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How to Help Cheer Up Your Depressed Aries Man?

Often times Aries seems strong and solid. However; sometimes they are insecure and depressed. Here are some pointers that can help you to help your Aries guy feel a bit better about his outlook in life. Keep reading and find out how to help cheer up your depressed Aries man.

Surround him with TLC

Though the Aries may seem to want to be alone; rest assured that when he is depressed he actually doesn’t want to be alone. He wants to feel that someone cares and is there for him.

Tender Loving Care works for most human beings. For Aries, if you hug on him, kiss him and show him how much you really love or care for him; he’ll begin to feel better and maybe start to come out of his depression.

You can also try to talk to him in a very loving way. Even if he doesn’t want to discuss his problems; you can engage in another topic of discussion that he may find interest in just to sort of take him away from his current thought process.

If you are in love with him; tell him how much and for what reasons. It’s possible that he doesn’t know the depths of how you feel or why. This may help him to feel confident again.

Though they are really good at being tough and hard; they’re actually insecure on the inside which is what often times can lead to depression. He needs kindness, love, and understanding.

Be his sounding board

how to help cheer up your depressed Aries man

If he’s willing to open up to you; let him talk to you. Let him tell you everything that is going on in his mind. Don’t judge or respond; just let him talk and show him that you are there for him.

This man needs a woman who is kind, patient, and warm. It may be a bit opposite of him but it’s something that helps him achieve balance better. So when you let him really talk to you; he’s able to feel comfortable.

Being able to openly talk to you will make him feel more secure and thus is a growth period for you both in your relationship. He will possibly open up to you more often and not need to go through depression as much if at all.

The hardest is at the beginning when he doesn’t know you well enough or isn’t comfortable with telling you his innermost secrets. Letting him ease into it and showing him you aren’t going to run or judge will allow him to be himself.

Give him assurance

Trust me when I tell you that; this guy needs lots of assurance. He may seem hard and cold at times but that’s only his outer coating. His real self is a scared little boy afraid of the world.

So you’ll need to assure him that he’ll get through this and that you’re there for him. Then he’ll need you to re-assure him periodically if not daily. This could make him seem a bit needy; I know.

However if you truly love him and accept him for who he is; you’ll be willing to do what he needs in order for things to go smoothly between you. I’m not saying you should bow to his every whim.

I’m saying that allowing him to open up and know he’s safe with you is a HUGE step. Until he gets there; he’s going to be suffering inside. The quicker you show him that he can rely on you; the better off things will flow.

Take him somewhere outdoors

how to help cheer up your depressed Aries man

Nature always helps soothe most souls. Take him to a wonderful park or somewhere where you two can be alone. This will allow him to breathe fresh air, put his feet in the dirt (or sand), and ground himself.

Anyone struggling with depression should ground themselves periodically. Tell him to breathe deeply several times in and out while feeling virtual roots to come out of his feet into the ground.

The anchor feeling should allow him to release anything painful emotionally into the ground and the will make him feel more strong as well as tied to the earth which is very therapeutic.

Perhaps you can bring a blanket for the two of you to lie on and stare at the clouds or stars. This in itself could be very relaxing and thus act as a type of sedative au natural.

You two could also go for a nice long walk. The physical exercise along with the fresh air will be fairly cathartic and alleviates stressful emotions. This may help to get him to open up to you.

Read to him

Aries men are giant little boys. He’s not too grown that he won’t appreciate being read to. Pick something along the lines of books he enjoys and just simply start reading to him.

He can be lying or sitting; whatever he finds comfortable. Just kick back with a good book and read aloud to him. He will at first find this surprising but it will take him off guard in a good way.

The idea is that giving him comfort in this way will take his mind off things. It also lets him know that you’re there to help him work through any emotional turmoil he may be experiencing.

It may be a very wise idea to read him something positive and life inspiring. I imagine reading horror or a romance novel will not be the pick me up he’s looking for. So choose wisely.

You could even read from his favorite magazine if he’d prefer that. You can read off the titles and let him pick which one he wants to hear. Just very calmly with your best voice, read it aloud.

The calmness in your voice will be very soothing to him as well. Remembering that your Aries man is a big kid at heart; doing something simple and pure like this will make him feel like a million bucks.

It may make you feel a bit strange as you’re not used to reading to an adult but at the same time; it may inspire you as well to remember your own inner child. It’s a win/win.

If you’d like to know more about how to love an Aries man; you may want to read my book. In the Aries Man Secrets; you should be able to figure him out, win him over, and make a lasting relationship with him.

7 thoughts on “How to Help Cheer Up Your Depressed Aries Man?

  1. Hi Anna,

    I recently started seeing an Aries man. It’s only been a month and we’ve hung out five times. This past week he was a little inattentive with texts and apologized and said he’s had a lot going on. I replied saying I understood and am here if he needs anything and would still like to spend time with him if he’s up for it. I haven’t heard back and assume he needs some space but am wondering how do I show him I support him and care without coming on too strong since it’s early on? Things have been fairly casual, no intense or super deep convos yet but hoping to work up to it.

    Any suggestions on what to do? Is it okay for me to text him again in a few days checking in even if he doesn’t respond to this text? Or does it sound like he’s just “being nice” and trying to find an out to stop talking to me and seeing me? Feeling insecure because he’s hard to read. I think I can be as well (Scorpio) and worry that he’s losing interest because he might not know I’m interested or to what extent. But that might be in my head since we spent a decent amount of time together this past month.

    1. I want to clarify he explained a lot going on and heavy and hard. He’s having a difficult time with something.

      I did not pry just said I’m here if he needs anything or wants to talk.

      Is it okay to tell him I’ve been thinking about him and ask how he is even if he didn’t reply? And in a couple weeks if still nothing shoot my last shot and just say I know he has a lot going on but jm interestesd in still getting to know each other if he’s up for it, no worries if not?

      1. Hi Rhonda!

        If he truly is going through really difficult things then it’s a good idea to not be a source of pressure for him. He needs less of it right now. The best thing you can do is sort of back off a bit with an occasional text saying something such as “Hope you’re doing alright. I’m here for you if you need to talk” then wait a few days and say “You’ve totally got this!” and leave it at that. Basically keep it really simple. You texting him is obvious you’re thinking of him so just say something uplifting without any pressure that would lead to “I want to see you” type of thing. You’ve got to hang in there while he’s going through this. If and when he’s ready to talk to you about it, he’ll know that you’re there to do so.

        1. Thank you Anna.

          If he is still responding and apologizing for being absent, that is a good sign he is just busy but wants to keep talking right? I’m thinking I should pull back and wait for him to initiate seeing me rather than pursuing him now

        2. And if I don’t hear from him again then he’s obviously he’s not interested and I should let it go?

          Or should I reach out again

  2. Hi, I am currently in a confusing situation with a Aries man. We were dating and things did move quickly with a month. He now is saying that there is ‘something missing’ and that he is not ready for a relationship but he is in and out of depression (I think I know why) but does not message me anymore and he is being blunt and very direct (I know related to his star sign) we did have abit of a argument and there was no recovery from that while we was on a ‘break’ as he said he needed space. But I am so confused on how to text him or talk to him about our potential relationship. I do love him and are attracted to him but it is very difficult. Any pointers that can help me?

    1. Hi Tai!

      If your Aries man is in and out of depression then his self esteem is in the toilet. An Aries man with low self esteem becomes quite indecisive. He keeps going back and forth in his mind. He wants a relationship and then he doesn’t. It’s pretty typical. I would suggest sort of pulling back if you can. You can let him know you are there for him but don’t try to push for him to talk or tell you how he feels. He needs to sort himself out and if he feels that you are a source of pressure, he will end it for good. You can try sending him enlightening quotes, inspirational memes, etc. Help him to build himself up. He has to do the work but inspiration is good in helping him. Do not talk about your relationship for awhile. He needs a break from that. When he can get himself together again, he will then be ready to talk to you again about a relationship. Need more help? Check out any of my guides on Aries Man Secrets. I wish you all the best!

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