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Your Match: Aries Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

Are you a fiery Aries woman who wonders how compatible you are with the same sign as your counterpart? What are the two signs like when they’re together? Are they matched well or are do they head butt too much? While the two understand each other fairly well, it’s not without troubles.

Both partners are invested in themselves and could become jealous of one another when it comes to outside forces. They have the capacity to do very well together but there are problems they must work past to do that. Keep reading for more information on the Aries man and Aries woman matchup.


Alike normally does attract like. Aries man and Aries woman are no different. They will likely meet doing something social and quite fun. They may even meet travelling or attending a sports event.

The two are a lot alike and this will sort of give them“recognition” when they meet face to face. They will have some hurdles to get over but since they’re both simpatico, they should be able to work on it.

They find it incredibly easy to talk to each other, have plenty of activities in common, and have high energy levels to keep each other excited. Right out of the gate, they will have plenty to discuss.

They’ll find that they relate to each other on a level that no one else really can. They share similar life values and want similar things in life. This connects them initially and gets them to decide if they want to learn more.

When they do learn more about each other, they find some differences but the differences aren’t so bad that they cannot find a way to meet in the middle. The chemistry is definitely there for these two if they decide to proceed.

Aries Woman, Who She Is

Aries zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Aries Man and Aries Woman

The Aries woman is passionate, active, busy, hard worker, and diving right into life as though it may be the last day. She wants success in every area of her life and she’s willing to do just about anything to get it.

Aries lady wants a partner who can keep up with her high energy levels. She wants someone that will be very active with her and enjoy many of the same types of activities.

Aries woman will also find comfort in spending some time home with her partner as well. She’s very social and loves to spend hours with friends or family. She’s one that wants to have fun as often as possible.

This may make her less excited about doing the mundane when she’s not working or having fun. She seems to lose her energy and this is when she may become a couch potato letting the chores go until later.

When the Aries Woman meets the Aries man, she sees the other side of her and she loves this. He’s just like her and he wants to have lots of fun with her. She loves that he appreciates alone time just like she does as well.

Their connection seems one that is fated and yet, there are some differences that sort of annoy her but they’re issues that can be worked at. If her love is strong enough, she’ll hang in there and see it through.

Aries Man, Who He Is

Aries man is very similar to his female counterpart. He’s active, he can be hyper when it comes to work or the things he enjoys, he likes to keep moving and avoid boredom at all costs.

Unfortunately he too finds the mundane to be something that creates boredom and finds it hard to force himself to clean the house, run errands, pay bills, and do the laundry.

He will do it but he’ll likely procrastinate because he hates it so much. Therefore his bachelor pad may not be as clean as it could be. Then again, if he’s expecting a lovely lady, he may clean up in a hurry. That’s motivation for him!

When the Aries man meets the Aries woman, he’s struck by her incredibly beauty and the way she just connects to his soul. The Aries man and Aries woman soul match is definitely possible.

In fact the Aries man and Aries woman marriage is also very possible with these two. As long as they work on whatever issues they may have, they can totally make the relationship last for the long haul.

Aries man will be quite smitten with the Aries woman. He wants to know her and spend his life intertwining his love with hers. He will feel whole and complete in his life with Aries woman at his side.

What Works Between Aries Man and Aries Woman

Since these two are the same sign, element, and planet, it’s easy to see why they have so much in common and have a great deal working in their favor. One of those things they notice right off the bat is activities.

Aries man and Aries woman tend to be into the same types of things. They probably like the same music, movies, sports, outdoors activities, and many other things. They have lots to talk about and lots to share with each other.

They can talk about just about anything. Both are intelligent so they will also have rather intriguing conversations about life. They share the same types of life values and morals.

They’re both into have children and will be happy to start a family once they decide that their relationship is solid enough for marriage. Normally Aries takes awhile to cultivate but sometimes dives right in.

In this case, the two may dive in together at a reasonably fast rate instead of holding off. They feel instantly that they know each other and therefore see no reason to wait.

They’ll also dive right into sex because they will have a very hard time keeping their hands off each other since they’re both very physical people. Sex is important to them.

What Aries Man Thinks Of Aries Woman, Especially in Bed

The Aries man is stunned and electrified with the Aries woman. He thinks she’s exactly what he’s been looking for and loves that she seems to get him on a level that no one else does.

He will bond with her relatively quick and feel as though she is his queen. She’s beautiful, she’s intelligent, she’s active, and she’ll be able to keep up with him in all of his activities.

He also loves that she doesn’t mind spending time apart from him sometimes as well. Having alone time to both of them is very important. Sexually speaking however, they may not be as thrilled as they could be.

What I mean is that both of them are aggressive and both are dominate. They may have to argue in order to figure out who is in charge in the bedroom. This may find them in a weird place.

He realizes that he will have to surrender at least half of the time and he doesn’t like it. However, if he truly loves her, he will be willing to do that and meet halfway if she’s willing to do the same.

In the case that she agrees to do things 50/50, they will find great satisfaction together as long as they both throw in a bit of something new here and there, they will keep their sex life revitalized.

Aries Man and Aries Woman Problems

Aries Zodiac Sign - Aries Man and Aries Woman

These two have so much in common that there isn’t much that they don’t line up with. However, there are a couple of areas where they will need some work in order to have a wonderful future together.

One of those things is the issue of sex. I just touched on how the both of them need to compromise in order to have a fulfilling sex life together. They both have to agree to switch things up now and then.

If both are dominant, it makes it really hard for either to “let go” and enjoy what their partnership has to offer. One needs to play submissive sometimes then let the other be submissive later on.

When they agree to this, they find great passion and satisfaction in their intimacy. Trying new methods, toys, or techniques will help them discover some very sexy times together.

Another problem that this couple is likely to occur is the lack of trust. Both are the type that doesn’t easily trust people. That being said, they will have to prove to each other over time that trust is there.

Both like to spend time apart to have quiet moments to themselves or with other people. This needs to be something agreed upon so that mistrust doesn’t pop up. Aries man cannot just take off and not expect his Aries woman not to get upset.

They have to be VERY clear with each other where they are going and when they will be back. Going cold and ghosting is not acceptable. Once they realize that they love each other enough, they will find a solution.

They must also learn to control their tempers thus they don’t butt heads too often. They could and this could cause lots of flare-ups that end up in breakup if they aren’t careful.

Aries Man and Aries Woman Breakup

I mentioned that if Aries man and Aries woman cannot watch their temper, they will have many arguments that may lead to a breakup. If they reach that boiling point, they will have some VERY choice words toward each other.

Aries is a rather unstable and volatile sign when it comes to emotions. Both must learn to learn and grow in order to not get so upset or be jealous. A break up may occur from such arguments.

It may also be caused by infidelity. Aries is prone to stepping outside of their relationship if they feel unsatisfied or angry with their partner. They should just fess up and tell each other the truth.

In the event that there is a break up and it’s very painful for the both of them, it may take them a great deal of time to be friends again, if ever. They may write each other off and move on.

If there is real love between them and they learned from the mistakes that occurred then they may find their way back to each other. Getting back together IS a possibility with these two and would be successful if they can change.

Both would have to prove change is there otherwise they may not trust each other and they may just blow it off entirely. Their break up will typically be rough and not amicable.

Final Score

Since these two are so much alike, it’s easy to give them a high score. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a strong 8. They really are a lot alike. They find love very easy between the two of them.

They will have to work past their trust issues and their dominance issues when it comes to sex. If they can actually find middle ground on both situations, they absolutely will make a strong bond that can last a lifetime.

Aries man and Aries woman as parents will do a phenomenal job at teaching their kids strength, love, how to be active, and how to really enjoy life. They will also teach them morals.

Both will have to motivate each other to get the mundane though as they both seem to struggle at getting things done around the house, the bills, and other necessities in life.

They may try making a list to keep on the refrigerator to remind them of what needs to be done and perhaps assign what tasks will be done by whom on what day. This may help them to stay more organized.

Once they’re able to find a groove, the Aries man and Aries woman match is quite strong and one that can absolutely last forever… if they want it.

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