3 Texts That Melt an Aries Man’s Heart

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to text an Aries man to melt his heart right away? Texting an Aries man can be a hefty task, I've put together 3 texts that melt the heart of an Aries man.

The heart of an Aries man is both fiery and fickle at the same time! One moment he’s there, and the next, gone. How can you capture and keep his interest—and melt his heart? Text messaging is an easy way to reach him quickly and fire him up!

When it comes to stoking the fire between you, texting is not the easiest means of seduction! Not all of us are talented at making our feelings understood via text—handling the normal challenges of relationships is tough enough.

These days, we have to carefully craft our messages, just as our parents would have had to sit down and compose a letter. 

Choosing the right wording, tone, and icons has become more and more tricky

How do we know whether our message will land favourably? Whether we are being really understood? 

It all comes down to understanding your man, and the ancient science of Astrology can be immensely helpful. As a relationship astrologer, I’m here to help you navigate this tricky territory. 

Fortunately, texting with an Aries man isn’t as complicated as it is with some of the other men in the Zodiac, so consider yourself lucky! 

Aries men are straightforward, direct, and to the point. You always know where you stand with them, and they’ll make it very clear if they’re into you.

An Aries man will always chase you down when he truly desires you—and nothing will stop him! 

But let’s say you want to melt his heart with the perfect message. Maybe he’s gone cold (as these Rams tend to do), or things have cooled down, or maybe you haven’t seen him in a while. Perhaps you’re in a long-term relationship and you want to rekindle the passion between you. 

What floats his boat? Here are a few of my Aries man secrets when it comes to texting: 

The Aries Man’s Preferred Texting Style

Aries Man Texting Style

Direct & to the Point

There’s no need for subtlety with an Aries man. Get right to the point, and let him know what you’re thinking and feeling. He’ll totally lose patience if you dance around the subject! 

Aries men don’t do sneaky seductions and word games. You’ll need to be crystal-clear with him, 100% of the time!


One thing you can appreciate about Aries guys is that, most of the time, they’re fast when it comes to replying to you. 

That whole rule about waiting two days to reply to someone? No need with an Aries man! He’s quick on the draw and will be impatiently waiting for you to reply! 

Fiery & Sexy

Don’t be scared to flirt and be passionate with your Aries hunk via text! 

He’s the sort of guy who appreciates a woman who’s confident enough to flirt via text and embrace her sexy side. 

Bonus tip? Send pictures—he can’t get enough! 

Hard to Get

Aries Man Hard To Text

Even though an Aries man loves direct, quick messaging, your overall tone needs to be quite cool—that way, he’ll want to chase you (metaphorically)!

He will love the game, as this is one man that needs to be in constant pursuit of his “prey.” The cooler you are, the more he wants you! 


These men are ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. This means that they are more brawn than brains (though many Aries men are super-smart, too!). 

Writing him an essay will suck the joy right out of it in his mind. Ladies, if you want to melt his heart, don’t type out a novel. He’ll just skim it! 

…But Don’t Forget the In-Person Time

A quick aside here, ladies—if you really want to take action to heat things up in your relationship, drop by his house or the office wearing the sexiest thing you can think of! 

Aries men are not naturally the most text- or phone-friendly guys, in all honesty. They respond best to what they can see in front of them, right now. 

So, now you know what he likes and doesn’t like. For a specific approach, try these three messages designed to melt his heart into a puddle of love! 

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3 Texts to Melt an Aries Man’s Heart

3 Texts To Send An Aries Man

1. “You Are the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me”

Aries men are governed by their ego. This doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily egotistical, but they really respond to a woman who builds their sense of self-confidence. 

Telling your Aries man that he’s the best thing to ever happen to you—especially if he knows that you have been hurt before—will make him feel like a king. And when an Aries man feels like a king, there is nothing he won’t do for you

The thing is, building and tending to this man’s ego is only going to benefit you both in the long run. The better you make him feel, the more he wants to protect and defend you and show you that he is worthy of your confidence and support. 

It’s a win-win. 

And if you really think about it, he is one of the best things that’s ever happened to you, right? 

2. “Thank You for Being My Hero”

Aries Man Texts That Melt His Heart

This is a text that will go straight into an Aries man’s heart and melt it instantly! 

Aries men are born to be heroes—they feel best when they are able to do something active and brave to save their damsels in distress.

Your Aries man is waiting impatiently to wear his superhero cape for you! 

Letting him know that you see him as your personal Superman will make his heart soar! And when an Aries man’s heart soars, that joy translates into even deeper love for you. 

Once again, a perfect situation where everyone wins!  

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3. “You Make Life Exciting”

I know that you mean every message you send him, but this one, you’ll really feel with all your heart. 

Because the truth is an Aries man really does bring a spark to your life. 

He’ll whisk you away on road trips, take you to a fun party, climb to the top of a mountain with you, and inspire you to do all kinds of crazy, thrilling, risky things that make you feel alive. 

When you let him know how exciting he makes your life, it’ll encourage him to do that much more for you and make you as happy as you can possibly be. 

Aries men can be endlessly giving and generous. 

Expressing your admiration and appreciation is a wonderful way to get into his big heart and stay there! 

Have you ever loved an Aries man? What texting tips do you have to share? I love hearing from you! Feel free to leave your comments, and don’t worry—it’s completely anonymous! 

Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Texting an Aries Man

Now that you know a few tips to help you get the heart of Aries, I do have to warn you about one thing.

There are certain texting behaviors that will make this guy lose interest in you…

Communicating with a love interest is a very delicate dance (and so much trickier to do over text!) and all it takes is one wrong message to send him walking the other way…

Just to be safe – you need to check out the three big texting “no-no”s you should avoid before you make a mistake that leaves you on reading!

Check the link below and learn how to avoid the biggest texting mistakes with an Aries man. You won’t regret it!

>> Discover 3 biggest texting mistakes women make when texting an Aries man

Wishing you lots of luck and love on your journey.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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