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How to Get and Keep an Aries Man

Are you a woman who is helplessly drawn to an Aries man and would like to know how to draw him in? What do you do once you get him so that you can keep him? Here are some things that just may help you on your path with him and help you figure out how to get and keep an Aries man.

Luring him to your web

How do you lure an Aries man into your web so you can keep him forever? The first thing is that you must actually open up and let him now you’re interested in him. If he doesn’t know; he is likely oblivious to your passive hints.

Being upfront in some way will better help him to understand that you’re into getting to know him better or that you’ve got even deeper feelings. Making him aware of your intent will help the track get started.

He’s more likely to find interest or explore the idea of what you could be in his life. While he may not be into mind games; he IS into chasing the woman he’s into.

If you’re patient, caring, compassionate, and give him mysteriously sexy vibes; you’ll likely capture his attention. Once you do that you can then let him know in some way you’d like more.

Lured him, now what?

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Now the work begins where you’ll do this romantic dance. He will want to chase you so don’t give yourself away physically, emotionally, or otherwise quite yet. He wants to come after you.

He wants to sort of feel like he’s won a prize for all his efforts. So on that note; you’re going to have to try to keep things moving but slowly. Aries sometimes rushes in and sadly don’t know what they’re doing thus it ends just as quickly.

The slower you can take it and draw it out; the better off the relationship will form. It may actually last if you can give him only some of your secrets in increments.

Try to keep the carrot dangling in front of the cart so he can try to keep getting it. Give him small juicy tidbits of information to get him excited but don’t then turn around and hop in bed.

Again, if you rush in with him; it could end quickly. To make it last longer and maybe even forever; you’ll need to take each day as it comes. Staying mysterious longer will help him stay interested.

He’s like a big kid. He gets super excited by his new toy but he’ll play with it so much that after a short time; he’ll get bored with it and want a new one. This is how he is with relationships.

That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail but taking it slower will help it last a good deal longer if not forever. Always find something about yourself that will surprise him and keep it in a box of “future treats” for him.

Settling in

If you are able to get him to the point of comfortably settling into a relationship with you; you’re ahead of the game. Once you get there; it’s time to ensure it’ll stay intact.

Always be truthful with him. Keep the communication door open at all times. This way there are no misunderstandings between you two. He doesn’t do well with being lied to at all.

In fact; he’s normally the one who is brutally honest. He will expect the woman he settles down with to be honest too; maybe not so brutal though as he doesn’t like criticism.

If you can be honest with him in a way that sounds rational or logical rather than combative; he will appreciate your point of view. He may not agree with it but he will respect it.

This guy has a hard time just opening up. While he will tell you the truth if you ask; he may not just openly tell you anything. If it’s something he feels will hurt you or that isn’t necessary for you to know as it’s not dire; he may keep it from you.

This could be considered as being secretive. However; if it’s something like he ran into his ex and they talked. Do you really want to know that? If they parted ways amicably and there is no future; why worry?

The way he sees it is that he only talked to her; he isn’t cheating; and it may only hurt you. It’s unnecessary to bring it up. It’s these types of things he may not just open up and blurt it out.

Keep it alive!

Young couple having fun in bed at home in bedroom - how to get and keep an aries man

Communication and being honest is important. Something else that is important to keep this relationship alive is by keeping some excitement going between you. He gets bored easily so you’re going to have to keep the heat turned up.

If you keep doing the same old boring routines in bed; he’s going to get unsettled and could start looking elsewhere. The best thing is to come up with new techniques, new toys, or even new places.

From time to time; you’re going to have to spice it up. Go have sex in a car somewhere where you could get caught or go camping and try tent sex. Heck if you’re bold enough, do it in broad daylight at a camp site out of the tent if you don’t have neighbors but could at any moment.

Try new things and don’t be afraid because if you two really love each other; he’s going to love it and he’s going to appreciate you for doing something maybe out of your comfort zone.

Look at it this way; if it’s something neither of you have done; you’ll both be excited and nervous together. At least you’ll be together! That’s the important part of all of this.

Create new adventures that are filled with lots of laughter. Try not to take everything in life too seriously. Go to a comedy club periodically or to see funny movies. Enjoy your relationship with your Aries man!

If you would like more information on what it takes to make it last with an Aries man; check out my book! The Aries Man Secrets could really help you to figure out how he thinks and what he wants both in and out of bed for the long haul.

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