5 Worst Habits Of An Aries Man You Should Know About

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
We love Aries men but they have some habits that make us question our sanity. Here are some of the worst habits of an Aries man you should be prepared for.

We love Aries men but sometimes they have some colossal habits that make us question our sanity. Here are some of the possibly worst habits of an Aries man you should be prepared for.

What’s mine is mine

worst habits of an Aries man

The Aries man is a quite possessive person. This means that he is possessive with his things, his friends, and even his relationships. This at times means he can be selfish and not want to share. This would include not letting you drive his car for example

This would include not letting you drive his car for example. He’ll have no problem with driving or borrowing your car, but if you ask to have your car back or you ask to borrow his, he’ll give you a very hard time about it. You have to remind him that your stuff is yours as well, not just his.

Aries men are a bit materialistic when it comes to down to it. So my advice to you is not to let him use or borrow anything of yours since he likely won’t share it with you. However, if he has a more giving moon sign, this could make him different.

Whatever you do, don’t assume you can have or use something of his without asking. He will go ballistic about it. Not because you didn’t ask but more that it’s his and he doesn’t want you touching his stuff.

Always wants to be first

In any situation, he will want what he wants first and then you can have your turn. It works this way in leisure, work, play, etc. He isn’t chivalrous and put-you-first type of guy. He’s attentive but not one that will want to open doors for you.

He wants to get through that door first. Sitting down to order meals could be problematic as well. He’ll want to order his food first then yours. His selfishness leads him to put his own desires and needs above everyone else.

This will apply in the bedroom as well. He may want to “go” first and then put you second (if he bothers to care enough to help you get what you need to finish off). So be warned!

He’s touchy feely and IS good at what he does but if you allow him to have what he wants first he will absolutely leave you hanging and unsatisfied. He thinks that if he’s gotten what he wants then he’s good to go.

One of the worst habits of an Aries man – jealousy!

worst habits of an Aries man

This goes hand in hand with the selfish habit. Whatever is his – is his! This means his woman is his. If he sees any other man trying to encroach on his territory, he will not be happy.

Whether you’re flirting with someone or they are flirting with you, he’ll be livid if he finds out that there has been some activity like this going on. He expects loyalty and will have it no other way.

Really if he could lock you up and throw away the key, he’d love it. However, he still wants you to be active and do fun things with him. When you’re not with him, then he’s uneasy.

He will typically be alright if you’re going out with the girls as long as you’re not going to a male strip club or going to be around other men that he cannot keep an eye on properly.

Worry too much

This guy can be a bit paranoid sometimes. He worries far more than he should and it’s about everything really. His mind is very analytical and he thinks about things that he perhaps shouldn’t.

He will worry about things that have nothing to do with him at times as well. It’s just how his mind processes thoughts. He’ll worry about his home, his things, and his partner.

This worry keeps everything and everyone safe, or so he believes. He thinks if everything is going too smoothly then something is definitely wrong. It’s not typically the case but this is how he reacts.

He often has memory problems after he gets to be a certain age because he’s spent so much time worrying that he didn’t pay attention to the little things. This can make him forgetful or easily distracted.

A little too much arrogance

worst habits of an Aries man

Aries men are often very cocky. They think they know everything they’re talking about. They also think that they are the best you’re going to get and sometimes take a woman for granted.

You’ll need to be careful with this. Aries man comes off as very egotistical at times which can overshadow a good woman who’s trying to be a sweetheart. He will probably need a woman who can “handle” him well or shrug him off well.

Are you really ready for the worst of him?

He will indeed rub you the wrong way at times and seem too big for his britches. If you’re easily offended or put off by this type of person, he may not be the best fit for you.

If you think that it won’t bother you much by him puffing up his chest everywhere you go, then you may be alright with him. Just make sure it doesn’t get too out of hand.

All in all, everyone has their own bad habits. These are just a few of their worst as they do have a few more. Honestly, it takes the right type of woman to appeal to this guy’s taste.

It also takes a certain type of woman to get his attention and keep it. She’ll need to be able to either put him in his place without being aggressive or she’ll need to be the type of woman who just lets him have his way.

It all really depends on what you’re looking for and if you feel you can deal with the type of person he is. He does have some amazing qualities as well that make him worth it.

Click here if you want to find out more about the Aries man’s best qualities. It may help you get to see the other side of the fence so that you can make the proper decision for yourself.

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