Your Match: Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Aries man and Sagittarius woman will stand up together and basically blow the rest of the world off or at least the parts that may be against their union.

Unlike the Aries man with Scorpio woman, the Aries man with Sagittarius woman is actually quite wonderful! This is a well rounded couple with much in common. Aries man is a fire sign and Sagittarius is also a fire sign. These two build a bonfire with their love.

The capability for a long lasting union definitely exists here. In fact, I believe that the Aries man with Sagittarius soul mate connection is likely. I also think that Aries man and Sagittarius woman marriage is highly possible. Keep reading for more fantastic facts about these two.


The Aries man with Sagittarius woman is one heck of a partnership. I mean that in the best of ways. They are a warm and loving match filled with adventure and closeness to last a lifetime.

Both signs tend to love to travel, adventure, and excitement, taking risks, taking it to the limit, as well as loving life for the present. Both are likely physically in shape and love to be active as much as possible.

When these two meet, they are instantaneously pulled to one another. It’s a very natural thing and there isn’t anything that will keep them apart once they do intertwine.

It’s likely they will meet each other through a social even or perhaps through a friend that they both know. Either way, they immediately want to start doing stuff together, getting to know each other, and sharing their experiences.

The chemistry is very strong between the Aries man and Sagittarius woman. They sexually are on an even playing field. Aries man will have to let Sagittarius try new things with him to keep her happy.

These two will stand up together and basically blow the rest of the world off or at least the parts that may be against their union. These two will easily have a long term relationship, partnership, or even marriage.


Sagittarius Woman, Who She Is

Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is wise beyond her years, intelligent, adventurous, loves to travel, loves new experiences as well as people, and lives life by taking risks. She lives life for what it is right now, in the moment.

She knows that the past is gone and the future is undetermined therefore it’s best to live each day as though it may be her last. Some people see her as unstable or even flaky.

She isn’t, she just tends to do what she feels is right at any moment. She gets a bad rep as far as relationships go. She’s seen as someone who has a phobia with commitment.

That’s simply not true. She actually does want “the one” but she may take a long time to find that person. She’ll quickly dive into relationships but when she figures out he’s not the right one, she moves on.

She isn’t willing to make it work with the wrong guy. She may give it a handful of years but that’s about all she’s willing to do. She will end it and keep looking. This is why she’s seen as a flake.

When Sagittarius woman meets the confident Aries man, she almost feels as though he’s the male version of her. They have some minor differences but for the most part, they’re fitting for each other.

She wants to see where it leads and if he lives up to what he presents himself to be with her. When he does, she will pledge her life to him without any qualms. He’s a risk she’s willing to take.


Aries Man, Who He Is

The Aries man is very active, busy, adventurous, and physically fit. He’s intelligent, he’s sexy, and he’s an alpha. He is good at being a leader and he knows it. He is successful in anything he takes on.

He lives for right now but gives a nod to the future at the same time. He doesn’t want to dwell on the past because he knows it serves no purpose. He can hold onto grudges but tries to forgive.

The Aries man is all about trying new things, experiencing new foods, new places, and new people. He wants to expand his horizons and he also wants to find the right woman who will absolutely be his match in every way.

He’s rather straight forward with what he wants and what he’s looking for in a partner. He’s not willing to settle for less. When he meets the Sagittarius woman, he’s knocked off his feet.

She’s beautiful, talented, loves to travel or do new things just like he does, and seems to be his perfect match. He’s pretty quickly ready to dive into a relationship with her.

They get to know each other and it only gets better. Aries sometimes becomes weakened and prone to addiction. If he gives in to that, it will alter his personality and make him very different. However, if he’s got control over himself, Sagittarius lady is perfect for him.


What Works Between Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman

What doesn’t work between them? Seriously! This couple has it all together. They probably have a heck of a lot in common as far as activities go. They probably share the same love of things they do in their life.

Both are very active and both will enjoy spending lots of time together doing stuff. They also connect with each other on an emotional level. Sagittarius woman is fantastic with listening and Aries man feels comfortable with her.

Sagittarius always tells it like it is and can come across as abrupt with her Aries guy but after he cools down, he appreciates that she’s so truthful. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

These two are able to communicate about anything under the sun… or moon. They have absolutely open hearts toward one another which makes it easy to have conversations that last into the wee hours of the night.

They will start out talking a whole bunch on social media, texting, phone, or perhaps dating app whichever happens to apply. They will flirt like crazy and they will spend lots of time getting to know each other.

They intellectually get along very well. Again, they can talk about anything pretty much because they feel so comfortable. There is just a connection that is almost mind blowing for them both.

Trust is something that may need a little work but for the most part, they take each other at face value and appreciate each other in most ways. What little problems they may encounter won’t be enough to part them typically.


What Aries Man Thinks of Sagittarius Woman, Especially in Bed

The Aries man cannot even say enough about how wonderful his Sagittarius woman is. He’s in complete and utter adoration of her right away and it just continues to grow over time.

Aries man thinks his Sagittarius is the queen of his universe. He wants to make love to her, he wants to cherish her, he wants to protect her, and he wants to have beautiful adventures together.

In bed, these two could not be more compatible if they tried. It’s no joke, these two figured out how to maneuver and seem to know what each other needs. Aries man doesn’t mind his Sagittarius woman bringing newness in the bedroom either.

With most other women, he may come across a bit selfish and only out for his own. However, Aries man is at his very best when he’s with his Sagittarius goddess. He’s willing to do anything to her.

When he pleases her, he feels satisfied with his life as a whole. He thinks she’s so lovely, intelligent, fun, and someone he wants to spend all his free time with. He may still want time alone now and then but he loves her so much, he’s not going to do it much.


Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Problems

Aries Man And Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

The two have so much going for them that it’s nearly impossible to find fractures in their love. The one area that could pose a problem possibly would be when it comes to trust and life values.

Both are adventurers and unless trust has been established, either or both could become suspicious about where their partner goes when they are not together. It’s not a huge deal but it could happen.

Their values may not be exact when it comes to what they believe life should be. However, it’s not typically a huge ordeal and they can actually find middle ground in order to get past it.

So again, these two have very little problems that could become bigger issues if they let it but typically, these two will love each other enough that they won’t let things like that get in their way of happiness.

I mentioned addiction tendencies before because Aries attacks life very hard. He could also go at drugs or alcohol just as hard. If he does, it will alter who he is and could cause some significant problems.

As long as he’s moderately living, he should be alright. Sagittarius may not appreciate Aries man having an addiction and could be a deal breaker with him if she feels she cannot handle him when he’s intoxicated.


Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Breakup

While it’s difficult to see these two parting ways, it’s not impossible. If there are problems that come up and seem to have no solution or neither is willing to compromise, break up could come.

If Aries man is an addict or has an attitude that is disagreeable, Sagittarius woman may not want to compromise and will leave. She will want to find someone else who seems to fit her better.

She’s not good at breakups so she may slowly exit, she may ghost him, or she may simply tell him that it’s not working out and she is going to take a different path. Aries man will likely be hurt and angry.

He will have some very nasty things to say to her out of that pain or anger. If he’s the one that breaks it off for some reason, he probably will still be rather rude to her. It’s not likely they’ll maintain a friendship.

Ironically as well as these two CAN be, if they end things, they’re both the type that is likely to move forward and not look back. Therefore they may not want to get back together to try again. It’s not impossible but not likely either.

Unless the love was really powerful, they both tend to jump forward and just look for someone else that seems to suit what they’re looking for.


Final Score

When it comes to the Aries man and Sagittarius woman relationship, I find these two to be a near perfect match. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a nice 9. I don’t like every saying 10 because no one is perfect.

However, these two could prove everyone wrong and show what perfection can be. They will still have small things to work on and grow past but their love can also totally help them find a way.

The problems between them aren’t typically something that is so horrible that they cannot look back. They tend to both be rather optimistic about their love and will work at it.

It won’t take hard core effort for these two to find their way at loving each other. I definitely see where these two could marry and have family. Aries man and Sagittarius woman parenting is very likely.

This won’t happen until they’re both ready to actually settle down. By settle down, I mean slow down on travelling and having adventures. When they’re ready to stay put and have a family, they will settle down.

They’ll make well rounded parents with well adjusted children who will be outspoken, willing to have adventures of their own, and outgoing. This is a great match and I give them a huge “thumbs up”.

The Aries man and Sagittarius woman is one that can make it last!

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