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Do You Make These Mistakes with an Aries Man?

Aries guys are known as the easygoing men and it shouldn’t be so hard to attract and keep this stubborn Ram by your side, however, bad things can happen. So, let’s analyze what mistakes you might make with the Aries guy and learn how to correct them.

You Act Too Sensitive

It’s not the fact that the Aries guy is senseless, because deep down in his heart he truly is vulnerable. This zodiac sign just can’t take too many emotions all at once and being a woman you will have to learn how to present your feelings to him using the proper “measure”.

Any weird mood which is so common for women, makes the Aries man confused and afraid and those are the two emotions he hates the most.

If you take a more practical approach and express your feelings in a short and concise manner, he will appreciate you way more. The same applies to women who are attached to the home or especially their mothers or family of origin.

Aries man wants you like his teammate and if your mother is the person you run to when things get complicated or you want to stay at home this astrological sign is not your best match.

You Are Nitpicky

Mistakes with an Aries Man

In the general terms, men love tidy, organized and punctual girls, but too much of a good thing can be repulsive for the Aries guy. If you tend to be too analytical or worse, critical, he will pull back, because he will feel like anything he does is not good enough for you and let’s admit, no one loves to be watched and judged all the time.

Also, have in mind that health and healthy habits are fine with him, but those girls who are addicted to their strict schedules and even show the signs of orthorexia, which means the need or obsession with healthy foods, are simply exceptionally repulsive for this free spirit.

You Suffer From “Drama Queen” Syndrome

The natural eighth house for the sign of Aries falls into the sign of Scorpio, and the ruler of those two signs is the same, this is the planet Mars. However, in the sign of Aries, Mars is in its daily rulership or straightforward action, while in the sign of Scorpio, this planet is in its nightly domicile and expresses itself as the powerful transformation, fear, panic, and of course, drama.

No matter the fact that the planet governing the sign of Scorpio is the same, Aries guy will feel the strong inner insecurity if you show the sudden change of your mood or start to speak, scream or behave in an extreme form.

A little scent of mystery is always valued in the mind of any man, including Aries, and yes, you can appear sexy and appealing when you are alone, but don’t try to explore the other hidden and fearful martial traits, because this is the special kind of the battlefield he’s not quite able to handle.

You Are Too Organized and Career-Oriented

I know, we live in a world where women work in the military; they are astronauts, engineers and lead huge corporations. Your ambition to be the commander or to take over this company and then do that… can sound very exciting for many other astrological signs, except Aries.

Being the first one in the Zodiac wheel and having that initial fire in him, he will have some very hard times to accept your dreams and skills and adjust his life by your side.

This is nothing anti-feministic in the mind of one Aries for sure. It’s just the fact that he has the be the number one in everything he does, and while he feels the need to compete with many other people, of both sexes, in his career and free time, he really needs someone who will support him and give him the sense of rest and relaxation. So, if you want to keep him close and for a lifetime, learn how to let him lead and most of all, trust him.

You Are Too Strict and Traditional

Mistakes with an Aries Man

This is the big one for the Aries man and you will discover that he has very hard times to accept some rules you carry in your personality because your grandmother told you that her grandmother taught her that… I hope you can see the picture I’m trying to show you here.

Old families, old money, old principles, strict rules, all of those things are highly annoying for Aries guy and he will start to feel trapped and seek for the way out.

Aries is the free spirit, he loves adventure and changes more than anything else, and if you don’t try to lock him in the highest tower of your family castle, he will love you more. And just have in mind that this sign easily falls in love, he is faithful and stays in love forever as long as he has the inner feeling of freedom.

You Are Confusing

Yes, I know, I’ve mentioned that Aries guy gets easily annoyed by the wide ocean of female emotions, but this is something different. The natural twelfth house of the zodiac for an Aries is the sign of Pisces ruled by the watery god Neptune.

And there is something truly intrinsically irritating in the mind of the Aries man when he has to confront this planet or its own sign. Aries is perfectly capable to fight any sort of the enemy and to switch his weapons in a second.

But, how do you fight the fog or the illusions? This is extremely bothersome for him, and if you want to keep him and not pull him back, you are not allowed to get lost in confusion, depression, artistic illusions or any sort of theatrical behavior.

Try to appear practical in front of him and all your thoughts regarding abstract mathematics, physics, arts or dreams, leave for your friends, because he won’t be able to understand you at all.

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Did you make these mistakes with an Aries man?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach

7 thoughts on “Do You Make These Mistakes with an Aries Man?

  1. I’ve been dating a Aries Man for 25 years on and off.. strong chemistry and sexual …he always comes back.. he told me he loved me and always did .. but he is hot then cold .. I love him too.. I’m a Gemini.. will we ever get married? I think he’s afraid of commitment!

    1. Hi Michelle!

      Aries man and Gemini woman are actually a pretty darned good match. His coldness probably comes from past experiences and fear. He may be afraid to commit further and this would definitely make him old off on marriage. He needs a long period of security and proof. After 25 years on and off you’d think he has it but maybe he keeps focusing on the breaks. If he is then he’s still fearful that things may not work and he’ll end up hurt. What you two need to focus on most is making what you have solid and secure by communicating. Open up and talk about the fears. You might actually get somewhere!

  2. I have made all these mistakes even knowingly. I could not help being restricted to my emotions for his sensitive and confused nature. He still talks to me even when having had several light arguments. I think him funny because he is almost everything ive been told when irritated. I never go so far as to intentionally make him mad but when he does he just ignores me. So i leave him alone and then he comes around after about a week or less. I refuse to bow down to ego. I do love him and he knows he has reflective feelings and has also even stated so and once by accident i think. Im a cancer if he stays around ill know he does. Lol. It is a complex situation because we had casual encounters before when we were young. As adults after losing touch he instantly pursued me when i reached out. On the phone its like pulling teeth but in person hes all over me. We are not an item. Hes told me he doesnt feel like he can give me what i want in a relationship cause” I do what I want”. Of course being what i am i cant help but to manipulate the situation because hes who i want. I have to make my self not get deep until he comes around or the situation changes or someone else fills his spot.

    1. Hi Trina!

      Be careful with yourself because when an Aries man says he doesn’t want a relationship, he typically means it and you could end up getting hurt if your manipulating doesn’t get you what you crave from him. You’re probably good to go as far as making yourself not get into it with him. Keep your heart open for someone else to possibly enter. I wish you all the best!

  3. I been dating my aries man for a year he said I love you first my feelings are the same we don’t argue we do talk things out when I’m feeling certain way he works alot so we don’t see that much of one another but he tells me that I’m the women for him and we are going to get married and things are going to get better ad far as the time together he’s very funny and caring don’t know what to do and I’m a aries woman we do get a long

    1. HI RM!

      What do you mean you don’t know what to do? It sounds to me like you two get along very well and he’s told you what he wants to do. That’s excellent. I say go with the flow and see where things develop. Patience is key and since you two don’t argue then things should go rather smoothly. It just may take a little longer than you would want. Hang in there!

  4. Aries man doesnt have any quality of a husband… selfish and self centered people.better they stay single.

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