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How To Tell If There’s A Future With Your Aries Man

Aries is the ultimate man’s man, who likes to think of himself as kicking ass and taking names… often to those around him he just comes off as a player and an annoyance. This is because an Aries is a lot of energy and a lot to handle for anyone. 

Don’t give up yet though, because I’ve seen Aries be totally committed and dedicated to their partner. It definitely is not impossible. And when you have secured the loyalty of an Aries then you have nothing on Earth to be afraid of. 

But how can you tell if you have one of the elusive evolved Aries men? I have some fool-proof tips to recognize if your Aries man is the type of man who can handle something long term, solid, and loving. 

If you want to know if your Aries is in it for the long haul then keep reading to get all of the details I have to offer!

He Talks About The Future He Sees With You

An Aries man is absolutely nothing if not direct and to the point. If he sees a future with you, then he’s going to be the first one to say that!

Aries tend to live in the moment, so if something about you is prompting them to think about the future with you then you know you’ve made a solid impact on them.

You may not find an Aries making future plans in the sense of numbering out the order of events he sees in order of occurrence necessarily… the Aries mind is far too impulsive for that. 

However, you may notice phrases like: “babe, we HAVE to do that together sometime,” “You know, one day we should go there,” or similar things. These are impulsive and spur of the moment statements, but either way it indicates that he wants to be impulsive and spur of the moment with you.

Make sure to feed into this and throw in some ideas for your future yourself! Watch how he reacts when it’s your idea to see if it’s truly what he wants. 

He Asks You To Tag Along On Adventures

Is There A Future With An Aries Man

An Aries is ruled by the wild and forceful Mars, and Mars ruled people can rarely sit still and always need some new sort of stimulation to feel alive. This is why you’ll see athletes and adventurers that are Aries. 

He is highly inclined to impromptu journeys and little missions of his own creation. He can handle doing everything that he wants to do alone since partnership isn’t a necessity for an Aries to be happy. 

Now, if he’s still inviting you to try out his latest schemes with him then you should feel honored, because he doesn’t need you to come along to have fun, he wants you to be there. 

This is a sign that he is truly partnering up with you in his own mind. An Aries is not one to be disingenuous in thought, speech, or action. His whole existence is his truth. 

This is why it’s safe to assume he sees a future with you if he’s incorporating you into activities that he doesn’t strictly ‘need’ you there for. 

He Wants To Try New Things In The Bedroom

Aries Man Wants To Try New Things In The Bedroom

This one is a huge sign that he wants this relationship to be his one and only and totally sustainable. To an Aries, his sex life is far more important to him than it is to all other signs (besides Scorpio, who is also traditionally ruled by Mars). 

An Aries who brings up what he wants in bed and asks what you want is truly committing. To be honest, an Aries who isn’t serious about the relationship will simply seek out a quantity of sex partners rather than the quality of sex partners. 

If he’s working to perfect the sex life between the two of you then take this as a sign that he wants the sex between the two of you to fulfill all of his (rather voracious) needs, rather than incorporating others into his sexual escapades. 

Accommodate to your comfort level of course, but make sure you’re sharing your own input! An Aries will put in extra work if he sees that you have a special fantasy. Not to mention, seeing you get turned on turns him on BIG time. 

He’s Defensive Of You

Aries is ruled by the planet of war, and so he tends to view the world as a “me against you” scenario, but he’ll die for the people who have proven their loyalty to him. 

If you have proven to him that you’re firmly on his side then you will find yourself to have your own personal guardian angel in the form of an Aries man. He’ll go above and beyond to protect you from all evil. 

And even if the situation isn’t that dire, he’ll still get stirred up if you’re threatened in any way. Even if you come home complaining about a coworker who is gossiping about you, you may see him begin flaring nostrils and getting hot in his cheeks. He simply doesn’t deal well with attacks on his loved ones!

If you notice that he gets emotionally aroused when you are under any type of real or perceived threat then you know that this Aries considers you to be a member of his team and as such, you’re in a coveted spot because he’ll go to the ends of the Earth to keep you safe and defend you

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He Tries To Open Up Emotionally 

An Aries man isn’t what you’d call ‘tender.’ Rather, he is often pretty coarse and abrasive, because he has no filter whatsoever in most cases. Hey, no one said partnering with a manly man was painless!

An Aries is honest about his intentions, but being ruled by a planet of war and defense, he has some high walls up lest the enemy (or perceived enemies) try to invade. 

It’s a hard thing for him to do but if you stick around long enough and prove that you’re not out to hurt him then he may just relax long enough to get vulnerable with you. 

When he opens up I have only one piece of advice… do NOT make him regret it! Not only will it be hard for him to trust you again, but he may not even try to open up to people in general again. 

Are you dating an Aries man? What makes you think that this one is the real deal? You got to let us know down below in the comments!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “How To Tell If There’s A Future With Your Aries Man

  1. Yes I think my Aries man is the one for me but at the moment he has alot on his plate an is confused for me I think he is a bit scared of commitment only because he’s lost a ex partner she had cancer an I think he still blames himself for her death but when me an him do get together it’s like we can’t bear been away from one another he’s not very truth for he’s trying to get out of a toxic relationship he’s a player but under all that I see something more deeper an that’s what draws us together we have a connection that even I can’t explain

    1. Hi Nan!

      Please be careful with yourself sweetheart. If he was in a toxic relationship then this can carry over and cause destruction for him with other relationships. He might not be able to take love seriously until he unburdens himself and heals first. You keep taking care of yourself so you stay healthy yourself. I wish you all the best!

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