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5 Texting Tricks to Get an Aries Man to Chase You (Again)

You’ve been enjoying sexy, passionate text communication with your Aries hunk—but suddenly, things have gone cold. You’re left feeling a little confused and perhaps insecure. These 5 texting tricks will help you turn things around and make him chase you again! 

The dating world can be cruel these days—instant messaging has had an enormous impact on romantic communication, for better and for worse!

As a relationship astrologer, I meet a lot of women feeling lost and uncertain how to respond when a guy goes cold via text. It’s hard not to overanalyze every little word and try to guess at the tone of his messages. 

The truth is, women are just generally better at communication—face to face and online. 

Most Aries men just don’t think about how their texts may be affecting you. It’s a skill they’re learning as they go along. 

So, when your Aries guy goes a bit cold, how can you turn it around? How can you reverse the situation without seeming needy? Most importantly, how do you get him to chase you again? 

Being pursued by an Aries man is heavenly. Being ignored is not. Let’s look at signs he’s gone cold and some tricks to fix it! 

Signs His Interest Is Cooling

He’s Gone Cold or Ghosted You

This is a tough situation! If your Aries guy’s texts are suddenly chilly or have stopped almost completely, this may be a sign that he’s not that into you anymore. But there’s a good chance he’s just wrapped up in his own world, as Aries guys are prone to be.

Try not to leap to conclusions. Maybe he has crazy work pressure, a sick family member, or an ex-wife causing problems for him. It’s not necessarily about you!

His Replies Are Slow

You may be used to super-fast responses from your man. When an Aries guy’s mind is on you, his fingers tend to be quick. 

If his replies are much, much slower than usual for a long time (think weeks), this can be a sign that his interest is cooling off. 

He Sends One-Word Answers

Aries Man One Word Response

If he’s no longer sending those flowery and passionate replies, then his attention is certainly distracted. However, he may come back, especially if you use a few of my suggestions! 

Sometimes, relationships just go through these “dead” phases—and Aries men are notorious for blowing hot and cold! Be patient. 

He Seems Bored

If his messages are no longer snappy and sexy, he could be bored—which is hardly ever, if ever, your fault

Aries men are just bored easily. It’s part of their nature, and no person can ever keep up with the draining task of keeping them permanently entertained. 

So, let yourself off the hook! 

He Forgets Plans

Aries Man Forgets Plans

It’s quite common for an Aries guy to forget plans—he lives in the moment, after all. 

If he’s forgetting plans you made via text time and time again, it could be that his interest is waning. However, in my experience, it’s usually just an inability to schedule! 

Don’t get on his case too much about it. He’s probably trying his best! 

5 Text Tricks to Get an Aries Man to Chase You (Again)

1. Let Him Chase You

My number one tip to switch things around and get an Aries man to chase you again is… let him chase you. 

An Aries man needs to be the one in hot pursuit—you are his prey, and he is the predator. 

If you make yourself too easy to catch, he will, without a doubt, get bored and seek more of a challenge. But, if you sit back, make yourself easy to miss, and involve yourself in your own life, he’s going to start wondering about you in the best way. 

In other words, mirror him. Never run after him or pester him for a reply. Pace yourself, hold yourself back, and watch the magic happen! 

2. Keep Your Replies Short but Sweet

Sweet Texting An Aries Man

You don’t need to send an Aries guy an essay; he probably won’t even read it.

If you’re hoping to turn things around and get him to chase you again, let your messages be short and as sweet as honey. Flatter him, be light, and most of all, be fun and playful. 

He’ll like the fact that you’re not addressing issues over a message. He’s a face-to-face kind of guy, and he often doesn’t have the time to or desire to deal with problems through a screen.  

Short and sweet!

3. Let Him Know You’re Very Busy (Even If You Aren’t)

Busy Woman Texting An Aries Man

This is a big one. If he does contact you after a long break, be friendly and flirty as usual, but if he asks to see you, say you already have plans. Make yourself someone he needs to chase down to get a moment with. 

Again, Aries men need a challenge

When you’re busy, he will start wondering who else has captured your interest and want to “beat” them to it and “win” you. Aries is the most competitive sign, after all! 

4. Never Be Confrontational

Aries is a confrontational sign, but if you turn around and confront him via text, he will become aggressive or just ignore you. 

I always advise against the type of message that demands to know what he’s doing, where he’s gone, and when he will be back. 

It’ll just get his back up and make him defensive. Save that moment—if you really need to confront him—for when you see him. 

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5. Be Honest

And finally, my last—and perhaps most useful—tip is to be honest, ladies. 

Sometimes, an Aries guy just doesn’t use his head. He may be completely unaware that you’re even into him, especially if you’ve been cool and hard to catch. 

It’s okay to get real with him. You don’t have to make it heavy, either. Just let him know that you think he’s the most awesome, accomplished, handsomest, and smartest man you’ve ever met and that you’d really love to spend more time with him. 

You’ll be flattering his ego—which he loves—and he’ll also appreciate your directness. It’s not that you’re being pushy; you’re just being confident. And nothing is sexier than confidence! 

Get Your Aries Man To Make More Effort!

Yes, it really stinks when Aries doesn’t consider how you’ll feel if he doesn’t text you back.

He’s a grown man who should know better!

The Aries man is being hurtful without even knowing that he is.

The truth is, he probably doesn’t know how to treat YOU.

Every woman is different and every woman will want certain things.

Can he live up to it?

Is there a way to make him see that he’s really screwing the relationship up?

How can you get him to put his big boy pants on and text you?

If he really cared, he’d check in on you more often, right?!

He doesn’t think that way for some reason…

The good news is, you’re not helpless.

I have more information than I’ve already shared that you just may want.

Get him to finally crave your texts and in doing so, he reaches out to you more often.

Make the Aries man answer you quickly and not in a cold answer way.

You CAN get him to warm up and be more social with you via text message.

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Don’t let him keep doing what he’s doing, otherwise, he won’t know he needs to change.

He wants to love you and needs to show you more in a way that makes sense to you.

This is especially true if you two are long-distance.

Get him to pick up his phone and call or text you back with meaningful answers.

Gone will be the “k” or “yep” replies.

Do what’s right for you and get my offer right now!

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Don’t let the confusion tear you apart.

Take the lead and change things for the better.

I wish you all the luck of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “5 Texting Tricks to Get an Aries Man to Chase You (Again)

    1. Hi Georgie!

      Indeed, if he has blocked you then that’s him cutting you out of his life. There isn’t much that can be done. If that was your only means for contact then he’s telling you he’s done. I’m sorry that’s happened to you sweetheart.

    1. My Aries blocked me and I texted him from different numbers and kept play fighting with him until he unblocked my number and I started flirting again and left him alone. He started calling again within a week.

      1. Hi Tawny!

        I am so very sorry to hear you had a rough run with your Aries man. Sounds like you did exactly what you needed to do to get his attention and make him come crawling back. Don’t allow him to keep acting out to a point where he blocks you though. Tell him things have to be compromised between you so he doesn’t fly off the handle like that. If you need more Aries man tips, check out my guide on Aries Man Secrets. I wish you the best!

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