How To React When An Aries Man Goes Silent

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you currently experiencing an Aries man silent treatment? Use these proven tips when an Aries man goes silent (trust me, it always works).

Hello, my lovelies! The Aries man silent treatment is so painful and confusing, when he does this, it can feel like your whole world is coming crashing down. Trust me, I have been there so many times, I really know how this can feel.

When an Aries man goes silent, it may feel like the only way you can respond is by giving him the same kind of energy. However, ignoring an Aries man doesn’t always work and may even make the situation worse.

Playing fire with this fire Zodiac sign isn’t always the best approach to take as it often leads to you just spiting yourself more. Navigating relationships is never easy, and it is even worse when an Aries man goes silent and you don’t know what he is thinking.

Luckily, with all my years of study in Astrology and personal experience, I have some advice on how to react when an Aries man goes silent.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the Aries man silent treatment and what you can do about it.

What It Means When An Aries Man Goes Silent…

When an Aries man goes silent, it may happen for a variety of reasons. These guys are known for their independent and fiery nature, which means that they often need space and time to process their emotions.

They may go silent because they feel overwhelmed or in need of alone time to recharge. It is so important for them to express their independence and feel like they have the freedom to do what they want and to act totally independently without feeling tied down or controlled.

Additionally, an Aries man may go silent if he is feeling hurt or angry. Perhaps the two of you had a disagreement or a misunderstanding that has left him feeling upset.

He has a fiery disposition and he feels negative emotions quite intensely, so he may choose to withdraw and go silent as a way to process his feelings and protect himself from saying or doing something impulsively.

Another reason an Aries man may stop talking to you, is if he feels overwhelmed by stress or pressure. He may need time to focus on himself and his own responsibilities without the added stress of a relationship. He basically needs to retreat back into his man cave and recharge his energy.

How To React To An Aries Man Silent Treatment

When faced with an Aries man’s silence, it is important to give him the space and independence he needs. Avoid trying to force him to talk or pushing him into a confrontation.

It is important that you approach the situation with maturity and try to understand his need for space. It isn’t always personal, so it is important that you don’t take everything to heart and make it about you.

Instead, focus on taking care of yourself and your own emotions during this time. Engage in self-care activities, spend time with friends, or pursue hobbies that make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Try to see what you can learn from his silence, and use that time to reflect on the relationship and your own needs. Communicate with him calmly and respectfully when he is ready to talk.

Remember, an Aries man values directness and honesty, so be open about how his silence made you feel, but avoid blaming or attacking him. Instead, express your desire to understand and support him while also asserting your own needs for communication and emotional connection in the relationship.

You can be supportive by letting him know that you are there for him whenever he is ready to talk, while also respecting his need for space and independence. This will make him feel safe and make him understand that you are understanding and willing to give him the time he needs.

By giving him the space and understanding he needs, you are allowing him to process his emotions and come back to the relationship with a clearer mind.

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Does Ignoring An Aries Man Work?

When you ignore an Aries man it might blow up in your face as it is very possible that he might read this as a rejection on your part. This could lead to him feeling hurt, angry, or even retaliating by completely cutting off communication.

I know that it might feel like you need to do this to get his attention or make him realize what he’s missing, but unfortunately, ignoring an Aries man is not an effective strategy.

It might just make him feel more angry and resentful, causing further distance in the relationship. If you have a misunderstanding with an Aries man, you might want to talk to him because this is what happens when you ignore an Aries man:

He Gets Angry

For an Aries man, the silent treatment is one of the worst punishments you can give because this zodiac sign hates being ignored. He may feel disrespected or rejected, which can trigger his fiery and impulsive nature. He may respond with aggression or lashing out, leading to further conflict in the relationship.

An angry Aries man can be quite a scary sight to see, as his passion and intensity can be overwhelming. When he gets angry it can lead to a lot of fighting and aggression, and may even result in the end of the relationship if not addressed properly.

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He Feels Confused and Insecure

When you ignore an Aries man, he may start to feel confused and insecure. He may wonder why you are suddenly distant and question his worth in the relationship. He might start doubting whether you still care about him or if there’s something wrong with the relationship.

It might make him feel like you are stepping out of the relationship and seeking attention elsewhere, leading to feelings of jealousy and mistrust. Ignoring an Aries man can create confusion and insecurity, potentially damaging the relationship further.

He Pulls Away Even More

When an Aries man is ignored, he may feel a need to protect himself and his ego. This can cause him to pull away even more, creating a larger emotional distance in the relationship. He may become even more silent and withdrawn, making it difficult for you to communicate and resolve any issues.

This is a protective mechanism for him, as he tries to shield himself from potential hurt or rejection. He is not used to feeling like this, so it can be quite tough for him to be in this position where he feels ignored and shut out.

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He Resents You

When an Aries man is consistently ignored, he may start to resent you. He might come to learn that you are quite immature and lack skills in communicating in a healthy and respectful manner.

This resentment can lead to even more problems in your relationship as he is likely to feel like he can’t trust you or rely on you to be a solid and stable partner in his life. This can lead to a lot more troubles down the line.

He Wants To End Things

If an Aries man goes silent and feels consistently ignored, he may reach a point where he wants to end the relationship. He may feel that he deserves better and that he shouldn’t have to continually fight for attention and affection.

This is why you might be spiting yourself if you keep choosing to ignore him when troubles come up in your relationship. Ignoring an Aries man when he goes silent can lead to feelings of confusion, insecurity, and resentment.

He might just need some space, but you retaliating with silence or ignoring him further can push him to the breaking point and result in him wanting to end things altogether.

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What Happens When You Block An Aries Man?

Aries men are so full of themselves that they need other people’s attention to make them feel fully validated in their lives. The last thing you want to do is ignore him.

This could be particularly tricky if you’re angry with him but want to avoid confrontation. At best, you should just tell him you need time to think and that you’re not ignoring him.

tyle=”font-weight: 400;”>Silent treatment will not work with an Aries man. He’ll decide you just don’t care enough about him and decide to break it off. He’s like a toddler that keeps calling your name while you’re trying to talk on the phone.

He needs attention and affection from his lady love. If he doesn’t get it from you, he’ll seek it elsewhere which can either mean cheating or it can result in him calling things off with you.

While he loves a good chase, if you put him off for too long, he’ll see this as you ignoring him. While it’s ok for you to make him wait an hour or two before you respond to his text, don’t go beyond that!

He will absolutely think you’re up to something or that you’re not that into him. This is why blocking him or giving him the silent treatment can be detrimental to your relationship with an Aries man.

Ignoring An Aries Man After A Breakup — Will He Come Back If You Ignore Him?

It is not often that an Aries man falls in love on a deep emotional level with a woman. Yes, he has many flings and intense connections, but it takes a very special woman to make the Aries man fall in love. 

Ignoring an Aries man after a breakup may create a sense of rejection and hurt for him. So you need to tread carefully and consider the potential consequences. If you are trying to win him back, then space is definitely a good thing, but only if you do this for your own healing and personal growth, not as a manipulative tactic.

The only way to answer this question is to know how much of an impact you have had on your Aries man. Was it quite a serious relationship? Or was it something more casual? If it was serious then he will never forget you and there is a chance that he will come back. 

However, if the relationship was more casual, there is a higher likelihood that he may move on and not come back. He is the type of guy to know when to move on and pursue new adventures and connections.

He is definitely not the sentimental type who dwells on past relationships for too long. It really just depends on the connection the two of you shared and how special it felt to you both.

Just remember, Aries men need a lot of sex and you might just hear from him one night when he is feeling lonely and horny. But this will only be for physical intimacy, and probably nothing more.

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No More Sleepless Nights About Your Aries Man…

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As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that.

But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him. Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

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Sending you love and light,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach x

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8 thoughts on “How To React When An Aries Man Goes Silent

  1. You are spot on about Aries men.
    Sad to say it but i have been with one for six years and i cant take it anymore. Im out . He is horrible sad to say.
    He was the biggest mistake of my life.
    Massive head and mind games. Im tired of being made to feel inferior in every aspect of our relationship.
    He also lies and cheats. Not the man i want anymore

    1. Hi Shannon!

      I’m sorry you had a souring experience with an Aries man. Fortunately, they are not all like the one you tangled with. Many Aries men are very loyal and truthful. I wonder if he had a moon sign or rising sign that made him more willing to do the wrong thing. Just know that you shouldn’t close your door to the whole entire sun sign due to one bad seed. Some Aries men are wonderful and some are not. That’s par for the course for any man of any sign. Wish you well on your search darling!

  2. True,but nobody besides a Libra or Aquarius probably can play these mind games and convince him that something is his idea in a nice way.

    I have a child and even with my own child I’m direct,I would feel horrible to manipulate a mind in a way,sure my Libra friend she is a master at this,she took years to convince me that this or that might be better,it’s cute but scary. When I confront her about it(i was thankful she had the patience with me),she explained me as long it could be for the benefits of someone it might not be that bad to do it,that was so cute.I admire her tact.

    I’m Taurus, with Venus in Aries mars in Gemini, and all over my chart I’m way,but way too fire dominant(all 3 Aries Leo Sagittarius are strong including the houses even)next to it it’s air(Gemini and Aquarius) and earth (Capricorn even Oof) so I heard many times I might be good as a drill sergeant or so(funny tho). So definitely far from telling someone nicely that something is his or her idea,maybe I am too dumb but I wouldn’t know how to do this. But I would love to since this doesn’t scare an Aries off. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The Aries I know is very insecure and I rather don’t talk with him to not push him away.Plus I love having time for myself and he get’s that wrong…

    He already called me out,said I am verbally abusive even,and my friends say I’m a fire spitting angel(yea the Gemini mars is strong)

    I told him we don’t fit,but that makes him chase me more,what’s even a turn off for me since that looks utterly childish,and then I start to spit fire !!! He said multiple times in an angry way that no one ever made him feel so bad as I do,when I don’t even wanna,I compliment him and we share the same hobbies and I try to push him and cheer him. It’s not enough for him.

    I don’t trust him, i don’t react to his demands that’s coming from being pushed or call it what you want,he seems so vague and unsure that’s why I can’t trust him. He’s lacking tact,and needs way too much reassurance from his friends,even when he knows he was wrong. I just wished him to be the strong man he is,with or without me but I guess he hates me for that.

    I feel sorry for Aries guy,they are truly lonely warriors. In general I feel sorry for mars and venus types.
    If someone tells me we don’t fit I would never think of chasing that person,but that’s the first that’s coming into his mind.
    I even hope he will find another love/fling so he will stop coming on so strong at me,sure I would love to have him in my life(taurus obsession here lol) but only if he and I are in peace,since we share so many hobbies and we get along well as long it’s not about who’s the boss.

    We are friends,no sex involved,it’s his vagueness and thin skin that turns me totally off…and I’m so not down for his demands.
    He turned disrespectful for 3 times now I was astonished by his true colors,so I might shut off totally now.

    I get along with Aquarius and Libra so much better,Sagittarius too since they are direct and even blunt what’s funny.

    But I’ll keep an eye on that hint in this article.

    To say something in a delicate way or suggest him it was his plan anyway…It’s something I should involve in my life now and then to not come over as too strong or too stubborn 🙂 🙂 Thanks ya

    1. Hi Ella! It seems you’re seeking a bit more help than I can give you in just a mere comment. Perhaps you should try purchasing my book “Aries Man Secrets” so you can receive a free VIP consultation so I can better help you. There is a lot to be learned about Aries and you need to keep in mind that they are not all the same as they will have different aspects in their charts that will weigh out who they are personally, how they act, and what they want. Again, if you’d be interested in learning more about Aries man instead of just what is in one article, I’d be happy to help you out. Take a look at my book “Aries man Secrets” at I do have books on those other signs you mentioned as well if you’re more interested in those. You choose.

  3. I am on off involved with Aries man. I am a Scorpio…we have so much potential here. Unfortunately I always feel second in his life. I get that, but why play me? That’s what I don’t get. We are both mature people not much over 50 yrs. he keeps saying to me ‘ one day I’ll sort myself out and we will be together ‘ but this is definitely wearing thin.
    He tells me to be patient. Hmmmm
    How long is a piece of string?

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Aries men do tend to consider themselves to be priority. That’s a flaw of theirs. He should be making you feel more of a priority though than what he does. I would say that you should give a time limit to him but not tell him you did. Write it down on your calendar of when you will move on if he doesn’t get it together. When that time comes, you ask him again what the deal is and if he gives you a hoaky answer like this one then you will have to just drop him so you can move on and find someone who wants to be with you. It’s up to you sweetheart. Do what feels right to your inner voice.

  4. I think i screwed up with my potential aries man….he has issues….he was coming to spend the weekend with me , and would be travelling by train, this worried me, we’re in the midst of a pandemic and i was concerned about his use of public transport….so i ordered a cab to pick him up, i was going to pick up the bill..he didn’t react well, and consewuently didn’t come…imy mistske was i told him i’ve ordered a cab to pick you up, i really should have run it by him first, suggesting it, rather than telling him….he now ignores my calls and texts…..will he forgive and can we get back on track…..he was so keen to meet up and spend time wity me, up until that point……his moon sign is libra…

    1. Hi Nicola!

      I don’t think this is something you cannot work past. Aries men don’t like women paying for them. That is very true. However, if you simply tell him that you were just trying to be considerate, he may actually forget it and get back on track with you honey. Give it a try. Explain. That’s all you can do. If you want to learn more about Aries man, please check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

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