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10 Reasons to Fall in Love With an Irresistible Aries Man

 Aries is one of those signs that makes women just go weak at the knees! This fire sign is one of the Zodiac’s greatest catches, and these ten qualities of Aries men are the reason why.

Men ruled by Venus and Mars are often the most swoon-worthy guys—and Aries is high on the list!

In Astrology, Venus and Mars are the planets of love and desire. Venus is romantic, affectionate, and connected, and Mars is lustful and passionate. Venus rules Taurus and Libra men (who tend to be attractive and loving), and Mars rules Scorpio and, yep, Aries.

Sure, he’s not for everyone. Some women find him too aggressive, impatient, or volatile. But for those who mesh well with Aries, they really click. 

So why is the Aries man so completely irresistible and magnetic? 

Before we explore the top 10 reasons to love an Aries, I want you to know that my list is here to help you understand your attraction and get into the mind of Aries men. If you’re looking for ways to get him to take notice of you, or if you’re having issues with your Aries man, remember to check out the rest of my blog. 

10 Reasons to Fall in Love With an Irresistible Aries Man

1. He’s A True Knight in Shining Armor

Aries Man Reasons To Fall In Love With Him

If the Aries man had to assume a fairy tale identity or an alter-ego, it would definitely be a knight in shining armor or a superhero.

Aries men love, love, love playing the hero. They want to rescue you from a burning building, save the world, and look good doing it! 

Ladies who love playing the damsel will especially connect with this side of an Aries man. He doesn’t much like girls who are overly weak and needy; he likes rescuing you when you’re trying to rescue yourself.

So go ahead—find something he can rescue you from! This dynamic is fun to explore with low-stakes “missions,” like letting him escort you home or help you change a flat. He’ll lap it up! This is his opportunity to show you how brave and strong he is.

2. He’s Incredibly Passionate

Aries Man Being Passionate

Aries is a fire sign. And more importantly, he’s a Mars-ruled sign. And Mars-ruled men are passionate to the max! 

This applies to both the physical side and the emotional side. Passion to an Aries means sweeping you up in their arms and telling you just how wonderful you are.

Passion means booking tickets to Paris and going off at the spur of the moment. It means proposing to you out of the blue. It means making you feel special and seen every day. 

This passion is downright intoxicating. Who doesn’t want to be swept off her feet? 

An Aries man never settles for less than magical. He won’t go for a relationship that’s wishy-washy or dull, and he’ll go out of his way to make things exciting! 

3. He’s Crazy About You

When an Aries man likes you—or loves you—he makes it clear. 

He shows you he’s totally crazy about you. An Aries man treats you like a princess, and this is part of the reason why you fall so hard for him. 

The only issue is that an Aries man can blow hot and cold. One moment, he’s practically tripping himself to be near you, and the next he’s completely disinterested. 

However, as long as you don’t chase him down and overwhelm him when he blows cold, he’ll most likely come back. And when he does, it’s usually with even more passion than before. 

It’s special to be adored by an Aries man. I’m sure you appreciate every moment of his love for you! 

4. He’s Completely Loyal

Aries Man Loyal

One thing you can be sure of: an Aries man will always be loyal to you. He’s trustworthy and reliable, even if he’s a ball of chaos. 

However, it takes a long time for an Aries man to develop that sense of loyalty. You may be wondering when it will come, especially your relationship is new. 

Give it time. Aries isn’t fiercely devoted to a brand-new partner. But if you’re patient, the reward will make the wait so worth it!

He shows this same loyalty to his career, his friends, and his family—and his honor is inextricably tied to it. Treasure your loyal Aries man; he’s truly one in a million! 

5. He’s Super-Sexy

Being ruled by Mars, the planet of lust and sexuality, these men usually have a very strong sex appeal and drive. This is partly because they’re quite masculine and partly because they’re also highly driven and often extremely athletic. 

This athleticism may express itself through devotion to a hobby like playing sports, enjoying the outdoors, or working out. If you’re someone who likes to get hot and sweaty, this is an extra-special bonus for you because you’ll always have a gym partner. 

Watch out, though! He is competitive, and he will probably end up trying to “beat” you at any skill. That’s just who he is! 

He carries himself with the confidence of a man who knows without a doubt that he’s capable of anything. And isn’t confidence like that sexy? You bet it is! 

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6. He’ll Be Honest with You

Aries men are totally honest—sometimes brutally so. 

They often suffer from “foot in mouth syndrome,” where they’re prone to truth over tact. Don’t ask him how that dress looks on you unless you really want to know! 

However, his honesty—which is always quite innocent in nature—is refreshing and builds trust. He will always tell you what’s what and won’t ever hide the truth form you. 

Who’s really a hundred percent honest these days? An Aries, that’s who! 

Be prepared for that honesty, and return the favor. An Aries man will never stick around for someone who lies or deceives in any way. This makes for a strong, authentic relationship. 

7. He’s an Achiever 

Aries Man Achiever

Aries men love to succeed. They never give up, and they are always willing to up the stakes and elevate themselves. 

This makes an Aries man an achiever, so if you’re into career men, or at least men who want to go further in life, you found him! The Aries man’s ability to achieve his dreams is second to none. 

He’ll need you to hold down the fort, though. Sometimes, he does overreach, and while he hates being held back, a few well-chosen words of caution here and there will make him come to rely on your for sound advice and wisdom. 

He’ll make you his teammate in his rise to the top! 

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8. He’s Brave and Strong

Most of the women I know love a man who is brave—and bravery doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s never afraid. 

Aries men have plenty of fears, from cockroaches to meeting your mom. But he never hides, and he always faces his fears. An Aries will put himself on the line for you even if he’s afraid. 

He’ll stick up for you, have your back, and blaze a trail for you even when he’s not comfortable. 

Aries men also tend to be strong—if not in body, then in spirit. If he gets knocked down, he gets back up and fights, no matter what. 

9. He’s an Innocent

10 Reasons Why Woman Fall In Love With An Aries Man

Aries is the very first sign in the Zodiac and represented by the infant. And like all babies, he may be self-absorbed, but it’s all very innocent. 

He might step on your toes, but he didn’t mean to, and he’ll let you know he’s sorry.

This innocence, coupled with that little-boy-lost quality, will make you want simultaneously to nurture him and kiss him! He’s much more sensitive than his bravado implies, and he has a very trusting nature that often lands him in trouble. 

Aries men are real innocents at heart—and that can be very endearing. 

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10. He’s Fun-Loving and Spontaneous

Aries’s sense of fun and playfulness is unparalleled. He loves to go out, dance, sing, be in nature, watch a comedy show, travel, and generally have a good time. 

An Aries man is up for anything. Spontaneity is his middle name, and it’s thrilling to go along for the ride. 

It’s not uncommon for him to surprise you with gifts and experiences. You’ll never quite know what to expect. He stays full of passion and childlike enthusiasm—even when life is tough. 

With an Aries man, you’ll often be smiling. Sure, you’ll be frustrated sometimes by his less-than-stellar qualities, but usually, his guileless charm makes up for those. 

Aries men never get old, and it makes them a joy to be around. They keep you young! 

An Aries man has so much to offer. He’ll always treat you like a queen. Be loyal to you. Play with you, spoil you, and be honest with you. He’s reckless, yes, and takes far too many risks, but he needs you (even if he doesn’t like to admit it, just like he never admits when he’s wrong). 

Do you recognize these traits in your Aries man? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! 

If you want to know if you’re compatible with your Aries man, try my fun quiz:

Enjoy every moment with your Warrior! 


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Fall in Love With an Irresistible Aries Man

  1. I have to say you’re very on point with most things I am married to an Aries and he has lied and cheated so that’s wrong that they are loyal and honest can you answer that for me

    1. Hi Kelly Ferrari!

      I’m sorry that your Aries man lied and cheated. That’s not a common thing for Aries men. They hold themselves to high standards. If they do something like this it’s generally something about the way they grew up, past relationships and maybe a sign in their chart that is very strong and dominates them in a way that opens up pandora’s box such as a strong Gemini or Cancer influence. You’d have to have his chart looked at to know for sure. Not all Aries men are like yours.

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