his Gemini woman feel his love but also to feel protected and taken care of.

The Aries man will easily fall in love with the Gemini woman. Normally he takes his time but she’s so amazing he cannot seem to help himself. He must have her!

What Works Between Aries Man and Gemini Woman

This dynamic couple has so much in common that its mind blowing. While they may not have everything line up as far as activities go, they can absolutely come up with new activities they can share.

Spending time apart isn’t a big deal for either of these signs therefore they find solace in spending time together when they can. They will absolutely find quality more important than quantity.

Their live values are strikingly similar and so if they decide to marry and have children, they already have a vision of what their lives are likely to be like. They agree on most points.

Emotionally speaking, these two could use a bit of work but they’re not awful. They need to learn to open up and be honest with each other a bit more often but they CAN do it.

As far as talking about anything and everything outside of emotional situations, these two have it down. They can share hours upon hours of exciting conversation.

Gemini woman loves to talk and Aries man loves to hear her talk. He’ll have some input and may be one of the few signs that can get a word in somewhere in there.

Sex is nearly off the charts for these two. They get each other and they’re both willing to do new things that will raise their levels of ecstasy with each other.

What Aries Man Thinks of Gemini Woman, Especially in Bed

The Aries man is quite fired up about the sexy and airy Gemini woman. He thinks she’s gorgeous, fun, easy to talk to and someone he can see building a life together with going forward.

He loves that she likes to keep just as busy as he does. He may sometimes secretly want her to take a little time off to spend with him but then again he has a lot on his plate typically so he understands.

Both of these people are in danger of being workaholics but fortunately, they seem to understand this about each other and it causes no love loss between the two of them.

Aries man thinks Gemini is the sexiest and most open woman he’s been with. He knows she’ll fulfill his every fantasy and he loves her for it. He loves getting her in bed every chance he gets, or outdoors, public, etc. They’re both a bit kinky.

The Aries man will absolutely do just about anything for his Gemini queen. He loves her very deeply and madly. Though he sometimes questions whether she’s too good to be true or not. This makes him hold back on trust a little.

He realizes that she’s just as outgoing as he is but he wonders if she’ll ever find someone else and move on from him. This could cause him to be jealous in regards to the Gemini woman.

Aries Man and Gemini Woman Problems

Gemini Zodiac Sign - Aries Man and Gemini Woman

As I touched on in the previous paragraph, trust could be a huge issue between the Aries man and Gemini woman. Aries man is naturally a jealous person due to Mars being his planet.

The lovely Gemini woman is ruled by Mercury which makes her change directions with her thoughts depending on what is going on. This can sometimes make her seem flaky or unreliable.

Gemini woman is also dual in nature and therefore she could show a different face on any given day or time with her Aries man which would seem rather confusing when he can’t figure her out.

Aries man totally understands her need to have alone time or to go out without him as he too is this way. However, he may not trust what she’s doing when she’s not with him simply because of her changeable nature.

The two just have to simply communicate effectively when it comes to affairs of the heart. They have to understand each other and build that trust. It may take some time but they for sure can do it.

These two don’t have a whole lot of other pressing problems that should interfere in their love but trust is a deal breaker for most couples no matter what sign they are. These two are no different.

Aries Man and Gemini Woman Breakup

Given the fact that these two are fantastic together, it’s hard to think of them calling it quits. One of the biggest reasons they would do this is due to lack of trust between them.

I mentioned before that this is one thing that is hard for them to grasp. Gemini woman trusts her Aries guy for the most part but if her mood changes, so does her thought process thus perhaps mistrusting him.

It’s more likely that the Aries man would mistrust his Gemini woman. Perhaps she’s being flirtier than he’s comfortable with around other people. He’s a jealous type of guy and too much jealous rage situations cause him to want out.

There is also the issue of the possibility of Gemini woman deciding that maybe Aries man isn’t quite all she dreamed and decides to test the waters with another man thus being unfaithful.

There aren’t many things that will break these two up other than not being able to trust each other or if one has an aspect in their chart that makes them far different. A break up will not be comfortable here.

Aries will be ticked off most likely and have several choice words toward his Gemini lady. It will likely be quite painful for her thus causing her to turn her back to him. Can they be friends? They could be but they both figure why bother.

Can they possibly reunite later on after the heat calms down? If Aries man was betrayed, he won’t trust her enough to take her back. Gemini woman may be hurt but she would be willing to give him another try. This is a mixed bag here.

These two could work it out but if trust isn’t present, they either won’t bother or they’ll have to work harder than they did the first time around.

Final Score

These two have great capability to have a bond that would blow everyone away. The Aries man with Gemini woman relationship is something romantic dreams are made of. They are ideal for each other.

They need to work past their trust issues in order to make this union continue and become stronger. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this couple a 7. They aren’t perfect but they could be pretty close to it if they work past their problems.

They’re both strong individuals with the heart of adventure. These two could have some amazing travelling experiences. They could also try new activities together and start to find a thrilling life together.

They’re totally wrapped up in each other yet they’re both highly ambitious in their lives so they’ll struggle a little for balance. However, both are so much alike that they’ll be gracious with each other.

These two could have a love that others only dream of. Working toward a beautiful future will help them to build a path way to marriage and having a family together.

As parents the Aries man and Gemini woman, are likely to create successful children. Their children will understand passion, hard work, and the ability to chase their dreams.

This is a strong union when they really want to have a love that lasts a lifetime. They have to simply choose to trust one another and give this relationship a chance. When they do, they will succeed in their match.

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