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Why an Aries Man May Not Be Open with His Feelings

Have you been dating an Aries man who isn’t opening up to you very easily? Do you feel like he’s hiding something or just doesn’t trust you? Here are some things you should know in understanding this guy. Find out why an Aries man may not be open with his feelings!

He’s a “Strong” Guy

This means that he isn’t the type of guy that is going to be so forthcoming with his feelings. He doesn’t quite know how to process them very well as it is. He will mull things over for long periods of time.

That being said, if he can’t be honest with himself about his feelings; this could make it hard for him to articulate his feelings about you or to you. Even when there is something on his mind; he feels it’s not manly to open up to you.

It’s not that he thinks less of you; it’s that he feels showing you his feelings will make him weak or vulnerable. Being the alpha male type; he will not want to show any weaker emotion.

So he may not even talk to his friends about whatever it is that is on his mind. It may be about you, it may be about his family, or really anything else under the sun that may upset him.

He has to maintain that macho “I’m strong” image so that he doesn’t feel inferior by anyone. He wants you to think he can handle just about anything that comes his way even if he really cannot.

His Coping Mechanisms

man standing backlight sunset lighting back view summer evening beach lens flare - Why an Aries Man May Not Be Open with His Feelings

Processing his own feelings will be a hard enough process but to let anyone know he’s dealing with it would open up extra questions he’s not yet ready to answer or face for that matter.

He’ll put his feelings on the back burner until he can spend some time alone to process. This is one of the reasons he likes to have time and space of his own even when he’s in a relationship.

It’s not that he wants to be away from you or that you get on his nerves; it’s so he can wrap his mind around anything he may be dealing with. This can even be things that have nothing to do with you.

He may be having issues happening at work that he isn’t sure how he wants to deal with and instead of talking to you to get some ideas; he’ll keep it to himself. Far be it for him to bring problems to your doorstep.

His buddies may not hear anything about it either. He wouldn’t want to seem like a weakling to them. He’ll want them to think he has it all figured out and that his life is just fine.

He’ll go drinking with him and just shoot the breeze about anything except his own life. In this way; he’ll be rather private. He will not even mention he’s dating someone unless she’s someone really special to him.

He May Not Feel Close Enough To You

Another aspect to look at would be how close he actually feels to you. If he isn’t feeling as though you’re someone he can confide in; he may not want to open up to you very easily.

This is something that may come with time but Aries is good at concealing his feelings. When he’s angry, everyone knows it though so watch out! When it comes to softer feelings; he won’t be so clear.

Since he often will not open up even to his closest friends; it will take for him to be really close to you and comfortable for him to want to talk to you about his problems much less ask you for your advice.

While you may have some amazing advice; he’s not going to want to basically put it in your hands as he’s the man and he wants to solve the problem himself. So if your Aries man isn’t opening up to you; you’re not alone.

It’s not very macho to open up to your woman and show her your weakness. Asking for her advice is that much worse. This is very much how many Aries men will think when it comes to talking about their problems or feelings.

If he isn’t feeling as though you’re the woman he wants to settle down with and form a life for the future; he’ll not open up to you about how he feels about anything.

He will need to feel VERY secure in who he is with before he will open up; if at all. He’s a hard nut to crack for sure.

He May Feel Scared You Will Leave

couple thinking and dreaming - Why an Aries Man May Not Be Open with His Feelings

If he does actually feel close to you then he may be afraid to open up to you as you could see him as a lesser man and leave. Again; he sees opening up to someone as a form of weakness.

Baring his soul to you is not something he is able to easily do. Should he do it though; it means he’s in love with you and probably feels you’re the woman he wants to be with for the long haul.

Naturally he’ll be looking for you to give him sound advice and also to lift him up. Admitting his feelings for you will take a lot but once he does; he’ll love you hard as he knows no other way.

He’s very one way or the other. There is no in between with him. If he finally opens up and tells you how he is feeling about you or anything else for that matter; he’s beginning to really trust you.

Take that and build with it. Do everything you can to not discourage him from opening up to you. He wants to feel safe and stable with the woman he will spend his life with.

If he feels he cannot fully open up; he’ll probably end the relationship. What does he want? Click here to find out what he wants in a healthy relationship.

11 thoughts on “Why an Aries Man May Not Be Open with His Feelings

  1. Nice study but still I’m confused at my aries man. I’m a pisces girl and I’m dating him for the past 3 months but I know for more than a year before we decided to get this far. He had been thru a very difficult time and he wasn’t in touch with me then. One final day he texted and said wants to meet, he said he lost his job and shared a few things which wasn’t convincing at all to me for I very strongly believe my intuitions. But decided to listen and stay quiet just not to hurt him. Later ya I still decided to be with him in his difficult phase for I love him so much. I should mention that he did say that he loves me and if he can trust one person it’s me and only me. Out of 3 months courtship I heard him say those magical words only thrice. He never says that all by himself. It’s usually me who says that and he responds. This came a surprise for me (was very happy to hear that). All of a sudden he opens about his problems and it was lil convincing this time still I know he’s hiding his faults. I know he had a quite a few flings as well
    Still I don’t know y I don’t bother about it and I know my love for him is unconditional. Now it’s been a week since he spoke to me. He changed his number, which he said he would be doing it but never called back after changing it. I somehow knew his prev number and spoke to him yesterday. He sounded ok and that he was going to call back. He asked when he would be seeing me again. Said he’ll call back (I knew he wont and said the same to him) he promised he would. But he never called back. I have been waiting for a day for his call. This is so painful. Very confusing. I’m holding myself not call him so that I can give him his space. But it’s really hard for I want to know what he’s going thru or just want to know if he’s not interested in me anymore. I have to know. He always says I’m imagining when I ask him if he wants to end it with me and he will let me know if he wants to but y he has turn his back like this. Pls help me out here.

    1. Hello, im a aries man and yes we are very difficult to break through but is worth it. one thing you should know about aries men, unconditional love, physical love, etc is not really our focus but what a aries man wants from a woman…Is for her to love him MORE than anyone else. A aries well never be happy unless hes your number one in your heart and you would along his side no matter who you go against, and if a aries man sees that i promise you; he well protect you,Comfort you, and love you so much for all eternity. But if he sees you defending someone else, especially if your aries man is agianst that person, or show more love to anyone else(Unless they are his kids then is fine) He will lose all his trust in you. I understand your aries man, im pretty sure he feels like you dont really love him or another reason, there is so many reasons but him not loving you is not one of them, but a aries man biggest fear is that if he opens up to you and trusts you 100% that you wont be honest with him 100% and do things behind his back so if hes not calling you is because he feels like you dont trully love him or maybe you care about someone else more but deep down inside he loves you but his heart is dying. Reach out to him. we may never admit it but what aries men want most IS TRUE LOVE!!! not unconditional love, not physical love, not verbal love BUT REAL TRUE LOVE!!!!

      1. I “met” my aries man online exactly a month ago. We texted whole days. It was Christmas, nice and romantic period, when you just feel it even more… I went home to my parents as I live abroad. He stayed with his parents meantime we talked almost nonstop. We met in person couple of days after my return and had a magical first date, he was like a real knight from a fairytale… Never before was I so sure he is the one for me, the one I want by my side forever and ever and I believed it went both ways. He took me to places he knew I like, he kissed me while the snow was falling on us and he did everything so that I feel it is all about me. Nothing sexual happened even though he took me home, he respected my request to wait because I didn’t want to rush into anything, it was so pure and genuine and flew us to cloud number 9. Next day came and he invited me out again, I was flying from happiness to the small Cafe where he waited for me. I couldn’t sleep all night because of all the love I had for him kept me awake and thinking. He told me his brother is coming along with his wife and I was even happier and thought he introduces me to his family that must mean he is serious. When I arrived to the Cafe he was still alone but was really cold and friendly with me. I am a very emotional person and I expected to get the same huge feelings so at this point I felt really broken. Everything seemed forced after this, my aries was completely off in some icy cold place all alone. The same night he flew back to the other country where he lives, so I was thinking maybe the reason for all this sudden change is the fact that he is already one foot out of the country where I and his family as well lives.
        Well, we visited some places, walked around, I was dead tired after the 3 hours of sleep I got, the cold shoulder he gave me and all of us but I did my best to make a good impression on his family members. Then they left and I went to the airport with him. I felt like he had enough of sthg. It was horrible. Because of all the pressure we only had shallow conversation and I did not initiate anything deeper because I thought he will explode if I do. I have never heard from him ever since, it’s been a week now that he left. Any aries man can tell me if I should write him, he is so insecure… He doesn’t believe he is worthy of love and maaaaan do I love him and show it a lot. I am sitting here, seeing him active on whatsapp and no idea what to do. I am waiting for him to write, but now 7 very difficult days after I just can’t help to feel I am losing the man of my life if I don’t write him or somehow ensure him that he is loved and wanted a lot. What a situation omg who would have believed it 2 weeks ago…

        1. Hi IIonka!

          I may not be an Aries but what I can tell you is that you shouldn’t sit around waiting or trying to figure him out. If you want him, you need to go ahead and reach out to let him know. Tell him how you feel and what you want. He either wants the same thing and is afraid to approach it or he’ll tell you he’s not ready if that’s the case. Either way you will know something instead of wondering what might be. I know it’s scary but it’s better than doing nothing. Give it a try!

    2. Hi Poshu!

      I’m sorry you had such a difficult experience with him and not sure if you still are or not. Aries men can be hard to reach at times and even more difficult if they are jaded from past relationships. They become hardened and tend to put walls up. It takes a great deal of patience and care in order to wait them out when they do this. He sounds confused and uncertain if he wants to be committed. It’s like he wants to be with you but then he gets scared out of his wits when it comes down to taking action which makes him not take any action. Again, I’m so sorry this happened. If it still is you may want to consider letting him deal with his own demons and moving on.

  2. It is true because I am an Aries man that has problems showing my feeling to especially girl. When I was in high school and college I had hard times showing my feelings to girls I liked to which they went to another girls because I didn’t make any move.

    1. Hi Yusef!

      Thank you for chiming in as an Aries guy. I think that you’ll find that this is actually a trait you can work on so that you can see better success in your dating experience. I know it’s not easy but if you can even give just a little bit of what you feel to a girl you like, you’ll have better chances at success. You might want to give it a try and see what happens! As you get older, you’ll see better ways to do this as well.

  3. I was with an Aries man for 7yrs and one day I came home from work and suddenly started talking to me about us having children saying I didn’t want them ( I did but just wasn’t as keen) and then after that saying that he wasn’t sure if we should break up as he felt we’d lost the spark and drifted apart. I was completely shocked and didn’t know what to say. He said could we stop taking about it all and pretend everything’s ok which we did but I couldn’t stopping thinking about everything. We agreed to have a months trial which went ok but after 2 weeks he came home and said he couldn’t do anymore and we split up. We never got to talk about everything and still haven’t so all I know is that he said we had 7 fantastic years and I’d been a fantastic girlfriend but it’d run its course. Whenever we have seen each other since then so far we have had lots of random chats and have so far got on well and even had a weekend away as friends and got on well and lots of feelings were still there. I wrote him a letter about how I’ve felt over the past 8 weeks and how good we were together for 7yrs and about how much I’ve realised since before the trial how much I would love to have children more than ever and with him. I poured my heart out and said if we never talked about things and I never got any answers I would always find it hard to move on. I left the letter in the letterbox even though I could have put it in the flat. He’s never said that he got the letter and read it or wants to talk or isn’t ready to talk. We saw each other recently when I was picking up some things and we had a nice chat about random things again for an hour or so. I didn’t want to bring up us as didn’t want to spoil things. In some ways I don’t want to talk about things as I might end up finding out more things to blame myself for as I blame myself for everything anyway but just some acknowledgment for the letter. Has he not mentioned it because he’s trying to move on and forget about things? Or is it because he doesn’t know what to say or how he feels or is it because he doesn’t want to talk about things and hurt me? He did say weeks ago he’d been blocking things out. I just hope we can be friends after everything. I’m trying not to bring up the subject because I don’t want to spoil things. Any advice?

    1. Hi Victoria! Wow.. it sounds like there are many issues that are between you but if you want to learn what you can do to fix things or change things, it may be best that you learn everything you can about the Aries man. It will help you understand how to respond to him, how to be around him, and help you learn what or what you should not tolerate with him as well. Being friends with an Aries man after such an intense relationship is probably not something that he’d be alright with. I’m not sure you’d be alright with either. Check out my book and see if it gives you any insight that may help. It will also give you access to get a free VIP consult from me about your situation in particular. I hope to hear from you! “Aries Man Secrets” can be found here:

  4. Hello so I been talking to a Aries man & I’m a Libra women & when I’m with him it feels like twin flames like his my soul mate & yes we are separated right now because we both live in two different states & sometimes I make time to go see him and he saying he’s going to make time to come to where I’m at and be with me. We’ve been talking for the past 7 months now . We’re moving slow witch is fine with me but he don’t express his self really to me . Like he’ll express his anger or how he feels about things to me & even bought be around his son and stuff but he don’t express his emotions to me or how he feels about me at all . I know right now he’s going through A lot . His mother passing away & him losing his job & money problems but I been helping him with trying to get his life back on track. & I can tell he likes me & is attractive to me but why is it so hard for him to tell me how he truly feels about me? Is he scared of my love? or is he just using me for this moment in his life? I know I should be asking him this but he’s such a sensitive person so I rather just wait til he’s ready to open up to me & tell me he loves me first before I feel like he’s being forced too.

    1. Hi Keke!

      Aries man isn’t really open about their emotions when it comes to relationships. That’s a pretty common thing. It takes them time. 7 months is a long time to you but it’s not to him. To him it’s like 7 weeks. He needs more time and patience. It does sound like he’s going through a lot and that has to factor in. I don’t think he’s scared to tell you anything, he just isn’t ready to talk about it. Give him more time. Check out my guide, it may help! Try reading “Aries Man Secrets”.

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