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7 Ways To Get An Aries Man To Ask You Out On A Date

Got the hots for a sexy Aries guy? Want to know how to get him to ask you out on a date? Fortunately, it’s not too hard with this Zodiac sign, and you shouldn’t have to wait too long to crack him. Here are some ideas to help you get there even faster:  

We love in a modern age, but in my experience as a Relationship Astrologer, woman still love to be wooed, and men still love to chase. Of course, everyone is different, but luckily for you, the Aries man still follows his natural gender role

This is one guy that actually really enjoys the chase, and will feel as if they have “conquered” you when you agree to go on a date with him. You need to make it a little hard for him so that he feels like you’re a challenge to be “won.” 

So, that sexy date you’re after, it’s not long in coming if you play your cards right. Aries men are not the most patient signs of all, which also means that he’s not going to wait around forever to ask you. 

The truth is, he’s very likely to ask you out within the first few days or weeks of meeting you, maybe even the first few hours! If he’s not, perhaps it’s work that stands in the way, or he has loyalties elsewhere, so be patient. If he’s into you, you’ll know

Here’s a few ways to help that process go a little faster:  

7 Ways To Get An Aries Men To Ask You Out On A Date

1. Dress To Kill!

Woman Dressed Nice For An Aries Man

Let’s face it – most guys are ruled by their eyes! Visuals are important to any man, but very much so to the Aries fella! Why? Well, because he’s ruled by Mars, of course! Mars is the planet of lust and desire, the planet that rules our most primal, physical urge. 

When you dress to kill, you appeal directly to his Mars nature. He loves the color red and he also tends to love sexy, body-clinging outfits. He doesn’t mind a plunging cleavage, for example, and will love those killer heels! 

Aries men will also love a girl who looks like she works out, so your best gym outfit will definitely get his engine revving and hopefully lead to him asking you out on that date! 

2. Drop Hints About Working Out Together

Following on that athletic theme, how about dropping a few hints for the two of you to work out together? That doesn’t have to be a proposal for a date at all, and will certainly get the ball rolling in one way or another! 

You’re either going to get him thinking about asking you out on a date, or, he’s going to ask you when he sees you glowing and working hard. There’s nothing like physical activity to turn your Aries guy on, trust me! 

3. Play Hard To Get

Do you really want him to ask you out? Play hard to get. Make him run after you, let him do the work

Aries men love a challenge and if you not presenting enough of one, he might lose interest. Playing hard to get means that you could hint how busy you are, or how many dates you’ve got going on, for example. You want to communicate that you are in high demand and not easy to have. 

Hold yourself slightly out of his reach, whilst still flirting with him and looking sexy. It won’t be long before his impatience wins out and he’s wanting to go on a date with you! 

4. Let Him Take The Lead

Tips To Get An Aries Man To Ask You Out On A Date

Being into an Aries man means that you’ve got to step aside and swallow your urge to take control of the situation. He’s got to be the leader in this game, not you! That could be tough if you are used to being that woman, but it’s worth it! 

The truth is, when you let him lead, he feels more like a man, and you feel feminine. Plus, you will never have to wait too long. This is one man that gets down to business, and of he wants you, he will make sure he gets you. 

5. Flirt Like Crazy!

Happy Woman Flirting With An Aries Man

You can use the best of your feminine skills to get him to ask you on a date – just flirt with him. Do all the classic things – toss your hair, bite your lip, touch his arm, laugh at his jokes, and praise his achievements. 

Aries men are the types that fall for feminine tricks, hook, line and sinker! They have a very strong ego that just loves to be stroked, and they adore being made the center of attention. When you stroke his ego like this, a date will be following very soon – you can bet on it.

6. Talk About All The Adventures You’d Like To Have

The Aries man’s weak point in life is his love for adventure – that’s his strong point, too! The slightest hint of something exciting will practically have him jumping up and down in impatient excitement.

When you talk about all the adventures you’d like to have – for example, climbing Kilimanjaro, tackling a White River Rafting experience, or a shark cage diving day, he will look at you as if you are a Goddess – his perfect woman! 

Of course, you can tone it down, like saying how you’ve always loved the idea of learning to shoot, or ride a horse. It’s up to you how far you want to go! Whatever it is, his ears will perk up and his mind will get racing. Then, you can sit back and wait (and it won’t be long before he asks you out!).

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7. Make Sure He Knows You Are In Demand!

Finally, to get an Aries man to ask you on a date, he has to think that there’s a lot of competition for you. This is because his most basic, primal instinct is to win a challenge, no matter the price. Ruled by Mars, the planet of War, makes him someone who just loves a little battle! 

However you do it, just make sure he knows that there are other men who want you. Send yourself flowers. Post pictures online of you going on dates. Make sure he’s around when you get a “phone call” from someone (ask your bestie to call you and pretend). 

When he thinks he has to win you from another man, his engine will go into full throttle, and he’ll practically be bashing the door down trying to get you to go on a date with him! 

What do you think? Have any of these tips worked for you and your Aries fella? Do you have anything you’d like to add? I love hearing your stories and advice, so go ahead and post your experiences in the comments box below. It’s all anonymous!

For more on how to win – and keep – the heart of these passionate and loving signs, check out my Aries Man Secrets book right here. 

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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