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7 Secret Ways An Aries Man Expresses Love

Aries, ruled by the masculine planet Mars, isn’t the sign you picture when you think of a loving guy… but that’s only because most people can’t activate that side of an Aries man. 

If your Aries guy is head over heels in love with you, you’re going to see a whole new side to him. Boorishness turns to chivalry really quick when he’s in his feels!

What are these secret signs that an Aries is in love with you? I’ve got seven ways that I’ve seen Aries show their unabiding love for their lady, so read on only if you want in on the classified info!

7 Secret Ways An Aries Man Expresses Love

1. He Gets Defensive of You

An Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and this heavy-hitting planet is associated with conflict and war. As a result, he’s got no issue stepping up to protect what he loves. 

An Aries in love is going to be very obviously defensive of you and will become enraged by your sadness… not at you, but to whoever did this to you!

He is always ready to throw down, but it helps if he has a reason for it. An Aries justified in his anger is a force to be reckoned with, so don’t take advantage.

One thing is for sure, when your beau is tough-guy Aries then you have nothing to fear because he will fight through hell and high water to ensure that you’re protected from all who would dare harm you!

2. He Plays Around With You

An Aries Man Playing With You Expressing His Love

Each Zodiac sign represents a certain age depending on their order, and Aries being the first sign means that they are the small children of the Zodiac. As a result, he likes to goof off and have a good time!

He doesn’t want to play alone though. He’ll make sure to mess around with you and act like a fool in the cutest way possible. 

Think about how little kids do things just to make their parents giggle at them. That’s an Aries! He is dedicated to get you playing around with him because it’s part of how he bonds.

As a result, you should probably have a high tolerance for fun and games because an Aries in love sees no better playmate than his lady love!

3. He Pushes Your Buttons On Purpose

Almost as an extension of my previous point, an Aries may take his play to the level of trying to get your goat a little bit. He thinks intentionally bugging you is a blast and he can’t think of a better way to spend his time. 

This is because even if he isn’t legitimately angry, an Aries always appreciates a little healthy contention. He likes to play fight and he loves to see you get just a liiiittle bit testy with him!

He’s a fire sign who is constantly seeking stimulation. In his mind, it’s him against everyone else, but not necessarily in a bad way. He just likes a little healthy competition and if firing you up is the easiest way to get you reacting to his jabs, then he won’t hesitate! 

4. He Tells You

An Aries Man Expressing His Love

Aries men are admirably straightforward with their thoughts. They typically have no issue telling you what they are feeling and thinking about you. 

This is why an Aries in love is going to tell you all the time just how much he loves you! He isn’t embarrassed, his only obligation is to be true to himself after all. And if his truth is that he loves you then so be it. 

See, even the manly man of the Zodiac is down to get gushy… as long as that’s genuinely how he feels about you then it’s fair game. 

5. He Does Things For You

An Aries is a physical sign who lives in the moment, for the most part. You can tell a lot about an Aries by his actions. I suggest taking a hard look at what he does or offers to do for you if you want a true gauge of his feelings for you. 

If you want to test it, mention how you need some shelves hung up in your home but you’re not sure how to go about it. An Aries in love will often jump right in and offer to help, even if he himself doesn’t have much of an idea!

In addition, if he’s paying for meals, offering to drive you places, and being generally helpful then it’s a great sign that he’s totally in love with you!

6. He Suggests Taking The Next Step

Secret Ways An Aries Man Shows Love

Aries men are not ones to take their sweet time doing anything at all. In fact, they’re the type to act first, and think later. 

If an Aries is really into you and he knows it, then he wants to get this show on the road! He’ll be talking about a future with you and asking when you two can move in together and live happily ever after. 

He isn’t one that appreciates uncertainty and waiting around will have him pulling his hair out! That’s why you may find him pressuring you to agree to locking the relationship down and getting serious.

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7. He Wants To Have Sex… A Lot

One thing I could never forget to mention when it comes to the Aries is how epic their sex drive is in general! Yup, these guys are absolute freaks in sheets. Quality and quantity both is important to them… at least with a girl they really love!

Aries aren’t what you’d call consistent in most ways, but if you light your ram’s fire then be prepared to be absolutely inundated with requests to get wild! 

It’s true, an Aries man can be satisfied with sex from anyone, but the quality won’t be nearly as good. Aries are obsessed with being the best, and they can really perfect their technique with a single partner. They won’t be satisfied until you tell him he’s the best you’ve ever had!

Are you dating an Aries man? How does your Aries guy show his love for you? You got to let us know down below in the comments!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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