The Aries Man With Bad Boy Appeal! Is He Into You?

written by Anna Kovach
Are you into an Aries guy but not totally sure if he’s into you or if he’s being his normal flirty self? Is an Aries man into you?

Are you into an Aries guy but not totally sure if he’s into you or if he’s being his normal flirty self? Is an Aries man into you or not? Perhaps this information can help you figure out if he’s just playing around or if he’s into something more substantial.

Differences between the lines

Aries men are very attractive with their demeanor as they to tend to seem like the “bad boy” out of the Zodiac. He may be the guy that really loves tattoos, motorcycles, guns, sports, and all the manly things you can think of.

When I say “Into you”; I’m referring to being drawn to you on an animal magnetism scale. This emotion is a bit different than “like” or “love”. It’s when an Aries man really wants you.

The Aries man is a natural flirt. He will flirt with just about everyone because; well; he can. Who can pull it off better than this Adonis looking guy? Almost all ladies will fall for his charm.

Now, is he just yanking your chain or is he actually into you? That’s what you need to determine. Once more; how can you take him from being into you into developing more feelings?

Knowing the difference between his emotions is a good start. He can be “into” someone without having feelings of love or “like a lot”. His physical desire to be with you would indicate his being into you.

If he likes you; he’ll be cute and want to get to know you with various chit chat but nothing substantial. If he’s in love; he’s going to want to know the serious stuff about you.

Being into you; he wants to take you to bed and see what you’re made of in the most physical and raw nature. With most signs you either like someone or you love someone. There is no gray area.

Aries is an expert at the gray area. He will explore it as long as you allow. So it’s going to depend on what you want from him. Do you want him to be your Romeo, your Don Juan, or your King?

You must choose the level of adoration you’re looking for. Romeo will romance you and like you until it develops into love. Don Juan will romance you to get you into bed and show you what you’ve been missing all these years.

Naturally your King will be your partner, the one who loves you and sees you as his Queen for the rest of your natural lives. It must be clearly defined to your Aries guy or he will immediately go to the gray area of trying to be Don Juan.

Unless you let him know differently; he sees no problem with being a friend with benefits and getting know you in the carnal sense instead of getting to know who you are at a personal or soul level.

Physical worship

is an Aries man into you

Even though he does have the bad boy appeal; he is so good in bed. If you’re looking to experience the best sex you’ve had in your life; an Aries man can give that to you.

He’s adventurous and isn’t afraid to try new things in the bedroom. The caveat to this is that he’s the typical man’s man in the way that he doesn’t mind if you add another woman into the mix.

While he won’t tolerate another man being in the bed (it would hurt his ego); he would love to have two or three women at the same time. He relishes in watching women being sexual with each other as well as with him.

Yeah he’s a stereotypical want to watch two women going at it type. If this isn’t your thing; you’ll have to be persistent about this as well because he’ll likely suggest it to you more than once.

That aside, he is all about physical worshipping each other. He may want to spend more time in the bedroom than outside it. However; if he takes it from being into you into liking or loving you; he’ll want to start spending time doing other things besides sex.

Which Aries do you have? Which one do you want? Be clear with your intention so that you aren’t hurt by his actions. He’s true to his own feelings and will typically tell the truth when you ask him.

When the charm wears off

At first everything is hot and heavy with Aries. He’s super passionate whether he’s bedding you, romancing you, or creating a future relationship with you; he’s all in.

The thing is; if he goes too quickly with any of these; he’ll quickly get very bored. He knows this but he’s not patient and wants to jump into everything without thinking it through.

If you truly like this guy and want to get him to open up to more than just sex; you’re going to have to put sex on the back burner. As hard as that is to say; if you want more from him; you’ve got to slow him down.

He isn’t good at going slow so you’ll have to take the reigns there. He wants to be the man of the relationship and call the shots. While that may be fine for some things; he’ll need to slow himself down.

That’s not easy for him to do so he’ll need your help. Try to give him reasons why it will be worth the wait. Try to give him little tidbits of how hot in bed it’s going to be.

Keeping it dangling like that for him will make him savor what is to come. This is a good thing. Try not to tell him all your secrets or life story right up front. Take your time and cultivate over time.

He won’t like the wait per say but he will like the thrill of the chase. It’s his favorite thing to do. Whatever you decide to do; always be very clear with him what your intention is so that there is no confusion.

What else turns an Aries man on? Find out by reading my book. In the Aries Man Secrets; there are juicy tidbits that could help you motivate him to get to know you more and/or marry you.

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