Will An Aries Man Make The First Move? Find Out Here

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So you’ve got your eye on an Aries man and though he seems to be interested in you, he hasn’t asked you out or made a move. Keep reading...

Hi, gorgeous ladies! Enigmatic, bold, and brave and just some of the words I like to describe an Aries man. When he wants something he will go for it, so if you are wondering “Do Aries make the first move?” Then I am here to tell you, yes they do!

An Aries man is known for his relentless pursuit of what he desires, including in romantic relationships. He is not afraid to make the first move and take the initiative to show his interest in a woman.

Don’t stress wondering will an Aries man make the first move, because if he wants you, he will chase you down like nobody’s business. Just enjoy the ride and let him come to you, trust me, you want to make things just a little bit difficult for your Aries man to stay interested.

If that’s not good enough for you, then keep on reading to find out more about Aries men and do Aries make the first move. Everything you could want to know about Aries men and their approach to making the first move will be revealed here.

Will An Aries Man Make The First Move?

When it comes to love and relationships, there is nothing that will hold an Aries man back from getting what he wants. An Aries man is known for his confident and assertive nature, and he often takes the lead in initiating romantic relationships.

He likes to feel like a man, pursuing and conquering the object of his affection. He isn’t the type of guy to think twice about who and what he wants – he goes after it without hesitation.

So if you are doubting if an Aries man will make the first move, then get that out of your mind immediately. An Aries man will definitely make the first move if he’s interested in you. He won’t waste any time in expressing his attraction and making his intentions known.

An Aries man is not one to sit back and wait for a woman to make the first move. In fact, that can even sometimes turn him off a little bit. He wants to be the one to call the shots and take control of the situation.

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How To Get An Aries Man To Make The First Move

How to get an Aries man to make the first move is a lot easier than you might expect, check out some of these tips to drive him crazy with desire:

Flirty Gestures Win The Prize

If you can get him to glance in your direction, you can give him a look of “come hither”. He will likely take the hint and come on over. You can also do the old standby of winking.

Aries men are flirts by nature and as such; they tend to like women who will flirt back with them. If you can signal him that you’re interested in doing something flirty; he’ll respond.

If he’s already talking to you and you’d like to make sure you hold his attention; make sure you laugh at his jokes and while you do that; touch his shoulder or arm while you giggle.

The Aries man is a very physical guy. He will respond to you if you touch him in some way. He’ll feel that energy between you and will decide that it’s okay to go ahead and take the initiative.

He doesn’t want to get rejected by a beautiful woman so the goal for you is to somehow let him know you ARE interested. If you do this; he’ll step forward and try to get things moving. Will an Aries man make the first move? You bet!

Approach Him With Allure

There is such a thing as you going up to him and talk to him. You can bump into him accidentally, apologize, and then start up a conversation. It’s harmless and it gets the ball rolling.

There is no harm in you trying to get things going by simple talk. You can talk about the clothes he’s wearing, the weather, or something witty that pops into your mind at the time.

He appreciates a woman who can tell a good joke. Perhaps you can think of one you know and tell it to him. He wants a woman with a good sense of humour. This will show him you’re a good sport.

Having comebacks or witty things to say when he talks to you will also gain his interest. So give it a shot. Maybe this will give him the idea of how awesome you are and will make him want to bust a move.

The lure is by using your intelligence and humor. It’s like perfume that he can smell and enjoy. He loves beauty for sure but he also loves a woman who has a brain and isn’t afraid to show it.

Try not to talk too much about yourself though as this seems a bit ego-filled and may actually turn him off. Try to make it about where you are, what you’re doing, and about getting to know him.

The more interest you show in him; the more he’ll be interested in getting to know you as well. The longer you can hold his attention; the better. He’ll be more inclined to ask you out or in the short term; buy you a drink.

Be Bold!

Aries men like the thrill of the hunt. That means they want to be the ones doing the chasing. However; they do not shy away from a bold woman who approaches him first and gets the ball rolling.

That means that to get his attention; you may need to directly approach him and get that attention by force. Not that you have to be pushy, but you have to be direct and strong in your approach.

Saying something such as; “I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room”. I know that sounds scary but it will work! Take a deep breath, release it then walk over to him.

Aries men like women who are bold, strong, and independent. If you want the reward, you’re going to have to take a risk. So if you see an Aries man that you’d like to know better; go for it! 

If you have been around him for a while already and he knows who you are, talk to him. It’s as simple as flirty gestures to get things going. He just needs to know that you’re interested.

The Aries man typically is a very busy guy and has a lot on his mind. That means he may not notice you eyeballing him. He may also not notice right away that you’re trying to hit on him.

Try to be as bold as you can with it. You can also even ask him for a cup of coffee. He may seem stunned as he had no idea but he’ll also likely appreciate that you were strong enough to ask.

An Aries man not making a move is probably not that interested in you. Here are some more signs an Aries man is not interested in you.

Give And Get

Look, Aries men can be a bit aloof when it comes to noticing a woman who is interested in him. If you want him; you may have to actually make the first move. That means you may need to ask him out.

If he seems casual or reserved typically; it’s because he has absolutely no idea that you are interested in him. You’re going to have to turn the heat up a little bit to get him to realize what is going on.

So if that means you have to approach him and ask him for lunch, dinner, drinks, dessert, or just to go have coffee; speak up! He’d prefer you do that than for him to figure it out on his own.

Doing this lets him know you are interested and you want to get to know him. He’ll appreciate the candour and the boldness of your approach. This will make him more interested in getting to know you.

So when in doubt, ask him out!

Few More Ways To Get An Aries Man To Initiate Contact With You

An Aries man is more likely to make the first move if he feels a signal of interest from a woman. Flirting and teasing can be effective strategies to get an Aries man to make the first move. He loves it when a woman teases him and makes her feelings known in a bold and brave way. 

He doesn’t want you to chase him, but he does want to know that you are interested in him. Aries men are known for their enthusiasm and fearless nature, so it’s highly likely that they will make the first move if they are interested in someone. 

He is not the type of guy to sit around patiently, when he wants you he will make it known quite ardently. It is good to play with him and make him realize that you are a prize that is worthy of winning.

Are Aries Men Shy To Make The First Move?

An Aries man shy? This is far from the truth! Due to his bold and brave nature, an Aries man is definitely not shy. He is the type of guy who is pretty gungho about the things he wants in his life. 

An Aries man is self-assured and confident in every scenario in his life. He believes he is the best and that he deserves the absolute best of the best. Shyness is definitely not something an Aries man suffers with. 

An Aries man not making a move is probably an indication that he isn’t that interested in you, or that he might have a lot of planets in Pisces or Taurus that is making him shier than what he normally would be. 

An Aries man is typically more than happy to make the first move when it comes to pursuing a romantic interest, so he might just simply not be that interested in you, lean back and see if he becomes more interested when you pull back your energy.

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