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How To Tell If Your Aries Man Is Lying: 5 Things To Look For

Often times, I get women who write to me and aren’t sure if their Aries man is being truthful with them or if he’s doing things he shouldn’t be. Here are some sure-fire ways to figure out how to tell if your Aries man is lying to you or not.

He keeps “working” late

Unlike Taurus, Aries isn’t much of a workaholic. He’ll do what he has to in order to pay the bills but he’s not gung-ho about working when it’s not necessary. Therefore working late may be an excuse.

If he does this every once in awhile, it could be the truth. However, if he starts using this as a frequent excuse, you’ll need to refer to the other steps in this article to see if there are other things going on.

No need to mistrust him unless he actually does present other symptoms that seem to make it point to a possible infidelity or just lying. Sometimes men make up lies to have time to themselves.

Other times it’s your worst fear and they’re stepping out with another woman. You’ve got to figure out which is which though before you go accusing him of anything.

Takes a shower immediately upon arriving home

how to tell if your Aries man is lying

Don’t get me wrong, many men want to take a shower and wash “work” off the when they arrive home. However, if it’s not a NORMAL habit of his, you’ll be curious as to why he wants to clean off right away.

Unless he’s working in a slaughterhouse or some other smelly job, there is no real rush to get to shower. Again, if he does this normally then it’s his routine. If he starts doing this out of nowhere, there may be something else going on.

Perhaps he went somewhere he shouldn’t have and doesn’t want you to smell it on him. Maybe he quit smoking but secretly started up again so he wants to wash the smoke smell off him quickly.

Maybe he was supposed to quit drinking but was at the bar so he figures if he cleans up, you won’t notice. There is a variety of reasons but all of them point to a lie unless it’s his regular routine.

Changes clothes quickly

This is another tactic to keep you from smelling him for whatever reason that may be. Maybe it was another woman, perfume, cigarettes, alcohol, or a few other possibilities.

If you find that he’s changing clothes as soon as he gets home and doesn’t seem to have a really good reason, something may be going on. It may be worth it to go smell his clothes while he’s in the shower.

Of course, if he has always done this since you’ve known him, it may not be cause for concern, unless of course you’re his side chic and aren’t aware of it. It’s best to look for all the signs that you can to see if there are other shady things happening.

When you add up enough “red flags” you can definitely tell something isn’t right and your man is likely lying to you about cheating or doing other things he shouldn’t be doing.

Changes the subject to redirect conversation

how to tell if your Aries man is lying

Imagine that you start trying to talk about where he was or why he worked late and he changes the subject talking about the car. Something is going on otherwise he’d talk to you about the truth.

If you catch him constantly trying to change the subject when you ask him important and valid questions, he’s trying to hide something and you’ll need to go ahead and ask him for the truth.

Aries are typically brutal with the truth when asked for it but that’s only if he hasn’t really done anything wrong. If he has, he will absolutely back peddle, turn the tables on you, or change the subject.

Be very aware of how your Aries man communicates as it will be very important when trying to figure out if he’s lying to you about something that he really shouldn’t be.

There are some that have a natural talent for making it your problem, not theirs. In fact, some of them are narcissists. This would mean that they are never at fault but you are. Be careful!

Cannot make eye contact

If your Aries man is being asked questions by you or anyone else that he isn’t comfortable answering, he will be unable to make eye contact. He will look and then quickly dart somewhere else with his eyes.

This is probably one of the most important tools in asking your Aries man for the truth. Look into his eyes and ask him your question. If he cannot keep looking you in the eye, he’s keeping something from you.

Unless he has some sort of disorder that makes him unable to fully make eye contact, he really has no excuse. Seeing him looking around the room and unable to look straight at you, is a big red flag of guilt.

The guilt he feels from whatever he has been doing will hit him and he knows what will happen if he tells you the truth. He will look everywhere else, he’ll rub his head or his eyes, or he’ll close his eyes.

Whatever he does that distracts the fact that he’s not able to look you in the eyes is proof he’s hiding something. Whatever that may be is something you’ll have to figure out. Hopefully, you can get that information out of him.

Of course, if you are unable to then you may have to accept defeat in knowing that he’s being unfaithful or untruthful. Ask yourself if that’s something you can live with.

Click here to find out more about what habits the Aries man has. It may help you figure out what you can and cannot accept about him. Perhaps it’s not really too bad though it may seem like it at the time.

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