Your Match: Aries Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
They have the capacity to do very well together but there are problems they must work past to do that. Keep reading about Aries man and Aries woman matchup.

If you’re an Aries woman looking for partnership then I bet you’ve wondered if there is any man out there who can handle your heat. You’re a more heroic person than most men are, so who could step up to the plate and meet your expectations? Look no further than your own sign of Aries!

Of course, not everything is going to be easy when there is so much dominant energy between two people, but Aries isn’t here for things to be easy. They want to win, no matter the effort involved. For this reason, two Aries natives in a relationship can bring the energy the other is looking for to the table. 

Aries man and Aries woman love compatibility is an interesting combination… Two strong, confident (and a little bit combative) personalities come together to certainly make something explosive. Keep reading to find out if this is a perfect match or a destructive flop…

The Aries Man – Fearlessly Confident

When you think of the ultimate ‘manly man,’ who do you think of? You may think of a John Wayne type or someone like a firefighter or police officer. Someone who values physical strength, courage, stamina, and conviction may come to your mind. And these are all the traits of a typical Aries man.

These guys are fearless. They keep their head on their shoulders even when the world seems to be going haywire. They balance out the heat of situations involving conflict and take initiative when no one else will. These guys are incredibly calm in the face of adversity because of their inherent confidence that they’ve got it all under control.

Aries men reside within their bodies and have a lot of control over them. Many Aries men can be found at the gym or in competitive sports. Mars represents quick bursts of power, so weightlifting and sprinting can be activities for an Aries man.

Aries men are the most sexual guys there are. They need a sexual release lest they take their tension out on someone or thing undeserving. If they have plenty of outlets for their energies then the Aries men are cool as a cucumber and are not prone to violence or anger as some descriptions may lead you to believe.

The Aries Woman – Assertive Beauty

An Aries woman is the epitome of a girlboss. She believes in the power of women because she herself knows how strong she is. She is not afraid of anything, including any man. She will never shy away from a challenge and instead confronts any roadblocks with confidence and strength of character.

It’s rather difficult to find an Aries woman that isn’t attractive in some sense. She’s an absolute dream to look at while embodying sexual energy that is hard to match in women of any other sign. She has a famously beautiful face and head of hair since Aries rules the head. She could also have a reddish tint to her hair or skin, alluding to the Mars energy she embodies.

Aries women are stronger than most women and many men. She isn’t likely to ask for help from others unless she is physically unable to complete the task without them. Her strength combined with inherent independence means that she won’t settle for any relationship that doesn’t improve her life. She knows she can get by on her own, so unless you’re offering her something better, she’s just not interested.

She naturally gets along well with men in the context of friendship and she could find masculine energies attaching themselves to her.

Aries Man and Aries Woman 2022 Compatibility

This year, the possibility of two Aries finding each other is perhaps higher than usual with Mars and Jupiter transiting the sign of Aries, which does not happen every year for either planet.

Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, which implies that it is most comfortable here in this fire sign. Since Mars plays such a key role in the chart of the Aries Sun individual (male or female), we see a heavy emphasis on sexuality and initiative this year, especially from late May to early July.

Jupiter is a planet representing the husband in a woman’s chart, so the Aries woman is likely to find a potential partner this year, even if they’re not technically her husband yet. This is a period where the Aries woman attracts a man who embodies the energy of her Sun sign, so an Aries woman has a strong potential for meeting an Aries man this year.

I’ve noticed in my time as an Astrological Relationship Consultant that there is a high correlation between the placement of Jupiter in the chart of a woman and the type of man she attracts.

Venus represents the wife in the chart of a man, so a period where Venus is in Aries (the month of May in 2022) is the time when an Aries man is most likely to attract an Aries woman. Since Libra is the sign of partnership in the chart of the Aries man or woman, the Libra season (September 23 – October 22) can also usher in a partner for either the Aries man or woman.

Aries Man and Aries Woman: Compatibility

Intellect and Communication

The Aries man and woman think in a very similar way. Their house of communication is ruled by Gemini, and this makes their intellect sharp and their wit absolutely devastating. They are both highly intelligent and have healthy brain function due to Aries ruling the head.

The Aries man and woman both tend to say things without thinking too hard about them because of their honesty. They don’t sugarcoat their truths whatsoever, and so they expect everyone else to have a similar approach to them. As a result, Aries people can become disheartened when they realize others aren’t as honest with them as they are.

This is where the Aries man and woman can make a perfect pair together. The two not only can handle the truth but expect the truth from each other. Since neither will hesitate to say it like it is, their dreams of an uncomplicated communication pattern can be realized.

Physical Chemistry

This is the category where an Aries man and woman can totally shine together. Both of these people tend to have insatiable physical appetites. This obviously puts a heavy emphasis on sex in their relationships, and when they’re not having sex, they can question why they’re even in a partnership.

When an Aries man and an Aries woman get together, it’s like firecrackers going off in the bedroom, but in the best way possible. These two signs are explosive in the bedroom when they’re together. The cool thing is that neither of them are too prone to long, drawn-out sex, preferring to have a quick period of intense satisfaction. This means that they are usually on the same wavelength sexually.

Even when these two aren’t having sex, they still very much love being physical together. They may mess around by play-fighting, arm wrestling, cracking each other’s backs, giving deep massages to each other, or spotting each other at the gym. Physically, these two are a match made in heaven.

Shared Values and Interests

The Aries man and Aries woman have the same approach to life (unless the rest of their charts indicate otherwise). These two individuals approach life head-on and in an uncomplicated manner. When an issue arises, both of them are likely to work through it right then and there.

What I don’t think people would expect to make a great relationship is conflict. These two might always seem like they’re addressing issues within their relationship together. This approach would absolutely terrify signs that are averse to confrontation, but for these two, it definitely works. Neither of them can tolerate a lingering issue and allow it to go unaddressed, so they work through problems quickly.

Both of these Aries are likely to keep their heads during stressful times. They’d both struggle not to scoff at a partner who loses it every time a complication arises. As a Relationship Astrologer, I have seen these issues arise with Aries quite a bit! Them being able to rely on the other to be proactive when everyday stress arrives will be a big relief in times of struggle.

Aries Man and Aries Woman Love Compatibility – How You Two Really Match?

Okay, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: how do Aries men and Aries women get along in love? Well, here’s the thing. When other people look at the relationship between an Aries man and woman, they may wonder the same exact thing. Where is the tenderness? Where is the gentleness? Where is the softness?

Aries men and women tend to have a lower threshold to get these needs satisfied. Everyone needs tender love and sweetness sometimes, but both of these people just don’t need as much of it as most of us. As a result, an amount of affection that would make a Cancer or Pisces feel love-starved might be just enough for the Aries man or woman.

Aries men and women can express their tenderness by letting them know how much fun they have with the other person. They can both best express love in a sunny and warm way where their vital energy is stimulated. This means telling each other just how admired they are by the other. Playing games together and going to concerts and sporting events are other ways that these two can get romantic.

Friendship Score: 7/10

The Aries couple can operate optimally as friends since the two of them have a lesser need for a strong romantic connection and a higher need for someone to pal around with. This is their ultimate partner in crime who urges them to go the distance and to be their most authentic individual self, just like a good friend should do.

The friendship is a double Aries partnership is a key aspect that these two can take full advantage of. They must take the initiative to fulfill this part of their relationship though. Actively choosing to see the other as their own individual who just happens to add something positive to their own life is key.

Relationship Score: 5/10

Even though these two are self-sufficient by themselves, any pairing of people, no matter how independent they are, requires some compromise. Compromise is an Aries weak spot because they tend to focus solely on themselves and their own point of view.

With two people who struggle to empathize with the other, complications can obviously arise. What helps this alignment is the fact that neither party will be able to sweep any perceived oversights under the rug. This means that through some level of conflict, they can actually find peace and understanding with one another.

Soulmate Score: 8/10

Two Aries individuals together could easily be considered Soulmate material. Souls that have traveled through many lifetimes together are often on similar paths of learning. When two individuals are born into this life as Aries and then end up finding each other, they could very well have been joined in a period prior to this life. This allows for soul recognition between these two people.

Aries men and women both are on a path to express their authentic selves through assertive action. They support this need in one another, which helps them to create momentum on their life paths together.

Marriage Score: 5/10

As marriage partners, the Aries man and woman do fairly well together as long as they avoid certain potholes. Aries have a tendency to rush things, and so with two Aries involved, it’s quite easy to run into hasty matrimony that yields some explosive results, for better or worse. When these two don’t take time to make sure that they’re truly compatible then trouble can brew.

However, the ability of Aries men and women to see eye to eye on the concepts of maintaining individuality within the institution of marriage helps them to feel as if they’re their own people. This is something Aries desperately needs since their sense of self is too strong to be conflated with another’s.

Aries Man and Aries Woman: Celebrity Couples

Proof that a double Aries marriage can work like a dream is in the relationship of Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker. The Aries’ passion can go for miles, as demonstrated in their 30-year-plus relationship. These two met on Broadway and they’ve had each other’s names in lights ever since.

The star of How I Met Your Mother, Cobie Smulders is married to fellow Aries actor Taran Killam. They met in the mid-2000s and tied the knot in 2012, making their nearly 20-year relationship a total hit. These two connect over seeing live music together where I’m sure these energetic Aries pump each other up for the show.

What Attracts Aries Men To Aries Women?

While many men are initially attracted to the Aries woman, most of them are not capable of handling her energy once they get to know her. Not everyone fits in her genre, it seems! The Aries man, however, can find his match in an Aries woman and his interest in someone who keeps him on his toes will help him stay engaged.

The Aries man can not only handle but appreciate the Aries woman’s traits. Some of his favorites are listed below.

  •       Her drive
  •       Her initiative
  •       Her courage
  •       Her sexuality
  •       Her spunk
  •       Her energy
  •       Her beauty
  •       Her optimism
  •       Her vitality

Aries Man and Aries Woman: Relationship Strengths

The strength of this couple doesn’t lie only in their considerable muscle mass. They also are highly compatible in a variety of ways. These elements add up to create a couple who can capitalize on the positives with so much ease that they can create a relationship from the ground up with no issue.

  •       Joy: both of these signs err on the lighter side of life, fueled by the energy of Mars. They know that they can handle anything that comes against them as a couple, so they can relax and be happy together.
  •       Extroversion: Both of these people don’t mind going out and about and would in fact prefer to have their fingers on the pulse of life. They like to know people and to find their group of friends together.
  •       Sexuality: The only other sign that has the same sexual appetite as an Aries is an Aries. They actually have the stamina to keep up with the sheer volume of sexual encounters the other wants!
  •       Energy: These are two people who can keep up with each other. They’ll be as vigorous as their partner and this ensures that no one is getting left behind while the other keeps blowing off steam.

Aries Man and Aries Woman: Relationship Challenges

While these two people are obvious choices for one another in terms of a relationship together, they aren’t devoid of their areas of struggle. But hey, no couple is. Regardless, we all have to be aware of our relationship’s weak spots in order to keep growing with one another smoothly as a couple.

Aries couples can struggle with:

  •       Ego: The Aries man and woman both have strong senses of self. While this isn’t always bad, two people looking out for their own needs first in a relationship can make compromise difficult.
  •       Arguments: While I’ll be the first to say that some arguments are necessary for a healthy purge in a relationship, an Aries/Aries couple could easily take it too far and go on the attack at all times.
  •       Sexual Preoccupation: This is a couple that needs sex so much that they may put more weight on intimacy than on emotional connection. They would have to ensure that passion exists in and out of bed.
  •       Selfishness: Aries can at times struggle to see beyond their own needs. When neither partner is willing to prioritize the needs of the other, they can easily find themselves feeling alone together.

Aries Man and Aries Woman: A Fiery Fantasy

There are always remedies for issues within any partnership. With enough open-minded understanding, any two people can make their relationship work. Letting go of any need to defend and attack is what will make the Aries couple absolutely thrive.

When you and your Aries partner struggle to create the harmony you might desire, there are things that can be done from an Astrological standpoint. I’ve had the privilege of working with Aries couples who have shown me what it takes to make a relationship between these two fiery entities work out for the best.

Where Do You Go From Here?

It’s unsurprising that the motivation of the Aries to learn has helped them speed up their road to peace and love with one another. I made sure that all of my Aries readers who are with another Aries have the support that comes from years of experience.

I compiled all of the most essential tips for relationships like yours in your personalized guide, ‘Aries Man Aries Woman Secrets.’

I invite you to give it a look over and make sure to give me your feedback on the tips provided. I’m an eternal student of my readers as much as they’re mine. That’s how I get the best information to keep passing on to others.

All of the ins and outs of an Aries man x Aries woman relationship couldn’t be covered in a single article, although I do my very best! That’s why I’ve published a personalized guide for relationship dynamics just like yours: ‘Aries Man Aries Woman Secrets.’ 

Check out “Aries Man Aries Woman Love Compatibility” here.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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