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5 Telltale Signs You Are What Your Aries Man Is Looking For

Are you sure that your sensual Aries guy is starting to consider you for a commitment? Or maybe you are afraid that he is just playing you? Here are obvious signs you are what your Aries man is looking for.

1. He is all about you

When an Aries decides you are the woman that he’d like to spend his time with and perhaps commit, he’ll start to want to spend much more time with you. At first, he will want lots of one-on-one attention.

In the beginning, he won’t want to share your attention with other friends or family. This is partly why you may not meet anyone important to him when you first start out with him.

He’s trying to get to know you and trying to figure out if you’re the one he wants to take home and possibly build a future with. When some time has elapsed, you’ll notice some changes that are subtle.

Aries man will convert back to his desire to have personal freedom only now he’ll find time to fit you in as well. He’ll make time for himself but still make time for you. That’s one way to know he’s about you.

2. He introduces you to his friends and family

signs you are what your Aries man is looking for

When the Aries man that you adore starts to bring you around friends and/or family, then you know you’re in. He typically will only bring those of significance around those he treasures.

If he brings you home for the holidays or invites you to go on outings with him and his friends, you are in! This is an excellent sign of progress and of development of a possible long-term commitment.

He’s taking you more seriously when he is willing to blend you in with his family or his tight-knit friend circle. Either way, you’ll know that you’re someone very close to his heart.

Commitment is most likely something that will come next if you notice the signs and take the proper action at the right time. If you don’t respond in a positive way, he may think you’re not interested so make sure you make time for him!

3. He cares about your whereabouts

When an Aries man has his eyes on you or perhaps even his heart, he will care where you are and if you’re safe there. He may call you daily and ask what your plans are just so he knows where you’ll be.

Aries men are known for being a bit protective and somewhat possessive. If you see any traits that are along these lines, you’ll then have another sign that he’s into you and possibly wants more.

Some Aries men move quickly and some take their time. Either way, once they start asking you to text them when you arrive home, this is their way of being protective and making sure you are safe.

Aries men make it quite clear that love = safety. So if he’s concerned about your well being, he definitely has some feelings that are growing and can make for a long-lasting union between you.

4. His affection seems to increase day by day

signs you are what your Aries man is looking for

Naturally, when he is spending time with you, you’ll notice that his care and nurturing kicks in more. He wants to spend lots of time caressing your hair, kissing your face, and touching you.

This forms a nice strong bond. When you notice the Aries man being more “hands-on” with you, he’s building his feelings up with you and wants more from you than what you’ve previously had.

Of course, this is yet another sign that helps show you how an Aries man feels about you. If you’re observing and you’re enjoying all the attention, you will understand how much he feels for you.

What he is looking for is a woman who can match his desire for lots of affection and tenderness. He’s a passionate man and desires to be well taken care of on a physical level.

5. He wants to give you whatever you want

In many cases, an Aries man will go out of his way to make sure that you get everything you want. This, of course, will depend on if he can afford it and if it’s within his reach.

He wants to make the woman he cares for happy and comfortable. If he hasn’t started doing this, just wait. If the other signs are there then it will mean that this portion is still on the way.

Aries men like to gift the woman they care for with things that he knows she’ll like. So he will go above and beyond to be there for her. He will also make sure she has what she needs.

Your needs are important to him and he’ll do what he can to prove to you that you are the woman he wants to spend his time with. So keep your eyes open and notice him doing even small things such as changing the oil in your car.

He may make sure that your air conditioner or heater is working in your car/home. He wants to be certain that your life will be easier because he’s in it. Improving your life makes him feel better.

If you have noticed any of the signs I’ve given you, then it’s possible that the Aries man you like has his eyes on you and may want something more serious with you.

An Aries man will bend over backward for a woman he feels will be his future partner, wife, or mother of his children. You become a priority in his life. This is how Aries shows his love.

You may want to find out what his rising sign is though. It will help you determine which Aries man you’ve got. They all will vary based on what their Ascendant sign is.

To learn more about the Aries man click here now! It may help you truly figure your Aries guy out. Wishing you all the best!

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