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How To Get An Aries Man To Commit To You

Are you a woman in love with an Aries man and wondering what you can possibly do to get him to take that next step? How to get an Aries man to commit to you? Here is some information that could very well help you to make things a bit more solid between you and your delicious Aries man.

Be Strong and Independent

Although the Aries man often loves a lady in distress (to attract him); he will not want a woman who needs his help constantly. That being said, it’s often times better for him to show you how and learn.

In other words, let’s take changing a fuse in your house for example. You blow one and have no idea what to do or how to change it. You ask him for his help. He comes over because he doesn’t want you to sit in the dark.

He goes to the fuse box to change it; follow him! Watch what he does and tell him “I’ve never done this but I’m watching so I can learn just in case it happens to me again and you’re not around”. He’ll be impressed.

This way next time it happens; if ever; you’ll know what to do and won’t have to call on him to come out yet again. This will show him that though you needed his help; you were willing to learn so you can do it.

If you need some advice; he’ll be happy to help you come up with solutions. Try not to do this on a frequent basis. This will make you look as though you’re helpless and cannot think for yourself.

So be the woman that needs help sometimes but learns from what he does so that you can also do things for yourself. Independence is a nice quality to have whether you’re with someone or not.

Be kind and compassionate

how to get an Aries man to commit

Aries men have fiery tempers and need a partner that will cool them off or balance them better. Staying calm during the storm is necessary to have a healthy relationship with this hot headed man.

When you’re with him; be really sweet and tender. He’ll really love it and reciprocate. He craves this type of attention. When he feels comfortable with how nurturing you are; he’ll be more likely to commit.

Whatever you do; don’t push him to commit. He won’t take well to commands or demands of any sort. It is better that you gently nudge him with being a total sweetheart.

Don’t be phony about it though. Be your true, natural sweet self. This will gain more favor from him than you pretending to be something you’re not. If he smells you’re being fake; he’ll leave.

Remember; he’s not only looking for a partner but he’s also looking for the mother of his children. He will likely be the father/disciplinarian type and will want a woman to be the tender nurturing one.

So whenever you’re with him; show your feminine side and give him lots of loving tender care. He’ll love it and see you as the queen of his future.

Bantering fun

Aries men will absolutely adore a woman who can keep up with him. Being able to have a witty comeback to anything he says; will make him enjoy his time with you more.

Even better is when you can use your wit to have this amazing chemistry back and forth between the two of you. There is nothing wrong with being able to banter with your sharp edged Aries man.

He likes a sassy lady as long as she doesn’t mean it in malice. Friendly debate is always welcome provided you’re not using it to slander his character. Use humor with your banter and you’ll make him smitten as a kitten in warm woolen mittens.

Aries men love women who can appreciate the humor in life. He’ll also appreciate a woman who can dish out a really funny joke as well. So humor will help you save the day!

Keep yourself patient

how to get an Aries man to commit

The true core of getting it to last long term with an Aries man is going to be making sure you don’t dive in too quickly. Aries men tend to jump in head first and rather fast.

Do not allow him to do that. I know you want him to commit but if he commits too fast; he’ll possibly back peddle or cause problems for you two later on. It’s much healthier to take your time.

While you’re day dreaming about what it will be like to be in a long term relationship with him; stay cool and relaxed. Remember he needs the yin to his yang.

He’s the hot head so you’ve got to be the cool head. If not you’ll end up rushing in like a bull in a china shop. That will do neither of you any favors. That would be a quick fused situation that will end badly.

So take a deep breath and take your time. Try to take your mind off of him by doing things you really enjoy or spend time with friends. Remember, if he misses you; he’ll want to spend more time with you.

If you don’t allow him to have space or time; he’ll dive in and you’ll both end up bored in a fairly quick amount of time or butting heads. You don’t want either of those two scenarios to happen.

Kick back, let it flow naturally and watch the magic unfold in front of you. It’s the journey that is truly amazing to behold. When he does commit, he may mean it forever.

If you try to rush him or allow him to rush, it’ll be one of those quickly lived relationships and will die a tragic death long before it should have been time. Keep it healthy and wholesome. Take your time!

There is no need to hurry. If the Aries man is interested in you; he’s not going anywhere. He’ll stick around and keep moving forward with you.

If you’d like to unlock the core of who the Aries man is; you may want to check out my book. In Aries Man Secrets; you can gain more tips and tricks to help you secure something really special with this delicious man.

6 thoughts on “How To Get An Aries Man To Commit To You

  1. Subject:Does your getting Aries committing strategy works on my scenario ?

    I’m waiting the money being transferred to PayPal and gonna get the book on Tuesday.

    However, wanna ask about the situation I’m now in. I’m not sure if he’s taking thing slow all in a sudden since 2 months ago, which was after 2 months of chasing after me. We’re seeing each other once every week since 4 months ago and thank god, still. But the last 2 months was like mostly I the one to ask for the confirmation to meet. (Note: we kiss and hold hands when in public restaurants, and generally he would peel the prawn shells for me every time, also he still have me in his arms and hugs while sleeping, somehow, little bit less having sex lately…)

    So anyways long story short, the main thing is, i know we’re still not exclusive and i secretly know he’s occasionally sleeping with other women….

    Does the commitment strategy works on my case?

    1. Hi Sagi Girl! Thanks for writing in regarding your Aries man situation. It sounds like he hasn’t indicated wanting more than just what he has with you. When an Aries man really wants to be with a woman, he gives off plenty of signs. It sounds like to me he’s having fun with you and not yet ready to explore exclusivity. Though after months, I do believe you can tell him exactly what you feel and what you want. Be forward and let him know the truth so that he can then decide if he’s ready to give it a try with you or at the very least tell you he’s not ready for a commitment so that you can choose if you want to stick with it or not. I do hope you picked the book up but if you didn’t, here is the link again because I think it would help you. “Aries Man Secrets” can be found here:

  2. I am a gemini woman, have been dating an aries man for almost a year now after a whole year of chasing me. I really love my boyfriend, and he say he loves me too, and he shows it whenever we’re together.

    My biggest worry is that I don’t trust him, this one time he was seeing someone and when I asked him about it he was honest and stopped seeing that person. I just don’t know how to learn to trust him again.

    Whenever we’re not around each other, and I feel like he is not showing love like he should be, automatically I assume he is with another woman, and he is probably losing interest in me. When we meet he re-assures me that he loves me.

    I have met his friends, and some of his close family members. Infact he loves to bring me around his close ones. It just that sometimes he leaves me confused. What can I do for me to feel at ease in the relationship?

    1. Hi Nku! Once trust is broken for your Aries man, it’s hard for him to prove he’s not going to do it again. The thing is, if he’s telling you that he does love you then that’s a pretty good sign that he’s likely not seeing anyone else nor wants to. I think what needs to happen between the two of you is learning how to openly communicate. You need to talk on a regular basis about how you both feel, what you want, and where you are at in your relationship. You two need to work toward being in tune with each other. He can’t take back what happened so all you can do is move forward. Try opening up the doors of communication and figure things out with him rather than making any assumptions. If you’d like to know more about the Aries man and his behavior, you may want to check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  3. Hey..I am a Taurus girl and I started dating an Aries man… A few months ago…but after a few weeks he started to go cold and i don’t even know why…when I texted him…he barely replies or doesn’t at all.I tried to give him space but nothing is happening… What should I do?

  4. Hi Beza!

    It sounds like your Aries guy either really likes you and is now afraid of what may happen next OR he’s trying to figure things out. He went cold because he’s trying to take time for himself so that he can decide if this is what he wants or if he wants to move on. You might try to reach out to him even if he hasn’t reached out to you just to say hi and that you’re thinking of him. This will test to see if he’s still willing to talk to you. If you try a few times and get no response then you may have to let him go. Try it out and see what happens sweetheart!

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