Your Match: Aries Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Aries man and Pisces woman find each other appealing via sight. They see each other as being very sexy and they want to see what else may be there.

Can watery Pisces woman and fiery Aries man find their way? To be totally honest, the Pisces woman is more likely to put out the Aries man’s flames. She’s far more emotional than he is.

He is more geared at being greatly active, spending time on his own, and doing hard work. Pisces woman is a dreamer and wants to try to achieve her dreams but needs a bit of an anchor to keep her from flying away to Neverland. Keep reading for some important details about the Aries man and Pisces woman connection.


These two find each other appealing via sight. They see each other as being very sexy and they want to see what else may be there. They are likely to meet through a mutual friend, dating website, or out somewhere.

On their own, they wouldn’t ordinarily approach each other and so they’re more likely to meet through a medium of some sort. Pisces woman doesn’t normally go for an Aries guy because she knows he’s so different.

Aries men don’t normally go for a Pisces woman either because he wants a woman who is stronger and has a bit more independence. That being said, they probably won’t even realize what signs each are until they really talk.

If they’re meeting online, they are probably drawn to each other’s looks because let’s face it, Aries man is smoking hot physically and Pisces woman is steamy sexy. It’s easy to see why they’d be physically like magnets.

When they start to get to know each other, they realize that there is a lot that is missing between them and it’s hard to form a solid connection. They may take on a sexual relationship for awhile but love will be hard to come by.

I’m not saying it’s impossible but I’m saying it’s not very likely. They’re too different and tend to not want to do the work that it would take in order for it to work later on.


Pisces Woman, Who She Is

Aries Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is sexually attractive, she’s dreamy, she’s intellectual, and she spends much time day dreaming about what she wants in life. She’s emotionally incline meaning she makes decisions due to how she feels.

She’s good on her own but her secret dream is to find her one and only. She’s looking for her soul mate. She wants someone whom she feels complements her in life and makes her feel as though she can do anything.

Pisces woman is ruled by Neptune which is the planet of dreaming but it’s also a planet that can cause fantasy, illusion, or delusion. Pisces woman has to be very careful when she’s making choices so that she isn’t victim to what isn’t real.

When the Pisces woman meets the Aries man, she’s definitely sexually drawn to his sexy alpha male confidence. This is the typical breeding response as far as the female who wants to mate with the leader of men.

The Pisces woman wants to get close to the Aries man very quickly and learn more about him. She may sleep with him first. However, if she doesn’t… she will want to within a short amount of time.

She starts getting to know him and quickly realizes that he is too active, too social, is abrasive in the way he talks, and doesn’t react emotionally unless angered. She won’t understand him and therefore doesn’t bond with him easily.


Aries Man, Who He Is

The Aries man is a strong dominant type of guy. He’s active, he’s intelligent, he’s adventurous, he likes spending time on his own, and he’s social. He keeps busy and wants to succeed in whatever project or job he’s working on.

This man is one that isn’t too emotional unless he’s in a bad mood. He tends to bury his feelings deep down until he meets someone who can bring this out in him. He has to feel trust in order to let his guard down.

He’s not good at dealing with emotional types of women and tends to close himself off to them. He avoids drama like the plague much like the Taurus or Virgo men.

When the Aries man meets the Pisces woman, he is drooling all over the place. She’s drop dead gorgeous and he wants to be with her physically. If not right away, then it won’t take too long before he seduces her.

If he starts to think about getting to know her more as far as considering her as a mate, he learns that she’s more of an emotional type of woman. He will probably be very reluctant to go very far with her on a relationship level.

These two could easily form a “friends with benefits” type of arrangement just to have sex. However, they figure out that sex really isn’t that great between them anyway due to Aries man’s selfish demeanor and lack of emotional ties.


What Works Between Aries man and Pisces Woman

Initially they are drawn by each other’s beauty. That’s only surface, however. That being said, once they finally do engage in sex, they realize it’s not all that. It might be alright if the stay friends.

Now if these two do decide to pursue a relationship, they find that where they connect best is with talking about things non-relative to relationships. They can talk about many other things regarding life.

They also seem to be able to talk about intellectual situations or worldly problems. They may chat over the news or what’s going on in today’s world without any effort.

As long as they’re not trying to talk about their feelings, they’ll find things they can talk about and keep each other amused for hours. However, feelings always find their way in with Pisces woman.

They really don’t have a whole lot else going for them as a couple. They are facing a great deal of problems that will keep the two from forming a true bond. There are rare cases where love happens but it’s not something easily accessible.

The two just have too much that they don’t see eye to eye on and find it hard to cope with each other. If they do fall in love, they have to learn to focus on their strengths to get past their inequities.


What Aries Man Thinks of Pisces Woman, Especially In Bed

The Aries man thinks that the Pisces woman is a knockout at first look. He for sure wants to sleep with her and see how far he can get with her. If he doesn’t realize she’s a Pisces woman, he may try to get to know her more.

Naturally if he doesn’t know who or who he isn’t compatible with, he’ll give it a shot. However, when he starts to get to know Pisces woman, he thinks she’s too emotional for him and tends to be too much of a day dreamer.

He thinks she’s a beautiful person. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t really think ill of her but he knows that he will end up hurting her as she’s far too sensitive for the likes of him.

When or if they make it to the bedroom, he’s not going to dig how she sees things between them. He can easily have sex with her and not think in a spiritual sense. He doesn’t have to have that close connection.

He realizes that Pisces woman tends to see sex as a spiritual or transformative type of action. This isn’t something he’s very capable of doing and thus he feels selfish regarding himself or feels not what Pisces woman is looking for.

Basically this is one of the few women he’ll feel he needs to be careful around as he can tell that he has the capability of crushing her when he tells her it’s not going to work out. This is typically why an Aries man would avoid a Pisces woman.


Aries Man and Pisces Woman Problems

Aries Man And Pisces Woman Compatibility

I’m sorry to say but these two are more likely to have more problems than things in common. Due to this alone, the Aries man with Pisces woman soul mate connection is not likely to happen.

The Aries man with Pisces woman marriage is very unlikely as well. They CAN but they probably won’t. They are far too different and unable to communicate, unable to trust, and the sex isn’t on the same level for each of them.

Trust is a HUGE issue between these two. Aries man doesn’t trust Pisces woman because she’s so sexy and has a tendency to flirt. He won’t like how she keeps secrets and will see it as her being dishonest.

Pisces woman doesn’t like to disclose every little thing about herself which makes Aries man leery of who she is and if she is capable of being faithful. Pisces woman won’t like him wanting to go out all the time nor will she like him wanting “me” time.

These two cannot connect emotionally. They’re on two very different playing fields. Pisces woman speaks from the heart and Aries man has a wall up for a very long time before he’ll even confide in her.

Their live values are probably very different as is their capacity to have activities in common. They really don’t have much in common at all which is something they’ll figure out if they decide to try to make a go of this.

They have a really rough road ahead if they do decide to form an actual relationship. Of course there are rare circumstances that can make one or both of them very different and could make it work better.

However, going off of sun sign alone, these two are not a match made in heaven by any stretch.


Aries Man with Pisces Woman Breakup

If these two actually do manage to form a relationship in the first place, they may make it to a breakup rather quickly. Aries man will get pissed off at something that Pisces woman does or hides from him.

He’ll fly off the handle and say things that will break Pisces woman’s heart. She’ll pull back from him and give him the silent treatment and then probably just end up ghosting him because she doesn’t want to face his wrath.

If Aries man calls it off, he won’t be very nice about it. He’ll reach a snapping point and go off on her with some very specific sleights. If Pisces woman breaks it off, she will probably just disappear or cheat on him thus forcing his hand to do it himself.

Either way, this isn’t a good pairing. They are definitely not likely to remain friends after the breakup. Pisces woman will be too wounded and will take time to gain her confidence again.

Aries man will move on quickly with someone else who is more of what he’s looking for thus not looking back. Re-uniting is probably very rare. It’s possible as nothing is impossible but I’m giving it a 99% chance that it won’t happen.


Final Score

To be really honest, the score between these two is rather low. They really don’t have common ground to find a way. That being said, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a chilly 2.5.

There are so many other terrific matches for these two that they are probably better off continuing their search instead of trying to form something between the two of them.

They are just far too different and someone is bound to get hurt. There will be anger, dishonesty, and resentment forming between the Aries man with Pisces woman match up.

Unless there are some very different aspects in their charts making them very different people, these two are just not destined for each other. They can try and it may work but it won’t be easy.

Nothing is totally impossible. Keep this in mind if you are a Pisces woman trying to love an Aries man. Just know that he’s hard core sometimes and set in his ways. He won’t be happy staying home and not being active.

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12 thoughts on “Your Match: Aries Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

  1. Not true, When I met my Aries man, it’s amazing all the things I have in common with him. We Talk all the time and we share a lot with each other. I do believe it depends on the person and were they are in life that makes it different. I know a lot of Aries Men and Pisces couples that are still together and some are even together after 25 years and going strong. I think for both couples to work is the space. I feel like this is not all Aries and Pisces couples at all.

    1. Hi Erica!

      Thank you for your input. These are based on simple sun signs and do not determine the finality of any relationship. They help when getting to know each other and what they may be up against but what you need to understand is that everyone has all 12 signs in their birth chart which makes them a unique individual. So unless you’re able to look at everyone’s charts, you’d be hard pressed to know which may make it and which may not. When I write articles, I have to look at the very basics. When I do actual charts, I look deeper and can determine a bit more. I hope this makes sense. Cheers!

  2. Spot on… i would add something about Aires propensity towards having lots of women in his life. For some reason, there was another girl, at every turn of our two year relationship. From past lovers to current flings, I couldn’t get ahead. Sex was used as a weapon. It was a very intense, toxic, sad time and this Pisces woman is having the hardest time in the world.

    1. HI Anna!

      It sounds like you got a bad seed honey. I’m so sorry to hear this. Aries can sometimes seem very brutal to the tender Pisces heart. I don’t think he means to be but he really doesn’t understand Pisces on a deep emotional level. You might try finding another water sign to be with. Maybe you’ll find someone who is far more on the same page as you. I wish you well!

    1. Hi Greg!

      Thank you for chiming in on the Aries man with Pisces woman. It sounds like you two found a formula that works very well for you and that’s amazing. I’m glad to see a successful love come from this match. They’re not impossible but each relationship needs a special formula for them to last for the long haul. Thank you for showing all these ladies that not all Aries men are rough and tough.

  3. I just started dating an Aries guy and I’m curious if we can make it as a couple. In most respects he is a typical Aries guy, but he enjoys relaxing at home. I’m a typical Pisces woman, but I do enjoy going out and partying. He’s kind, romantic and gives me a lot of attention, but he’s a little closed off emotionally. I’m trying my best not to be too emotionally needy and to give him his space. I have a very demanding career, so I have plenty to keep me busy. As does he. It’s only been 6 weeks, but I’m definitely falling for him. I do worry he’ll break my heart.

    1. Hi Jade!

      Since both of you are different on the social spectrum, you will have to find some compromise between you two so that things will work out well. He’s closed off to you because he doesn’t feel you’re giving the relationship your all. Pisces man tells his lady love just about everything when he feels comfortable. Talk to him and ask him what the two of you can to to balance with each other when it comes to going out and staying home. If you want to learn more about Aries man, please check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  4. Not true at all am with an Aries man its for 8 yes and we going strong he even told me if he did meet me early in his life , his life will be far more better than it is now every relationship has its ups and down but has to work on it as a team . I do point out his mistakes when his cooled down as he ha ego, pride but with learning bible principles that helps them to see how to treat other people. Bible laws are the best to solve relationships should believe in Jehovah to help one solve relationships problems not zodiac signs.

    1. Hi Malitaba!

      It will be different for each couple. Not all Aries men are exactly the same. This will have to do with other factors such as moon sign, rising sign, placement and upbringing. That being said, you go with what works for you and if it’s working well the way you’re doing it then why mess with it right? If you’d like more information on the depth of Aries men though, I definitely recommend that you read my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

    2. My aries man is way far this. Hes always asking attention to me and always ask if i do really love him haha. Im a kind of pisces woman who dont talk much about emotional i just want to have fun and get what i want. Maybe because i have Aries venus in my chart and leo moon. Now im pregnant with him so lets see what goes next

      Birn date

      Im March 7
      And His March 26

      1. Hi Maria!

        Pisces and Aries can have problems communicating and understanding each other. I’m surprised he’s asking for attention. That’s not a very Aries thing to do. He must have some water signs in auspicious places in his chart making him seek it out more. I cannot predict what will happen next sweetheart. That’s truly reliant on both of you to make decisions. At least you two will have to co-parent no matter what your relationship has in store. Either you choose to stay together and make it work or you part ways but agree to both have custody of your child. That’s entirely up to you two. I wish you all the very best!

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