How To Ask An Aries Man Out (11 Easy Ways)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you drawn to a sexy Aries man? He’s a nice guy but he’s looking for specifics... Keep reading to find out how to ask an Aries man out.

Perhaps you have recently met an Aries man and you want to ask him out on a date but you don’t know how to go about it. How do you ask an Aries man out and make sure that you get the response that you want from him?

It’s a stressful position to be put in, so first of all, just give yourself a break. It is important that you keep things relaxed and easy so that you don’t put any pressure on this Aries man when you ask him on a date. 

Astrology can assist us in moving through relationships that otherwise appear to be going nowhere. So, I’m here to help by sending you in the right direction when it comes to priming an Aries man so that he thinks to ask you out on a date.

Keep reading to find out how to ask an Aries man out and receive the result that you want…

Will An Aries Man Ask You Out? Or Should You Make The First Move?

We love in a modern age, but in my experience as a relationship astrologer, women still love to be wooed, and men still love to chase. Of course, everyone is different, but luckily for you, the Aries man still follows his natural gender role.

Being into an Aries man means that you’ve got to step aside and swallow your urge to take control of the situation. He’s got to be the leader in this game, not you! That could be tough if you are used to being that woman, but it’s worth it! 

The truth is, when you let him lead, he feels more like a man, and you feel feminine. Plus, you will never have to wait too long. This is one man who gets down to business, and if he wants you, he will make sure he gets you. 

An Aries man is a guy who actually really enjoys the chase and will feel as if they have “conquered” you when you agree to go on a date with him. You need to make it a little hard for him so that he feels like you’re a challenge to be “won”.

So, that sexy date you’re after, it’s not long in coming if you play your cards right. Aries men are not the most patient signs of all, which also means that he’s not going to wait around forever to ask you.

The truth is, an Aries man is very likely to ask you out within the first few days or weeks of meeting you—maybe even the first few hours! If he’s not, perhaps it’s work that stands in the way or he has loyalties elsewhere.

How To Ask An Aries Man Out (7 Easy Ways)

1. Show Your Confidence

When you approach an Aries man and flat out ask him on a date, he will be floored, but he’ll also be amazed that you had the gumption to ask him out. He’ll be impressed with you.

Show him that you’re a strong woman and that you know what you want. Let him see that you are not afraid to take what you believe is yours. Just don’t act as though you’re better than anyone else.

Let him know you’re a woman who carries herself well and isn’t into playing head games. He’ll appreciate this about you and will also be very candid with you, most likely. Give him a try and see what you get.

Aries men are attracted to women who can take care of themselves and can also just go up to the guy they like to ask them out. It’s very likely that after the first time you do this, he’ll take over from there.

He still likes being “the man,” and so he’ll want to take the reins after you initiate with him. It’s natural, and it’s something you two can work with. Finding a balance between you is very important.

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2. Remain Mysterious

Try not to tell your Aries man too much about yourself. He really digs a good mystery; especially when it comes to a woman. That being said, only give him enough to get him excited enough to jump on board.

You can even try planning a mysterious date. If he’s into camping; you can ask him if he’d like to go on a camping trip with you but then don’t tell him where it will be located.

Take him somewhere you really love going and prep for the date ahead of time. Pack a romantic dinner with his favorite food/drink, bring a tent for 2, and anything else you think would spark his interest.

Tell him you’ve got everything planned and taken care of. Tell him just to bring himself and some clothes and you’ve got the rest. He’ll be shocked and excited. He just knows this is going to be an amazing journey with a lovely woman.

3. Dress To Kill!

Let’s face it – most guys are ruled by their eyes! Visuals are important to any man, but very much so to the Aries fella! Why? Well, because he’s ruled by Mars, of course! Mars is the planet of lust and desire, the planet that rules our most primal, physical urge. 

When you dress to kill, you appeal directly to his Mars nature. He loves the color red and he also tends to love sexy, body-clinging outfits. He doesn’t mind a plunging cleavage, for example, and will love those killer heels! 

Aries men will also love a girl who looks like she works out, so your best gym outfit will definitely get his engine revving and hopefully lead to him asking you out on that date!

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4. Flirt To Get Him To Open Up

In the event that an Aries man has no idea you like him and you want to get his attention, you’re going to have to make yourself somewhat obvious; otherwise, he’s going to be oblivious.

Whenever you’re near him, laugh at his jokes and touch him on the arm or shoulder. Physical touch gives him a nice zap of your energy and helps him realize that there is a connection there.

He’ll start looking at you differently, and then, of course, with your flirting, he’ll wonder what you’re up to, which is exciting for him. Tell him that you like his style or the way he looks.

Tell him how funny he is and that you really like talking to him. This opens up a pathway for more conversation and also a door for you to ask him out soon if your Aries man doesn’t ask you out first.

5. Talk About All The Adventures You’d Like To Have

The Aries man’s weak point in life is his love for adventure—that’s his strong point, too! The slightest hint of something exciting will practically have him jumping up and down in impatient excitement.

When you talk about all the adventures you’d like to have—for example, climbing Kilimanjaro, tackling a White River Rafting experience, or a shark cage diving day—he will look at you as if you are a goddess—his perfect woman!

Of course, you can tone it down, like saying how you’ve always loved the idea of learning to shoot or ride a horse. It’s up to you how far you want to go! Whatever it is, his ears will perk up, and his mind will get racing. Then, you can sit back and wait (and it won’t be long before he asks you out!).

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6. Make Sure He Knows You Are In Demand

To get an Aries man to ask you on a date, he has to think that there’s a lot of competition for you. This is because his most basic, primal instinct is to win a challenge, no matter the price. Ruled by Mars, the planet of war, he is someone who just loves a little battle!

However you do it, just make sure he knows that there are other men who want you. Send yourself flowers. Post pictures online of you going on dates. Make sure he’s around when you get a “phone call” from someone (ask your bestie to call you and pretend).

When an Aries man thinks he has to win you over from another man, his engine will go into full throttle, and he’ll practically be bashing the door down trying to get you to go on a date with him!

6. Play Hard To Get

And if you are looking for ways to get an Aries man to ask you out, play hard to get. Make him run after you; let him do the work! Here’s how to play hard to get with an Aries man the right way.

Aries men love a challenge, and if you are not presenting enough of one, he might lose interest. Playing hard to get means that you could hint at how busy you are or how many dates you’ve got going on, for example. You want to communicate that you are in high demand and not easy to have.

Hold yourself slightly out of his reach while still flirting with him and looking sexy. It won’t be long before his impatience wins out and he wants to go on a date with you! You can drop a few hints for the two of you to work out together. That doesn’t have to be a proposal for a date at all, and it will certainly get the ball rolling in one way or another!

You’re either going to get him thinking about asking you out on a date, or he’s going to ask you when he sees you glowing and working hard. There’s nothing like physical activity to turn your Aries guy on, trust me!

4 More Ways To Get An Aries Man To Ask You Out

Despite being so simple, an Aries man is a lot of work to woo at times. Just the right amount of this-that-or-the-other-thing is needed when getting an Aries to ask you out.

I’m here to help you get to the ultimate prize, your Aries man. But it may take some dedication and understanding on your end because the Aries man is a bit of an enigma when it comes to what he’s looking for…

Here’s how to get an Aries man to ask you out on a date:

  1. Flirt with him through eye contact
  2. Give him lots of attention
  3. Be vulnerable with him
  4. Talk about things he likes 

How Long Does It Take For An Aries Man To Ask You Out

There is no particular time frame, in which an Aries man will ask you out. Aries man will try to impress you if he thinks you are worth it, every step of the way. If you are wondering how long it takes for an Aries man to ask you out, he will ask you out rather quickly if you sense he likes you.

When an Aries man is really trying to show you that he is interested and that he’s in the moment, he’ll do whatever it takes to make you smile. The highlight of his day just may be the moment when he can tell that he has made you happy because this is his flirting strategy. He will then ask you out for sure!

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