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How To Make an Aries Man Miss You in 5 Easy Steps

Are you a woman who feels you want or need more attention from your Aries? Want to figure out how to make this stubborn guy miss you? So, how to make an Aries man miss you? Here are some helpful clues on what you can possibly do to make him notice you more.

Cut back on texting

If you’re already involved with an Aries man; you may notice he likes to text a lot if you’re not in person. If there seems to be a lack of passion though; it may be time to spice it up by making him miss you.

Aries men like to chase their women and when there is nothing to chase; he could get bored and possibly complacent which would make you feel the same way. The best way to handle this is to cut back on the texts.

I’m not saying completely cut him off as if you do that; he’ll think you’re cheating or not interested anymore. You have to do this in small increments. Try waiting a little while before you answer his text next time.

I wouldn’t wait several hours or a day but just don’t immediately reply like you normally would. It will make him wonder what you’re up to. This will either prompt him to call you or to show up at your place.

Spend more time on your own

how to make an Aries man miss you

While an Aries man likes to spend lots of time with his lady love; it could get old for you both very quickly if you’re constantly together. Honestly it’s healthier for you both if you can spend more time alone or with friends.

Make plans with your girlfriends for a girl’s night out. If not then grab one of your friends and go do something fun. Whether it’s going to work out together or heading out for drinks and a movie. It will be fun for you and it will make him appreciate you more.

At the beginning it’s hot and heavy between you and an Aries man but at some point it will become mundane and predictable. Start being unpredictable! Go spend some time alone at a book store or whatever it is you like.

You’ll feel better and it will give you and your Aries man some space which helps you two to feel good about being together when you’re done. It will give him something to actually miss.

Don’t force him

Aries men are hard headed and hot blooded. You really cannot force him to do anything other than get angry. So rather than trying to MAKE him miss you; just be yourself and live your life.

It will be more of a turn on for him when he sees you being independent and not actually NEED him desperately. He doesn’t mind the damsel in distress sometimes but he doesn’t want it to be a habit.

He isn’t one that needs a tremendous amount of space but by giving it to him anyway now and then; it creates a peaceful environment for you both whether you live together or not.

Spending time apart is a welcome and healthy activity for any couple. If you feel you want to force him to do something then there is a problem in your relationship you need to look at.

You should never feel as though you need to make him give you attention. Aries men are very attentive unless there is a problem. If there is one; talk to him. He’ll be honest with you about it.

Take your time

how to make an Aries man miss you

Aries men tend to want to dive right in when he likes someone. They lack patience and often will end up leading them to heartbreak. They trust in someone too fast and that’s no good.

If you want things to last with your Aries guy; you’ll need to pace yourself and basically let him know you’re in no hurry. He may be a little flustered as he wants to speed up but if you take your time; he’ll appreciate it later.

Taking it slower will help you two cultivate a much healthier pace and not being together constantly and intensely will prevent you two from becoming bored later.

Try to set a slower pace than what he’s trying for. If he really likes you; he’ll hang in there and tough it out. If he doesn’t like it and throws tantrums; you’ll then know he’s probably not the right one.

Patience is a virtue. It may not be easy but at the same time; it’ll help you ensure a much healthier relationship for the long term. Again; he’ll stick around if he really likes you.

This also includes not hopping to bed right away. It won’t be easy to resist his charms but if you respect yourself and him; you’ll hold out. I’m not saying you have to do this long term but if you can just avoid going too quickly; it’ll go much smoother for you.

Be unforgettable!

The Aries man wants a woman who has it all together. He wants intelligence, independence, witty attitude, and feminine all rolled into one beautiful package. He also wants you to be yourself.

Be who you are. While he likes the feminine wiles sometimes; he still prefers natural beauty to fake. He will much prefer to see a woman in jeans and tshirt with her hair pulled up.

As long as you’re comfortable in your own skin; he’ll be comfortable right along with you. Beauty comes in many forms and each Aries will like different aspects of any woman.

That means that if you let your inner beauty shine; he’ll more than likely be drawn to you. Being a woman that he wants to be with more often, share life with, marry, and possibly having children with; is the woman he’ll miss.

Heeding this step along with the others should really help you to cultivate a nice, smooth, and healthy relationship with a sensual Aries man. Give it a shot!

If you’d like to know what else an Aries man is looking for in a mate; you may consider checking out my book. In the Aries Man Secrets; I reveal many things that the Aries man won’t tell you. It may help you wrap your mind around this steamy man.

20 thoughts on “How To Make an Aries Man Miss You in 5 Easy Steps

  1. I don’t understand why my aries man is pulling away we are both in situations to where we cannot be serious and we can be just having fun together I thought this was understood but he seems to be texting less and not as turned up as he was 2 days ago. he hasn’t texted today and im afraid I was trying to see him a little too much but on my side hes only in town a few days before he leaves here and there so idk. I don’t want to text first but I also don’t get why he keeps looking at my snaps story but doesn’t say anything. lol. help?

    1. Hi Lauren! Two days isn’t a long time to judge whether or not an Aries man is fully interested or if he’s walking away. Aries men aren’t the best at keeping up with texts and are very busy as a rule. As such, you need to be more patient and not jump to conclusions simply because he doesn’t reply to you or reach out right away. If you’ve agreed to not be serious then why are you so worried about him not texting? Perhaps you should learn more about Aries man before you go any further because is keeping it casual is what you want, it may not be what he wants for the long haul. Take a look at my book “Aries Man Secrets” at

      1. anne i am in canada and my aries man is in ichigan and we met online and we have been talking and texting for 4 months i will be going tosee him when i can cross the boarder and iam a capricorn woman i love him and he says he loves me but he is like hot and cold with e so he said iam pressuring him he is single and works hard and i just want him to know i love him and he said he would wait forme so why is he pushing me away he is a hard headed ram and he knows i am doing everything possible to get to him whats the problem

        1. Hi Joanne! Thank you for writing in about your Aries man relationship. The reason he’s being hot and cold is that he’s uncertain how things will play out which causes him to guard his heart. Until he spends time with you in person and finds out if there is a future for sure or not, he’s going to keep doing this hot and cold thing. It’s very normal and nothing you should worry about. Meet up with him and see what your chemistry is in person. You should know after that whether or not he means what he says and if there is a future between you. In the meantime, learn all you can about Aries man as it may help you through this journey. Check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

        2. Hi Anna,

          I just met my Aries man a month ago on a dating app. He’s been super sweet with me so far, and things had been progressing great. We went out for our first date and it was amazing, he wanted to get intimate but we didn’t until our 3rd date. Before our 3rd date he went away for training (he’s in the army) for 2 weeks. Throughout those 2 weeks, he texted me good morning everyday and we talked whatever chance he got to text me between training and classes. The day he got back from training, we met and that’s when things got intimate between us. We met again the next day and he cooked us dinner, also posted a picture of me and the food on his snap story (which I didn’t even do). He made it a point to spend a couple hours with me the next morning before he left. The next day he made lunch plans with me and came over while I worked from home and we watched tv/cuddled and spent a couple hours together. Ever since then he hasn’t texted me snapped me, and I just feel like ever since we’ve been spending time with each other he’s been kind of cold. Like I can’t tell if he’s just not as into me? At training, he would text me long messages and even sent me a screenshot of him deleting the dating app and saying how I’d be able to meet his family at some point. Now he doesn’t even respond to my snap stories or text me separately, he’s been a little cold – idk if it’s because we saw each other every day since he’s been back? I appreciate his effort, but it feels like he’s not interested as much as he was before. Sometimes he’s really sweet like he’ll remember the smallest details about me or things I said and act on them, and then there’s times like this which I don’t know what to expect from him. How to tell if he’s still interested? I’d much rather not see him every day and have good chats instead of getting this hot and cold treatment. I’m an Aries too, so I’m pretty similar – I have low patience so I’d much rather him tell me if he’s still into me or not but by asking that I don’t want to push him away. It’s literally been a day he hasn’t texted me/snapped me back. Am I overthinking? Please help!

          1. Hi Ash!

            I think he does like you sweetheart. He may be afraid to commit or get close, he may be busy or having problems he’s dealing with, or he’s just exhausted. Either way you look at it, he’s not going to drop you when he was doing things right and showing you how into you he is. He puts in effort which is what Aries is supposed to do when he likes someone. I don’t think 3 days of no contact is a make or break. I’ll be he has something going on and if you ask him if he’s alright because you haven’t heard from you, he will probably tell you. Just be patient and see where things lead honey. There is no need to stress nor to try to hurry things along. If you need more help then you may want to read my book “Aries Man Secrets” as it may give you insight you hadn’t considered.

  2. Hi I was involved with an aries man. We only been dating a few months, he travels for work but quite a bit of his things are in my house. We got into an argument and he left. His things are still here. He messaged and called saying he missed me and we talked. Two days later I asked what was going on and he said that he was going to focus on himself. When I stated that it hurt me he said he was hurt as well. Last time I called he answered and we talked for a little. It’s going on 5 days of no communication. I miss him and he has yet to collect his belongings. Not sure if he still cares or if he has truly moved on.

    1. Hi Renee!

      It’s sure that he knows that his stuff is at your place. If or when he really does move on, he will want to gather his stuff. Until then, there is still hope. He may need a little bit more time and patience to figure out what he’s going to do and what approach to take. You can check in with him every now and then saying “Hope you’re alright. Thinking about you”. This will let him know you’re still there and haven’t given up but giving him space at the same time.

  3. Hi Anne, I’m so confused about an Aries guy I’m seriously crushing on. I’m a Virgo and I suspect he has been reading some signs about me because on our previous hangout last month, he carefully described characteristics of a Virgo and he even told me I moved him to google celebrities on his birthday. I’ve known him for a year and a half and we only recently reconnected again in September after a year of hiatus but it only reminded me that he never really left my heart. He gives me hot and cold vibes like remembering every detail of my likes and dislikes and my daily routines but then disappears and hardly replies. And then out of nowhere, he’ll remember me and buys me food but tells me he isn’t looking for a relationship but criticises any guy I used to date and he even asked me personal questions about my family or my ideal type of guy. Some days I really feel heartbroken because I care so much about him and whatever he gifts me, I reciprocate the same. I’ll buy good food for him and even make handwritten notes and cards for him 🙁

    1. Hi Lissie!

      It sounds like your Aries guy likes you but is pretty set on not being ready for a relationship. It also sounds like he may actually be afraid of getting involved. It’s like he’s terrified to commit. He wants you but doesn’t want the possible hurt that could come from it. He may be quite jaded which would explain his behavior. He either needs to let you go or step it up though. I’d tell him exactly how you feel and if he still says he can’t give you what you want then you need to go ahead and move on honey. Maybe once he sees he’s lost you, it will light a fire under his rear to come for you.

  4. Hi my Aries man was
    16 years younger
    And he just walked out and I haven’t spoken or seen him since I am a Capricorn and I’m at some fault for the way things went so do u think I can text and apologize for my part cause I miss him

    1. Hi Tieishier!

      I say you should give it a shot. The worst that happens is he says no or doesn’t respond then you won’t be any worse off than you are now with him. You could actually get a response from him indicating that he’ll give you another chance. Try it. It’s better to know you’ve done everything you can than to just give up without trying.

  5. Hi,

    I’m a Scorpio and met my Aries man online. At first we texted nonstop before we met in person and our date was wonderful. Instantly it felt as though our text had dropped though. (To be fair they were starting to decrease a little before our meeting) we have since had a second hangout that was nice. He has mentioned being very busy in response to not texting often but it started out as long constant texts all day and now he takes hours or even half the day to reply. In response I have waited a day or two before initiating another conversation as to not appear too needy. We have plans for a third hang but I feel as though if I didn’t initiate the hang or didn’t text him he may not text me at all.

    Am I jumping to conclusions about his interest in me or does it sound like he really is busy and is just saving our conversation for when we hangout? I feel like if he were not interested he would not agree to another hang or would have stop responding to my text by now but the drastic decrease in text makes me worry and I don’t want to seem too eager and have him lose interest in response. Any tips on how to act/how forward I should be about my feeling or if I should just give him time?

    1. Hi Krystal!

      I do think it sounds like he’s very busy and saves the conversation. He’s not one for small talk via texting really. He’d rather talk face to face when he’s able to. I wouldn’t take offense to it but if it’s a problem, you can ask him about it. Tell him you miss him talking to you a bit more. It’s a sweet way of saying you want more. He shouldn’t get angry or turned off by it. If he wasn’t interested in you anymore you pretty much wouldn’t hear from him anymore or he’d tell you he’s done. Hang in there and be a bit patient. I think you’ll be fine!

  6. Hello,

    I am an aquarius women dating an aries guy. We have been together for 6 years, moved in together after our 4th year.

    Everything was wonderful until we moved in we started having problems. He became more distant and would hide his phone. He would get nervous if you touched his phone as well and we wouldnt have sex as much. Before we moved in, he always brought up marriage and you could tell he was in love. Now if I bring up marriage, he says he doesnt know if Im the one and that he is not ready…

    I recently went away on a trip for 2 weeks and during that time, he said he missed me alot and that he did want to marry me. Before the trip, I mentioned that I was going to move out when I come back since he didnt even know if I was the one. He said he did want to marry me and to give him a few more months to propose.

    A few days ago, my friend messaged him asking when he was going to pop the question. He said the more pressured he gets, the less he will want to do it.

    What should I do? Do you think he will ever propose or is he making excuses and I should move on?

    1. Hi June!

      I think that he’s adjusting from being single and living without a woman to having to live with someone else and having less privacy. Aries men are private and don’t like people prying. This is why he’s acting weird. He’s simply trying to get used to you being there. He’s right though, if he gets pressured, he won’t do it. He wants to do it only if he’s ready and not because others suggest it. It has to be his idea. He might propose but I really wouldn’t push it. Be patient and wait him out a bit longer to see how things play out. To try to adjust then wham right into marriage would not work for him. He has to take his time and cultivate everything on a time schedule. Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Anne, I’m currently crushing on an Aries man, not sure if you’d had other cases like this, but I’m an Aries as well. We see eachother a lot (again, not dating) we always look/stare at each other. At one point he was very proactive, to which I’m sure his friend noticed, because he’d always get next to me and at one point due to this his friend asked if he liked me to which he responded yes, there’s more to it, such as him brushing besides me, staying behind me, watching my every move, or even discussing to said friend (to which I could only hear a bit) on certain topics, or our schedules that he could maybe ask me out, it never happened. I’m not sure if it’s our schedules that changed which caused this, he always keeps me in his line of sight, used to watch my snap story, but even then he doesn’t, anymore, texts me anymore, but it’s the same things in person, I’m not sure what to do, or how to feel.

    1. Hi Maddiliene!

      I think you need to fess up and tell him you like him and you’d like to spend some time getting to know him. If he really likes you, he’ll take it from there and start trying to take you out or talk to you more so that he can get to know you. Take the plunge and go for it!

  8. Hello
    I think my Aries is some what different.Met online. and I am a Libra.
    He was flirty flirty at first I didn’t jump right straight into his arms.
    And during the days I was playing hard to get he turned a year older so when I decided to see him I went with a birthday gift he was surprised.
    And I will say we talked and talked and drank a lot for 8hrs before going to bed.
    I dominated the sex.

    And the next morning I took charge but I can tell he’s selfish as he only cared more about himself and not cared if I enjoyed the moment and I knew he slept straight after, he woke up he offered me a new tooth brush and a new towel and we took turns to have a shower.

    We chat and text all day even at work he text me back to back feeding me on everything and he won’t stop asking about what I am doing or how is my day going wanting to know about my activities and what I am up to.
    And we talk about everything, make fun of some things and he ask about my opinions on so many things and it does turn out that he normally agrees to whatever I say.

    But I noticed one thing He never called me on the phone to talk and I did try calling him twice and he didn’t pick up and I stick to the text alone playing his game too.
    But I think he’s scared of getting married as he’s always talking about many women who are cheater and irresponsible and I don’t even bother to argue with him.

    But a part of me is thinking he might be seeing someone somewhere,
    I did tell him I enjoyed myself at his place and I will
    Like to revisit him if he is on the same page as me and he assured me we definitely would see again but I just need to give him time and he will let me know.

    But for the communication he is on point he messages me first in the Morning, all day and good night messages
    And he uses pet names
    Such as darling, hun, sweets in his text.
    But he hasn’t said anything to me yet about his intentions ?
    Should I ask him if he want us to take things serious ? Or should I go with the flow, I do not want to chase him away.
    I think he is more of a gentle Aries
    Not the crazy and sex freak he’s more of a gentle lover or maybe he’s playing mind games ?
    I just don’t want to waste my time
    He is single
    But I am a single mother.

    1. Hi Atinuke!

      Yes, ask him what his intentions are sweetheart. There is no reason to leave you hanging and not knowing where things are headed. You two need to get it all out on the table so that you can have peace of mind no matter which direction is going. You’re right not to waste your time. Communicate with him and you’ll find out out what his intention is or if he gives you the run around then you should probably drop him and move on. You can also read my book “Aries Man Secrets” as it could help you uncover things you didn’t know and can help you.

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