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When Is It “OK” to say I love You to an Aries Man

Dating can be exciting, especially when you’ve found someone as special as the vivacious and independent Aries man to fall in love with.

Love with an Aries man is a beautiful thing. It is passionate, fiery, and honest, but it can also be overwhelming with emotions that are sometimes difficult to express.

As a woman, it can be intimidating at times when you’re ready to tell your Aries man you love them, but you’re nervous about how they are going to react. 

You may be asking yourself; does he feel the same way? Are we ready? Am I coming on too strong? 

Chances are, if you feel this way and the relationship has been healthy, stable, and fulfilling, you should have nothing to worry about.

As a cardinal fire sign, the Aries man is very upfront about his feelings. You will know if he’s ready or not.

But if you are still unsure, here are four simple indicators that it’s okay to say I love you to your Aries man. 

4 Ways to Know it’s Okay to Say I Love You to an Aries Man

1. When He Says It First

Aries Man Says He Says It First

I’ll be honest with you, and tell you that the Aries man can be very impulsive.

Sometimes he can get caught up in the moment and say something that he doesn’t mean or will one day regret. 

But because the Aries man is usually very busy and focused on many different tasks, he’s usually very straight-forward and direct about how he feels. 

When the Aries man is in love, it’s obvious, because he’s a very affectionate person. When he loves someone, he really loves them, and he wants the whole world to know. 

Therefore, if the Aries man tells you he loves you first, and you know in your heart you both mean it, it’s okay to say you love him too. 

He will appreciate the verbal confirmation and fall for you even harder. 

2. If You Are Sure That You’re On The Same Page

Ready to say you love the Aries man and he hasn’t said it first? That’s okay, you can be the one to break the ice. 

As confident and headstrong as the Aries man comes across, he can still be insecure and hold back his true feelings in love.

Therefore, if you sense the time has come in your relationship for you to verbally express the care and admiration you hold for the Aries man, don’t be shy or hold yourself back. 

Be a role model for the Aries man and show him that he can trust himself to be vulnerable with you. 

Plan a sweet surprise for him and say I love you first. 

Will he be shocked by your confession? Maybe, but likely not. 

If he’s on the same page as you (which I’m sure he is), he will be blown away at your honesty and bravery. 

Aries men admire a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it.

3. On An Anniversary Or Special Occasion

On An Anniversary Or Special Occasion With Aries Man

If there’s anything an Aries man loves more than a new project or adventure, it’s a romantic celebration with his chosen partner in life. 

As one of the most active and extroverted Zodiac signs, the Aries man loves getting dressed up and invited out for a special occasion. 

Whether it’s your six month or one-year anniversary, Christmas, birthday, weekly date night or any other noteworthy occasion, the Aries man will be more receptive to your romantic advances and love confessions when he’s feeling his best and having a good time. 

Although it may seem cliche to announce your feelings during such a momentous event, the Aries man won’t mind. 

His hopeless romantic nature will be too wrapped up in the thrill and joy of you expressing your unconditional love for him. 

Expect a grand display of hugs and kisses to break out when the words slip from your mouth.

If you are around your friends and family when you tell him how you feel, don’t expect him to keep your confession a secret. He will be too excited not to share his love for you. He will spread the good news around.

4. Always In Person – Never In a Text

4 Ways to Know it’s Okay to Say I Love You to an Aries Man

If there’s one piece of advice you must know, it’s never okay to send the first I love you through text to an Aries man. You have to say I love you to him in person first.

To the Aries man, quality one-on-one time is most important. Spending time together in person is how the relationship progresses for him. 

He will find it tasteless and offensive if you say the first I love you through text. 

Saying I love you in person also helps it go more smoothly for you. 

Texting someone can be limiting, and it’s easy for the tone of voice to be misconstrued. You can eliminate unnecessary confusion and miscommunication by having the conversation in person.

This way you are face to face and the Aries man can feel you and hear your voice.

He will find it more personal and believable. He will be more open and receptive to your displays of affection and love. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know when it’s okay to tell the Aries man you love him based on Astrology; how will you tell the Aries man you love him? 

What’s holding you back? If you need some extra advice, my guide Aries Man Secrets has everything you need to know about dating the Aries man. 

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Sending you all the love in the universe. 

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach 

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