Your Match: Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When the Aries man and Capricorn woman compatibility is looked at, there are a couple of strengths between them that they can rely on. Keep reading...

When the Aries man and Capricorn woman compatibility is looked at, there are a couple of strengths between them that they can rely on. However with Aries being ruled by Mars and Capricorn being ruled by Saturn, there are some significant differences.

While the two are attracted to each other and seem to instantly trust one another, there are problems that they will have to face making this connection a rather difficult one. Keep reading for more important information regarding the Aries man with Capricorn woman match.


Both Aries man and Capricorn woman are strong intellectual individuals. This is the energy that both pick up off each other and is why they’re actually attracted in the beginning.

Aries man is physically appealing as he tends to keep himself in shape and always tries to look his best. Capricorn woman always wants to look her best as well and so on the surface, they’re both a hot mix.

When they start to dig deeper and get to know each other, they begin to realize rather quickly that they are perhaps not the best match. It’s very unlikely they will fall in love but if they do, they will have to really work at it to make it last.

This is a difficult match who has a lot going against them. Their personalities clash and they find that they’re both not very open to hearing the other one out. They have hard core values but they don’t match with them.

They have their own set of morals but it’s most unfortunate that their morals tend to be a bit different. They’re not so different that they can’t work through it but the question is, will they want to?

There are other issues they must face and address if they want to continue building a partnership or love. The diversity with these two may be far too diverse and can cause much strife.

The Aries man and Capricorn soul mate relationship is not very high scoring. In fact, the Aries man and Capricorn marriage rate is also very low. They’re just not that great for each other. Love can find a way but it will be difficult.

Capricorn Woman, Who She Is

Capricorn zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Aries Man and Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is very strong, driven, intelligent, beautiful, and can have a tendency to be a workaholic. She’s not a lazy one by any stretch. She’s always doing something that helps her further her path ahead.

Capricorn woman is constantly researching, learning, doing, and taking action. She knows she has to be her best and to be her best; she needs to learn anything and everything that she can.

She prefers to be someone who is skilled at multiple things rather than one or two. Capricorn woman loves to have options and the ability to land on her feet if something happens.

Building her nest egg, the Capricorn woman is looking for a partner who is also driven, will understand of her need to work a lot, and still be able to hold the fort down. She’s a tremendous worker, business partner, lover, wife, and mother.

She’s very serious much of the time but when she lets loose she can be a really fun person to be around. When Capricorn woman meets the Aries man, she’s definitely physically attracted to him.

Capricorn woman feels an instant ability to trust him which makes her feel rather comfortable. Once they start to really get to know each other, she realizes that even though they have a few things in common, they’re VERY different.

Aries Man, Who He Is

The Aries man is a very busy guy. He is much like the Capricorn woman in that he likes to keep moving toward success and tends to do quite well with whatever work he’s into.

Whatever career he decides to pursue, he will be able to do it with finesse and passion. This is one thing that is very attractive about him. He’s physically fit and is one that takes good care of himself.

Aries man loves being very physical when he finds the right woman or the woman for the moment. He just really loves sex. He can be selfish at times when it comes to the bedroom every now and then.

When the Aries man meets the Capricorn woman, he can sense that there is more to her than meets the eye. He’s instantly attracted to her and feels he can naturally trust in her for some reason.

He can tell she’s a no nonsense type of woman and in the beginning he loves this. Then later it starts to grate on his nerves as he doesn’t like being serious all the time. He will love her freaky side in the bedroom, however.

Though the sex may be mind blowing, he’s going to realize that she’s just a bit too stern and set in her ways. He cannot seem to get her to be more flexible or spontaneous thus becomes disappointing to him.

What Works Between Aries Man and Capricorn Woman

Ironically enough, the one thing that most couples seem to struggle with seems to be a non issue with these two. Aries man and Capricorn woman trust each other right out of the gate. They somehow feel comfortable enough knowing that both are loyal.

They may have some moral standards that are similar but they will also have some that will be very different which can make things a bit messy with these two. They both have quite a temper.

Trust is a fantastic thing to have but it’s not something that will hold a relationship together. You’ve got to have other things in common otherwise it’s an uphill battle.

It’s hard to dig deep for these two as far as finding things that works between these two very different people. They never have to worry about infidelity which is nice. However, it’s not everything either.

Their working together to agree on life values is important but they may still have some struggles as they are indeed two very almost opposite type of people. They are both seeking success but in doing so; they go at it in different ways.

While I’d love to list off a bunch of things that these two work well with, I’m afraid there just isn’t much. Naturally, there are always exceptions to the rule and there could be an Aries man with Capricorn woman match that works out.

It could be that they have some aspects in their charts that complement each other and changes the whole game. Otherwise, the sun sign match just isn’t very good. It’s possible but not likely.

What Aries Man Thinks of Capricorn Woman, Especially In Bed

The Aries man loves that the Capricorn woman is so strong, willful, successful, and passionate about achieving her goals of building a stable financial future. He appreciates her willpower for success.

He loves how beautiful she is and that she always wants to look her best no matter where she goes. He’s drawn to her sexually but when he finally is able to be intimate with her, things change a bit.

She can be rather freaky in the bedroom but only if the Aries man is able to get far enough with her. She doesn’t just hop in the sack with anyone and it will take some serious finagling for him to win her attention in bed.

Capricorn woman is a free spirit when it comes to sex but only when she wants to do it. Aries man can be rather selfish and only concerned with his own pleasure. This makes them not satisfied with each other.

Aries man realizes that she’s not going to give him the goods without a lot of hard work and he won’t like when she goes cold on him. She’ll put up an icy wall for him to climb and conquer. He won’t want to do it.

Ultimately she seemed like a great match at the beginning but upon really digging into the situation, she is just far too different for him. He wants someone to take care of and spoil him plus be successful in all aspects of her life…Unrealistic ideas.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Problems

Capricorn Zodiac Sign - Aries Man and Capricorn Woman

Now here, I can list a lot of things, sadly. These two have a lot more problems than they do things in common that make them work together. Sexually they are not very compatible at all.

Capricorn woman is freaky in the sack but she will only present this side of herself with someone who has shown her qualities that she wants to work with as far as for a future partner.

Aries man will be far too self involved for her to want to have sex with him. If they have sex a few times, she’ll be unfulfilled. That will make her not want to do much else with him really.

Capricorn woman has some high standards and basically, Aries man just doesn’t do it for her. They may trust each other right away but it won’t mean much when they cannot see eye to eye on everything else that is important.

These two don’t have a whole lot in common with activities and they surely don’t connect on an emotional level. They tend to both be a wall to people as they don’t like opening up.

This makes for horrible communication between them. They are both intelligent but they have different interests therefore find it hard to talk to each other about much of anything.

These two are not an ideal pair. They can work it out if they truly fall deeply in love but it will take a whole lot of work which I suspect, neither will want to actually do.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Breakup

Most Aries man with Capricorn woman pairings tend to end up in break up. They may not even make it to an actual relationship either. They are just so different, they realize it rather quickly.

Unless they have other aspects in their charts that make them a bit different when it comes to love, then they’re probably going to end up breaking it off at some point.

Either has no problem speaking up and calling it quits. Aries man and Capricorn woman are very likely to have many arguments and won’t be nice to each other. They are probably not going to end up keeping a friendship of any sort. They will move on quickly.

Can they get back together? Any couple can but would they want to? I would bet that they probably won’t want to get back together. If they did, they’d have to really get some help with counseling or mediation.

I doubt either of them would be willing to do that in order to have a love relationship when they could just easily move on with someone who seems more suitable.

Final Score

Yikes! I really don’t like to seem too negative about any matches but this one is hard for me to get behind. I won’t say it’s impossible but I will say that it’s a rather turbulent mixture.

I would have to say that for this reason, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give them a 3. It’s just not an ideal pairing and the Aries man with Capricorn woman are more likely to end up parting ways before even getting closer.

In fact, they’ll see rather quickly what each other is about and will want to walk away. It’s a rare match honestly but if they do find great love, they will have to try a lot harder than they would with anyone else.

This match isn’t likely to end up married with children. They can and if they do become parents, they will argue on how the children should be raised which could cause problems.

Any way that you try to view it really, this isn’t a good union. Again, if they have aspects that are different then it could make the whole situation very possible. Moon, rising sign, etc would have to indicate more success.

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