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How To Get The Attention Of An Aries Man – 4 Simple Ways

Are you watching a certain Aries man and are wondering how you can use your skills to draw him in so that he’ll pay attention to you? You’re in luck! Here are simple tips to teach you how to get the attention of an Aries man you’ve been eyeing for a while.

1) Do some detective work

You’re going to need to do a bit of detective work to find out things such as where he likes to go and things he likes to do. If you work at the same place you can ask his co-workers casually.

If it’s somewhere else where you keep bumping into him, that’s the place you need to be in order to create your plan of operation. Of course talking to him in some way could help provide you clues as well.

Simply do what you can to strike up a conversation with him. Drop something in front of him and as you’re bending over to pick it up, make sure your rear end is facing him. Then say “Oh I’m so sorry” or something cute like that.

When he says “it’s no big deal” or whatever it is he’ll reply with, that’s when you should start trying to talk to him about anything at all. The more you know, the more you’re armed with.

If it IS a place that you know he’ll be at, start dressing a bit sexy. Do not dress like a hooker though as you won’t win his attention in that way. If he wanted that; he knows where to look for that type of woman.

Dress sexy with some glass. Make a funny joke if you drop something. He’ll appreciate your humor. Just do whatever you can to get him talking to you as that gets things started.

2) Ask him pertinent questions

how to get the attention of an aries man

In your detective work; ask him questions like “do you go to the gym much? If so, where you do you go?”. Be prepared because if he does answer this; he may ask you if you do and also where you go.

If you aren’t attending one; just randomly think of one and say it. Now that you know what gym he goes to; you can casually show up there on a day you know he’ll be working out and proceed to bump into him there.

The alternative, of course, is saying “Is that a good gym? I’ve heard of it before but haven’t tried it and I’m looking for a decent one to start going to”. This will spark his desire for working out.
It also gets his attention that you want to go work out. He’ll talk it up probably so that you’ll be more interested in his gym.

Once you secure that; you can go there and get a trial membership. That should give you enough time to go work out when he does and get more of his attention.

Once you’ve got his attention though; you’ll need to let him chase you. If he catches on that you’re trying to get him in your net, he’ll run.

3) How to get the attention of an Aries man? Look smokin’ hot! 

While he does like the active woman; he also appreciates a woman that takes time to make herself look like a million bucks. He loves to see a physically fit woman in sexy clothing.

Take pride in fixing your hair, makeup, and wearing your very best. This will make him keep staring at you and wondering what else he doesn’t know about you.

Keep it simple but sexy. Never let him see you looking like you just rolled out of bed and aren’t up for working. The last thing he wants is a lazy partner. He’s looking for a woman who is going to get into doing things with him and being active.

Even if you’re wearing your workout clothes; you can still have your hair neatly pulled back and be wearing a little makeup to make sure you look like the hottest chick in the gym.

Honestly, after you’ve gotten his attention; he will be observing you and trying to figure out ways to pursue him. So after the initial contact and conversation, he’ll start to try to talk to you more.
Let him chase you.

I cannot say this enough; he is the alpha male type which means he wants to dominate and be the one in control. This also means that he wants to chase you, not the other way around.

4) Be very confident in what you do

how to get the attention of an aries man

Whatever you’re doing around him or even if you’re talking to him, show him how confident you are. This will absolutely turn him on. There is nothing better than a woman that is able to show how strong and independent she is.

He wants to see that you absolutely know what you’re doing, are passionate about it, and have no fear about it. While he’s the dominant type; he still secretly wants a woman who can hold her own.

He isn’t into the doormat or weak types of women. In fact; those rather turn him off and will send him running in the opposite direction. He will also do the same thing if you try to chase him.

When you do finally get to really talk to him; do not tell him everything about yourself. Avoid it like the plague! If you tell him more than you should; he’ll find that he already knows enough and this will bore him.

This guy wants to get to chase you and know you over time. He wants information each time he “catches you”. Only give him pieces. Bit by bit will keep him hooked and he’ll keep coming after you for more.

The thrill of doing it this way will keep him interested in you and you’ll be very happy you held back on telling him everything. Besides, it should keep it more exciting for you as well.
Get out there and be active! You’re not going to get the Aries man’s attention sitting on your sofa!

Click here to learn more about what he’s looking for in a match. I hope this helps land you a good chance with this sexy Aries man.

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