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10 Things That Make An Aries Man Obsess Over You

Have you spied an Aries man that’s getting your engine running? I’m not surprised, because they’re some of the sexiest guys in the Zodiac!

They’re ruled by the planet Mars, which is a masculine planet that rules over traditionally masculine things such as combat, sports, and physicality. 

This makes Aries men ambitious, driven, outspoken, and bold. They are unapologetically themselves in every way. If you’re offended, they would say that’s just too bad! 

If this is the energy that you’re after, then you’re in luck! But how do you get an Aries man to obsess over you? I’m here to help you out by introducing ten things that will make an Aries guy go gaga for you! 

10 Things That Make An Aries Man Obsess Over You

1. Being Deferred To

Remember, an Aries man isn’t necessarily a backwards guy. He understands women’s rights and he has no issue with it. But this doesn’t change the fact that no matter who is around him, he wants to be the boss. 

He is ruled by the planet Mars which represents that sort of ‘boss’ energy (along with the planet Saturn). He has a deep urge to be the leader, in work, relationships, and otherwise. 

If you’re the type of woman who enjoys a manly man who wants to take charge then this will be a great match for you!

2. A Daring Woman

Making An Aries Man Obsess Over You

An Aries is all about heroics. He isn’t afraid of much, since Mars is the planet of war and risk-taking behavior. Mars is the type of planet to rush in and attack head on!

An Aries man is going to appreciate similar qualities in his lover. He’ll thoroughly enjoy being able to take a woman with him to his riskier activities. So, buckle up buttercup, this guy may give you a run for your money! 

3. Being Touchy-Feely

Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, is the planet that presides over passions of all kinds. This is why it makes an Aries man so happy to be with a woman who can’t keep her hands off of him!

Another thing to note is that the Aries man is associated with the first house of the Zodiac. This is the house of the self and the physical body. As a result, you can imagine that an Aries likes to be touched all over! 

Since Aries rules over the head, try playing with his hair or maybe biting his ears… 

He loves physical touch and the feeling of seducing and being seduced… as long as he has a certain amount of power in the matter! 

4. LOTS of Sex

Aries Man Obsess Over You

An Aries man is going to have an endless sexual appetite. If it were up to him, he would be having sex five times daily or more! Mars rules over sex, after all. 

A woman who partners up with an Aries should have a high sex drive as well. This is going to keep the Aries man plenty preoccupied with you… and the times that you are gone he won’t be able to stop thinking about all the ways he’d like to pleasure you when you return!

5. An Athletic Woman

Aries Man Obsess Over An Athletic Woman

An Aries, as has been discussed, rules over physicality, exercise, and self-improvement. As a result, a high rate of Arian men are gym rats. 

As you can imagine, he wants a woman who echoes this love of working out. It makes him happy that he and the person he is partnered with can go and enjoy the gym together. 

It’s such a central part of so many Aries lives that it would be a huge plus if you shared the interest in fitness. It will not only allow you to get healthy together, but it will help the two of you bond and spend time together as well! 

6.  Confidence

An Aries is someone who can’t fake confidence –it’s genuine. They also can’t be bothered to watch over someone else’ feelings… they expect those around them to be able to handle their own emotions.

Since they are not a highly sympathetic or empathetic sign, it’s best if their partners are full of self-assurance. This is going to ensure that any of Aries jokes or pokes are going to bounce off of their partner and no feelings will be hurt. Everyone wins!

7. A Feminine Woman

A Feminine Woman

Mars is the masculine planet in the solar system and this is represented through the Aries. Too much of the same thing doesn’t feel that great to anyone, and so they aren’t looking for a very masculine woman. 

Mars defers to only one planet and that is Venus. An Aries who is properly evolved is going to respect the feminine Venusian-type women since they embody everything he can’t be! 

An Aries is going to go wild for feminine charm, style, and couth. He can do a lot of things, but being demure and graceful he struggles with. For this reason, feminine people are the ones who will get his attention and respect with ease. 

8. The Chase

An Aries man is all about games! He doesn’t appreciate a highly predictable romance. In fact, the best way to get an Aries man to obsess over you is to make him think he can’t have you!

Try playing a little cat and mouse with him. Act interested, just to go cold, just to fire it back up again. NOTHING will get an Aries to chase you like this sort of hot and cold behavior! 

9. Make Him Feel Useful

An Aries wants to be your knight in shining armor. He wants to be seen as the most capable and the best for any job you have to offer him. 

If you ask him to come over and help you hang up some shelves, set up some furniture, or help you out with some home improvement he will be all over it! Anything to impress the fair lady.

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10. Pick On Him

An Aries is going to openly accept a verbal battle! They think that this is the definition of flirting and fun. They will never pass up the opportunity to roast and be roasted! 

Just be warned, an Aries won’t hold back! Only engage in a battle that you’re prepared to fight in! 

Have you ever dated an Aries? What things did you do that drive him crazy? Please let us know in the comments what you did that lit his fire! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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  1. He can’t stand emotional conversation, analyzing feelings. One minute i became invisible to him ,enother he oferr fool moon trip on the lake,,,,
    I love it,,,it gives me a room to be myself

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