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7 Ways to Blossom a Relationship with an Aries Man into a Full-Fledged Love

Falling for your fiery and passionate Aries fella? Looking for a way to blossom your relationship into a full-fledged love? This can be one of the most loyal and loving signs you can get, but it does take a bit of work to make him all yours! Here’s how to do it: 

Being loved by an Aries man is like standing next to a warm, roaring hearth fire! It feels divine, doesn’t it? There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being desired by this masculine man, and his enthusiasm for you makes you feel like the Queen of the world! 

How do you make it last? How do you take this relationship and blossom it into a full-fledged love? 

It’s not too hard, if you know his Astrology! Aries men have very specific qualities that they like about the women they fall in love with. Qualities such as being a bit of a princess, yet being rough and fun at the same time. Like being independent, yet needing him, too. 

He’s a bit of a contradiction, but the work is worth it! Once the Aries man loves you, he will love you forever. And it’s different from infatuation. Remember, Aries men are fire signs, which can make them fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat. 

Real love takes more time, patience and endurance with him. It means sometimes putting up with him being hot and cold, or absent, or impatient. It means showing you you’re loyal, true and a partner in crime for life! 

Here are some ways to make your relationship the real deal: 

7 Ways to Blossom a Relationship with an Aries Man into a Full-Fledged Love

1. Be Adventurous & Spontaneous!

Ways To Improve A Relationship With Aries Man

One of the most important qualities in the woman he falls in love with is her willingness to be adventurous and spontaneous. A woman who can go on a fun road trip with him or try new things will be his ideal partner! 

It’s especially great when you’re the one offering spontaneity. When you tell him to pack his bags and get ready for a weekend of surprises. This will get his blood pumping for you like nothing else. Or when you suggest you take up surfing together. Or go travelling. You get the idea! 

2. Allow Him To Be The Alpha Male

Here’s the thing ladies – something you should never, ever forget – Aries men are Alpha males. Sure, they are also big babies (which you’ll come to realize), but at the same time, they like to be the ultimate leaders. 

Blossoming your romance into something more will require that you allow him to be that Alpha in your life. Even if you are the kind of girl who likes to be the boss, just try it! Or, channel that bossy energy into your job, not towards him! 

There’s nothing that feels quite as validating to an Aries man as when he gets to be in his pure masculine energy! You might find yourself quite enjoying it – after all, it’s part of what attracted you to him in the first place, right? 

3. Be His Damsel In Distress

How To Improve A Relationship With An Aries Man

Aries men adore a damsel in distress. Or let’s put it this way – he loves when he can act the hero. When your Aries guy was just a little boy, he imagined himself slaying dragons and rescuing princesses! 

This totally translates into his adult life.  Turning your relationship into something more might mean that you need to play his damsel from time to time. For example, asking him to open a jar for you.   Or getting him to fix your tires. Or calling him to walk you home because it’s dark (he will love that one!)

Let your Aries man be your hero. That’s all he wants! 

4. Play Slightly Hard To Get

Being ruled by the planet of desire and lust (Mars), means that Aries men love a challenge. They adore it when a woman plays hard to get, that they have to somehow “win” her. 

However, Aries men also hate to be rejected. So, it’s a special balance that you have to walk if you want to blossom a relationship with him into full-fledged love! You have to somehow be unavailable, yet never push him away totally. 

You’ll get the hang of it. 

5. Let Him Be Independent

An Independent Aries Man

Aries men are super independent. They need their boy’s nights and their hobbies, and if a woman comes in the way of those, he will lose interest. He needs you to let him completely be himself, completely be independent and free to do his thing. 

In fact, never, ever tell him what to do. He will kick back just for the sake of it and resent being treated like a child (even if he is one, sort of!). The golden rule is to just let him do his thing, and carry on with your own life. 

The more independently you behave, the more he will come running after you. This is a guarantee when it comes to the Aries man! 

6. Don’t Panic When He Blows Hot & Cold

You’ll come to realize that your Aries man has a tendency to blow hot and cold. One moment he’s “in love” and the next, he’s seeking adventure on the other side of the world, totally cool and detached. 

The trick to turn this relationship into something more is to never panic when he runs off. He always comes back, at least to the woman he knows doesn’t necessarily need him or gets clingy when he has his moments. 

If he’s cooled down, give it just a few days, sometimes end a few hours. He will come to love that you’re so grounded, stable and calm. The peace of his world! 

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7. Make Him The Center Of Your World

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries men love to be number one in everything. That’s why they are such winners at life – they don’t settle for anything less! 

Aries is also symbolized by the infant – and have you ever seen an infant not want to be the center of your world? Nope. That’s why Aries men need the same treatment.

Ignore him at your peril. Playing hard to get is one thing but making him low on your list of priorities is another! 

If you really want to turn this relationship and blossom it into full-fledged love, it’s advisable to make sure he is the Sun in your solar system, and you are the earth revolving around him. Or at the very least, make him believe it

Do you know an Aries man in your life? Are you dating one right now? How did you turn your relationship into something more? What was the one thing at kept him coming back to you for more? 

I adore hearing from you, and would love if you could post your stories in the comments box below! 

If you’d like to know more about this warrior sign, check out my Aries Man Secrets Book right here.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

11 thoughts on “7 Ways to Blossom a Relationship with an Aries Man into a Full-Fledged Love

  1. Hi Anna
    An Aries man.
    He was the best choose.
    But here’s what happen.
    We both have so much in common. got along very well the first month but he works and had to travel over to Israel for the military. He precedes try to get me to pay for a program on his computer which I refuse to do. He Immediately dropped me and said that I was not a good person I didn’t have his back. so basically I’m not getting why he was like this when we had so much in common. So basically he wrote me a Dear John Letter because I could not conform to his way of doing things. That is the stubborn Aries man that he is. Would like to rekindle this relationship with this man but have not texted him back in over 2 weeks. I Let It Go. Any advice on this or maybe I should say it’s over would appreciate a text back if possible thank you

    1. Hi Kendra F Wilson!

      As stubborn as Aries men can be, it sounds to me like he wanted you to foot the bill for things that were his responsibility. You shouldn’t feel bad for saying no. It’s not your responsibility to take care of his bills. You two are not married. He couldn’t use you so he decided to act like this. It’s probably good that you haven’t messaged him back. You deserve better than this sweetheart. Do what your intuition tells you to do. I wish you all the very best!

  2. Aries men are difficult I was seeing one and he now has blown me off…I thought being nice and kind were good things. He always kept me as an option so now I’m not bothering with him…he cares about him not anyone else. I’m not calling him-its been over 10 days snd he hasn’t made any contact whatever!

    1. Hi Lesley Opheim!

      Yes Aries men can be difficult. I am sorry to hear he’s blown you off and has made you more of an “option”. You need someone who treats you better. Not all Aries men are like this though. I will say this, when they have a softer side with their moon, 4th house or rising sign in their chart, they will be more nurturing and loving. Some of them actually commit 100% as well. Yes, some of them can seem very selfish but some are selfless. You came across a bad seed but please don’t blow off all Aries men because of this one that doesn’t deserve you. Keep your heart open!

  3. thanks ,Anna,i playing by you rules,,,its really awesome. My aries man never say a compliment to me and lots of times not replying to my playful texts,,,bet he reads it a sec when he gets it,and if my messege serious or i asked for hepl or advise,,,he is there for me.I know i can realy on him if i be in truble. We live in different states, but he is closer to me than everybody else. Eadar in a distance he makes my life intresting and exited,,olways surprises me with new ideas.
    Thanks to you,i learn not be too pushy,,,give him a space and when he got cold,,,,i just backing up. He always coming back,and better,,,
    Not shure about his plans for the future,,he probably too,,but we need each other now.
    Can you tell yours opinion.
    He never say anything sweet or compliment me,,,but asking for my pictures evry day,,what i wearing,,,who is my friends,,,where i go.
    I feeling like he is there for me every day.
    Is this can be real?

    1. Hi Virginia Wakeford!

      I am more than happy to hear that the techniques that I suggest have been working well for you. I don’t like it that he’s not giving you compliments though. I’d be asking him “what do you think of my new photo” and see if maybe he says something. Sometimes you have to ask otherwise he may feel like he doesn’t need to. If you aren’t sure what his plans are then ask him. Ask him what he thinks of the two of you and where he sees it going. Don’t be afraid to be bold with him. Somehow Aries men appreciate a woman being bold. They respect you more. Yes, it absolutely be real so go for it!

  4. I can’t believe how dead-on astrology describes my Aries man. I have to say I was already doing things that you suggest but your added info has definitely helped. After a long and patient year and a half I have finally won his heart. I am so happy and now have the knowledge to keep this adventure going. Thank you so much! Keep it coming!!!

    1. Hi Cathi!

      I’m glad that you feel you can identify with the articles sweetheart. I’m also glad that some of the tips have helped you. I am thrilled to hear you won his heart! Wonderful! I do also have the books on Aries Man Secrets that you may want to check out for even more tips!

  5. Hi,I’m know with aries man right now and we’re live in different city.It’s already maybe 4 first,he treated me like i’m the only one and love me.and he always wants sex with me but i don’t want because i want keep it until we’re married.then suddenly he become cold and distant.he still answer my messages until now.but he never call me ‘honey’ again.i think he has bad past with women and think that i will leave him.but i don’t know how to make him back again with me and i say everything what i say.i say i still love him and he still love me or not?when i say about our relationship,he say it is okay.but he really cold and distant.

    1. Hi monkat!

      It sounds like he’s having a difficult time not only being long distance but not being able to be intimate with you. He probably wouldn’t mind as much if you two could at least have time together hugging, kissing, and holding hands. Also he should respect your desire to wait. Show him in other ways your deep care for him. Tell him you love him with all your heart and you look forward to the future you have together. Sending him happy messages that are uplifting. Tell him you want him to be the only man who touches your body. I think you’ll find out his intention in time. You two need to discuss the future together again to keep him focused. I wish you all the very best!

      1. Hi, Anna

        Thanks for your respond. I already try give him what I can do for him, give him present, my time for him. I show him with with words too. then the last time his chat like he wants to leave and don’t have confident for serious relationship. And he really want sex with me and want me naked. but I don’t want to do it and he feels rejected. Now, he feels cold and distant again but still reply my messages with little bit coldness of course,

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