Why are Aries Men So Incredibly Sexy? 5 Qualities Women Find Hot

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you inexplicably turned on by an Aries man and wondering why you are so drawn in to him? Find out why are Aries men so incredibly sexy.

Are you inexplicably turned on by an Aries man and wondering why you are so drawn in to him? Perhaps you’ve never been with an Aries man and are interested in finding one. Here are some things to help explain why are Aries men so incredibly sexy.

1. Forever Youthful

The Aries man; no matter his age; always seems to appear young. This is because he’s young at heart. This air about him makes his outer self reflect his inner self. He will eternally be a young man.

This confidence and feeling of being able to conquer the world makes them look incredibly sexy to us women. He will always have a frame of mind that will reflect that age is just a number.

He is vibrant, active, and desired by many women due to his allure. The Aries men are often very easy to look at with the eyes. They will be one of the most attractive men in a room anywhere you go.

You can feel their energy just drawing you in as they are also very social guys. They like to take part in whatever they can that helps them maintain a nice connection with people.

2. Very Active & Fit

why are Aries men so incredibly sexy

One of the many reasons an Aries man is typically very attractive is that he will typically be in good shape. He likes to be active and he likes to make sure his body reflects how awesome he is.

Aries men can have a bit of an ego but if you look at them; it’s easy to see why they would feel this way. They take pride in what they look like and want to appeal to others.

He will often take part in sports or working out at the gym. Whatever he does; he wants to look his absolute best. Being active makes him feel happy and alive. He’ll often look for a partner that reflects the same ideas.

With Mars being the ruler of Aries; he is prompted to stay as active as possible. This is part of what keeps him young. The more he’s active, the healthier he is and looks thus attracting us women to them.

3. Their Manly Demeanor

The Aries man is a very typical type of guy. He’s the MANLY guy that wants to protect his lady love or anyone they really care about. He’s not one to let anyone hurt anyone he cares for without consequence.

He’s the type of guy that will appear as macho as it gets. He has muscles and physique so he’s going to show them off but in a way that a man should which will appeal very much to ladies.

He sometimes can act a bit like a pig but; somehow women find it endearing or sexy because it’s just so manly. Though eventually the woman may get tired of it and tell him to knock it off.

At first its super erotic to have a man grab you and take you to the bedroom to make mad passionate love to you. After so many years; you may decide you want to be romanced more first.

4. Sex Appeal

Aries men have this sexual energy about them that is just so hard to ignore. Wherever they are, eyes are on them. They draw much attention to themselves without putting in too much effort.

They ooze sex appeal and thus making women fawn all over them. They’re like a magnet honestly. In this way; they are much like the Scorpio men. They naturally have what it takes to draw in potential partners.

If you’re looking for an Alpha male that will take control of the things that need handling; this is your guy. He will never let anyone hurt you. He will always show you physical appreciation.

He will always do what he has to in order to make sure you are sexually pleased with him. So he’s not just about looks; he’s about making you hot and heavy for him in every possible way.

5. Self Confident

why are Aries men so incredibly sexy

As an Alpha male; he’s also very self confident. He knows that what he says; he means. What he does; he also means. He is aware that he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to.

He’s also self aware with his ability to attract women. This is why he’s often seen dressed very well no matter what style he’s got. He’s also likely to wear divinely delicious cologne that will draw anyone in.

He will stand up straight and carry himself very well. The Aries man is the type you look at and you just want to be with. As with any human being; he will have some insecurity. His weakness is emotions.

However; the more he knows about himself and what he needs to maintain a fantastic love life or relationship; he’ll do what it takes to keep things moving forward in a positive relationship.

His self awareness at times; can be a bit irritating. However; it’s also what makes women so incredibly drawn into his world. We as women are genetically drawn to the stronger men. Alpha men are the ones that women want to mate with.

Historically they make a better genetic match since they are Alpha males. This is a natural occurrence in human as it is in animal nature. So this will absolutely be like attractive cologne to us.

Aries men are very sexually attractive and it’s no wonder that we cannot seem to resist their essence, their beauty, and they definitely leave us in awe. Once we get to know them; it’s even more of a turn on when he’s able to take control.

I don’t mean control as in being unhealthy and telling you what to do. That would be something entirely different. I mean as in doing what a man should be doing to provide for his partner, wife, and mother of his children.

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