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How To Lose an Aries Guy In 10 Days

If you’ve ever wondered how to lose an Aries guy you no longer want in your life, but you’ve never come up with the ideal strategy, this is the right set of instructions for you. So, let’s see how you can lose an Aries guy in just ten days.

Keep Up with the Family Values

There is nothing wrong with Aries men and family values, but there is everything wrong with the fire of the Aries and the water of a Cancer sign in astrology. And if you truly want to lose him as soon as possible, start from the day one to act like there are some invisible, but extremely powerful ropes are holding you tied to the house, family, and especially your mother.

Start from day one by calling your mother every day several times and inquiring about her health problems, what’s going on with all of your relatives and talk about the cooking and cleaning. Do this as soon as he gets home and while he is still very tired and exhausted from his “fighting time frame” from work.

If you don’t already live together, then use your dates to make the urgent calls and talk, talk and talk, with your retired aunts, uncles and grandparents about their rheumatology issues, gardening and again cooking.

While you are discussing all of these crucially important matters, don’t pay any attention to him and for heaven’s sake, don’t show that you respect his presence at all. This will have the instant “slapping an Aries’s ego” effect.

No drama, No Excitement

Lose an Aries Guy

The fifth house of love, joy, and talents for the sign of Aries is placed in the sign of Leo and Aries guy loves when his woman shows genuine excitement and truly enjoys life. Now, let’s turn this information upside-down to serve your purpose of fast dumping.

Whatever happens and whenever he proposes some activity, you should be cool as the refrigerator and seal it with one simple word, and this is: “Fine.” Do it as you have just watched the mass murder report on TV and don’t put any effort in your voice. It should sound like a machine, a very tired machine.

Cancel, Cancel and Cancel

If he has some ideas about dating, like going to some short trips, to the gym, to the beach, in nature or anywhere he thinks it will make you pleasured, remember to seal this deal with your deadly “fine.”

A few hours before the actual activity happens, cancel the agreement by telling him you have a headache, feeling low (this will annoy him). Or tell him that you forgot you promised to call your mother (aunt or grandmother) and talk to her about her urgent snails in the garden, cookie recipe or her bad back problems (this will frustrate him the most).

The Outer Shine

You know how the men are in general terms. Yes, they all love the girls with great personalities, but they will pay attention to their appearance the most in the beginning phases of their relationships. So, you shouldn’t be the exception of this “counter-rule.”

You should wear makeup because there is a chance he might like the clean look more. Therefore, you should have your makeup, but you should make it way heavier than usual and, of course, way messier.

Imagine doing your makeup for the drag queen competition, but with your eyes closed and with the hand you don’t usually use. Then after you have done this magnificent work of abstract art, you have to splash some water all over your face, so that the eyeliner lines get that blurry finishing touch. Now, you are ready for him.

It’s All About Fashion 

Lose an Aries Guy

And make sure that he will see you like that in the next ten days of your secret battle wearing the matching bathrobe although you will avoid taking a bath at all costs. If you can add the cigarette in one, and the half empty bottle of some spirit in your other hand, then consider this sitcom episode completely done.

No, no, you don’t need to drink any alcohol while you are implementing this strategy; you need to look like an alcoholic as close as possible. As said, you don’t need to drink, and yes, you need your mind clear and in the operational mode all the time, but you need to smell like the alcoholic, so don’t be shy and freely spill some amounts from that bottle on your bathrobe.

In any case, it will keep the bacteria away from you. Having in mind that the Aries man has the short attention span, those techniques will work out perfectly well after just a few days, and you won’t even have to wait until day 10. He won’t talk much, and he won’t even try to get your explanation about the sudden changes.


Your sloppy and smelly appearance, lack of any particle of energy and strong bond with your mother (aunt or grandmother) resolving and endlessly discussing their big and massively important problems will make such an effect on him that you won’t even hear the explanation why is he leaving, he will just pack his bags and go, or stop calling for good.

How did you lose an Aries guy in 10 days?

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “How To Lose an Aries Guy In 10 Days

  1. Well that’s funny. Mine keeps canceling on me on the very last minute over some aunt bday or some friend that showed up.
    Now that I finally called on him, he’s not answering me nor texting me back.

    1. Hi Dee!

      Well it sounds like your Aries guy is a bit of a flake then. I wonder what his moon sign is that causes him to be a bit more off kilter than the typical Aries. Him not making time for you shows that he’s not really that invested. His lack of response to your call is also another sign that he’s not invested enough. I’m sorry honey. I think you can probably find someone better who will give you time and attention. Keep looking, the right one is out there!

  2. I come from a conservative family, so I always have to put them first. Although we were really a good match, we just had no time for each other.

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