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How To Get More Attention Of Your Aries Man – 5 Simple Ways

Has your Aries man sort of lost the fire he once had with you? Would you like to get more of his time? Here’s how to get more attention of your Aries man.

1) Find something exciting to do

Remember that the Aries man is one of action and getting out there to do fun things? If you two have lost the luster you once had, it’s time to find things you’d both like to try but haven’t done yet.

Perhaps you’ve gotten caught up in the everyday humdrum of life and quit doing the things you both love. It’s probably a good idea to make some time to do these things again.

Whatever drew you two together is what you need to do to bring the two of you back to where you were, if not better! Try to make things more exciting again so that you two bond.

Many couples lose their way when they get into a routine and stop doing the things they once loved. If this is what has happened, you’ll need to bring back the fun. That’s the most effective way to get more of your Aries man’s time.

He will appreciate you coming up with new plans or making the effort to keep things flowing well with you two. It will make him dote on you more. He loves a woman who keeps it thrilling.

2) Break the routine

how to get more attention of your aries man

Other than finding more exciting things to do together, you perhaps need more time apart. Depending on how things have been between you. You could be together often or daily and yet still feel alone.

Sometimes things can be recharged by shaking things up. Perhaps you can throw a new day into the mix where you go do something completely different by yourself. Allow him to have some alone time.

If you don’t normally give him much alone time, he’ll probably be pleasantly surprised and will make him feel pretty good. Aries men do tend to like having a little time to themselves here and there.

So if you’re feeling up for something different and fresh, give it a try. Make some plans you wouldn’t normally make, give him time alone and then come back to him feeling alive and new.

He’ll feed off of this. Alternatively, you could suggest he go out and do something different without you. This could build a healthy new bridge that is nice and solid with you two.

I know it sounds odd but having a little time and space each week away from each other (not work related) helps keep things fresh and stable.

3) Ramp up the bedroom

Try new things in the bedroom. Very simply put, if you heat things up a notch, things will become more exciting for you both. Look into things that neither of you has tried before.

It could be a turn on to try role-playing costumes, play with feathers, or any numerous types of kinky foreplay. It may bring the spice back to the relationship that you’re looking for.

Aries men are suckers for sex so the more thrill you can bring into your intimate life; the more attention he’ll be willing to give you. It may sound like a ploy to draw him in via sex but it DOES work.

Aries men are physical guys. This means that many of the life decisions they make will revolve around this. Being physical is why they opt to get into sports or other activities that involve their whole body.

Sex is one of those outlets they use to bring about the ultimate experience and pleasure in their lives. Making your sex life more vibrant and exciting will surely have him paying more attention to you.

4) Go somewhere new

how to get more attention of your aries man

If you two seem to always go to the same places to eat or same places for entertainment; it’s time to find new places. Explore. Perhaps you can be very spontaneous about it.

You can get in the car and drive to a part of town you’ve never been to before OR even drive out of town. Randomly select something that seems to appeal to your senses.

Your ability to be so spontaneous will turn him on and it will get him craving to be with you a bit more. The more exciting you are; the more up for spending time giving you his adoration will be increased.

No doubt that he’s a hard man to keep up with and you two can easily fall into some routine. Don’t let that happen. If it already has, find ways to make your relationship more vivacious and scintillating.

The more effort you put in; the more effort he’ll be likely to put in. He sees you trying your best and making things more fun between the two of you; he’ll definitely give back to you.

So get in that car and go for a drive! Find a new place to eat then perhaps find a no-tell motel to go roll around in the bed in. Seriously, the more heart pumping you can make it, the more he’ll like it.

The more he likes it, the more he’ll make sure that you do and will give you more attention than he has ever been.

5) Update your wardrobe

Ok so this may sound really crazy but when a woman decides to make changes to her wardrobe or even her hair, sometimes it can be a huge turn on. It makes him feel like he’s with a new woman entirely.

If you are bored with your wardrobe or willing to try something new, go buy yourself things you wouldn’t ordinarily wear. Be bold and daring! Try a new hair color, new style, get a tattoo, get a piercing, and just be ballsy.

This action alone will make him stand up and take notice. Don’t do it for him though; do it for YOU. He’ll be turned on in the process. Click here to learn more about what the Aries man wants in a woman.

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