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How to Show an Aries Man You’re Interested Without Pushing Him Away

It’s no secret that an Aries man loves an assertive woman. 

As a cardinal fire sign, the Aries man needs a partner that goes after what she wants and know how to thrive in her own power. He is turned on by her independence. 

However, as the sister sign of the harmonious Libra, the Aries man is also a lover of balance.

He runs from anyone that he believes disrupts his free lifestyle and inner peace. 

When it comes to pursuing the Aries man, it is best to be observant of his actions and follow his lead. 

He likes a woman who knows how to give and take directions — someone who can adapt quickly, and go with the flow. 

At times it can be confusing about how to let an Aries man know you’re interested without coming off as too needy or aggressive.

However, as a relationship astrologer, I’ve found there are simple ways to express interest in the Aries man. You can be playful and flirtatious while still respecting his boundaries (and without scaring him off!). 

Keep on reading and I will share with you four easy ways that you can show your interest in the Aries man without pushing him away. 

4 Ways to Show an Aries Man You’re Interested Without Pushing Him Away

1. Avoid The Drama 

One of the quickest ways to push the Aries man away is to bring unnecessary drama and conflict to his life. 

As a fire sign, the Aries man is naturally active and when it comes to a romantic partner, the he is attracted to the woman who is free spirited and peace-centered. He’s not looking for someone who is going to push his buttons.

So, find healthy ways to express your excitement for your relationship. 

Rather than blowing his phone up with nonstop texts, be straight forward and tell him that you’re thinking of him, or tell to call when he feels like talking or has extra time.

Always be direct with your communication. Never beat around the bush. 

2. Spend Time One-On-One

Spending One on One Time With An Aries Man

When it comes to building a connection with an Aries man, you need to keep things simple and put the focus on spending one-on-one time together.  

As a born individualist, although the Aries man has many friends, he enjoys spending his free time with his family and exploring his interests alone. 

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to show interest in your Aries man without pushing him away is by maximizing the time you spend with him on your own. 

At the beginning of your dating period, avoid spending time with large groups and double dates with friends. 

Plan outings or dates during time blocks where you both have time to turn off your phones and concentrate on each other. 

This way, you can get to know each out without distractions or outside influences. 

3. Let Him Take The Lead 

One prominent characteristic of the Aries man is his innate ability to be hot and cold. 

One day he may be open to your flirtatious texts and physical advances, and the next day he will act like you are just friends or won’t answer your calls. 

The best way to avoid the hot and cold fiasco, is to follow the Aries man’s pace. 

Let him take the lead. 

Set your expectations and intentions at the beginning of the dating relationship, and let that be that. 

From there, go with his pace. 

If he’s chatty, chat with him. If he’s playful, play with him. If he’s flirty, flirt with him. If he’s feeling affectionate and wants to get close and you want that as well, then be affectionate with him. 

Show the Aries man that you are willing to be an equal partner and meet him halfway. 

4. Be Open To Having a Good Time

Be Open To Having a Good Time With An Aries Man

Above all else, the Aries man likes to have a good time and enjoys a good adventure. So, the quickest way to lose his interest and push him away is to be a stick in the mud. 

If you are someone who doesn’t like to take risks, travel and explore new activities, the Aries man is simply not the one for you. 

However, if you are someone who loves to go on adventures and experience the many wonders of life, then let the Aries man know. 

When the time comes to go on a date or take a trip, use it as an opportunity to introduce the Aries man to something new. 

Teach him something, stimulate his mind, show him a little of what you will bring to his life. 

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Final Thoughts 

Now that you know four ways to show interest in the Aries man without pushing him away, what will you change about your relationship? 

Do you think the Aries man is pulling away? If so, doing any of the above actions will help with turning things around. 

If you are looking for more advice or guidance about building a healthy and fulfilling relationship with an Aries man, check out my guide Aries Man Secrets

Sending you love on your journey. 

Your sister and friend, 

Anna Kovach 

2 thoughts on “How to Show an Aries Man You’re Interested Without Pushing Him Away

  1. The Aries man I have been talking to recently (I’m also an Aries) has been consistently responding to me and we talk all day every day. After a conversation that happened the other in regards to me being friends with someone who is associated with someone who had severely negatively impacted his life in the past, it resulted in him telling me he was starting to think about things and it makes him feel weird.
    We had plans to hang out the following day, and he ended up blowing me off (said he might still come, didn’t end up saying he wasn’t going to make it, and left me hanging all night- not showing up.) I probably did come across as pretty needy. He was also texting me as if nothing was wrong, saying things like “why is your night boring” which was a little agitating.

    The next day, I pulled back. I didn’t text him, I ignored two Snapchat’s he sent me (they were just of what he was doing- he’s in real estate, and was doing showings, however, he’s used to me wishing him luck with them). And then later that evening I got a message from him saying “so now you’re angry ignoring me”.

    I replied back saying I wasn’t angry or ignoring, I just had a long bad day. He said his day was the same, so asked him how the showings were, and he gave me a one word answer.

    I’m just confused, I would think naturally an Aries man would just ghost or ignore if they weren’t into you. However, he called me out, bread crumbed me to ask about his day, then shot it down with a one word answer.

    He’s been responsive to me- but not initiating. Given he’s likely used to me doing it.
    Is it smart to pull back, and not text him first? Or should I let him know I’m still thinking of him?
    He’s been watching my social media but I’m just worried I’ve come on too strong, and striped him of the chase.

    Ps. He also is never the one to initiate hanging out- but he claims that’s he’s always been like that- however I’m not exactly confident in asking him to hangout again after being blown off.

    1. Hi Carly Bland!

      In essence though you told him you weren’t ignoring him, you actually were. That’s the thing. Don’t ignore him otherwise you’re sending the wrong message. Tell him exactly how you feel and what you want otherwise you’re not going to get anywhere with him. Tell him flat out how it is. Tell him you would love it if he’d reach out to you more and initiate. Tell him you miss it and that it would be awesome if you two could be like before. Find out more helpful tricks in my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

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