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5 Secret Signs That You’re Aries Man’s Plan B

Has your Aries man wandered away from your relationship’s path? Is he always looking forward but not mentioning you in his plans? Maybe he keeps making secretive cards or is reaching out to someone via text or social media too often.

It may not be your imagination… He could be planning something that you really don’t know about. Are you in his future, or are you someone he’s settling for right now? Find out by reading this article on the five secret signs that you’re an Aries man’s Plan B.

Red Flag City

Being a secondary plan for Aries man isn’t a fun thing to be. It hurts and it’s difficult to work past. What do you do? I’ve had many other clients write to me about this behavior. 

Dating an Aries man can be difficult when he isn’t putting you first. In the beginning, he may have seemed to be totally connected – but now he’s cold and spending less time with you. 

That is a huge red flag that you shouldn’t ignore. Something is way off and he’s probably making plans behind your back. Unless he’s seriously depressed, there is something way off about this. 

I have a few major signs you should look out for. If he isn’t making you priority or Plan A anymore then you may need to call him on it or move on to be with someone who makes you the priority in their lives. 

Check out the signs that you’re an Aries man’s Plan B: 

5 Secret Signs That You’re Aries Man’s Plan B

1. His Social Media Activity Picks Up

Ways To Know If You Are Aries Man's Plan B

An Aries man will hide his relationship status so that no one knows who he is with or he may keep it as single (if he hasn’t changed it to single). You’ll notice that he doesn’t mention much about you on his social media either. 

If he ever posted a photo or two of you but since hasn’t and they’ve been buried; you’re no longer #1. He is either fishing for someone new and better or he’s already talking to someone else.

Naturally, if you say anything about it to him, he will likely react as though he’s offended. He tries to be angry toward you for saying something like this.

When he acts angry or offended then he’s most likely guilty. An Aries man in love would never act this way. If he is innocent or has nothing to hide, he’ll answer you truthfully. 

You notice he starts hitting like on other women’s posts or photos. Maybe there is only one he’s stuck on and doing that with. That’s a sign he is into her. This is a big sign that you are possibly an Aries man’s Plan B! 

2. He’s Treating You Differently

The Aries man who is no longer into you or is already seeing someone else is to stop spending time with you. While he may still spend a little time so you won’t be suspicious, he will decrease the frequency.

He may shut off any feelings he had open to you. You ask him how his day was and he’ll say, “eh, same old.” He is no longer eager to tell you what is going on with him.

You’re essentially not his best friend anymore and he wants to shut down when he’s around you. His texts will be infrequent. He won’t always respond as quickly as he used to. 

He’s disconnecting from you slowly. It’s like he hopes that you will see this, take it for what it is, and break up with him so he doesn’t have to do the work. He wants you to walk away.

It goes without saying that his affection with you will cut down and be barely anything at all. Sex will drop, his kisses, hugs, or holding hands will be almost non-existent! 

3. He Stops Asking About Your Whereabouts

Signs You Are Aries Mans Plan B

It’s a well known fact that Aries men are the jealous type. They are also possessive. As a result, they tend to want to keep you close and know where you are and who you are with. 

When you are Aries man’s Plan B then you are not important anymore. He doesn’t care about your whereabouts or wellbeing as much (I know, it’s harsh, but I’m here to give you the facts!). He may care as a person, but not as a boyfriend. 

He won’t think to ask you where you are going and who you are going with. You could start mentioning other guy’s names and he won’t even flinch. You are not a big deal in his life anymore. 

He seems to keep you around though, just in case he cannot find someone else better or that it doesn’t work with the girl he’s already talking to with hope for the long term.

Either way, you are not his Plan A. Whether you have been together a long while or a short while, this behavior is another huge sign that you’re Aries man’s Plan B. 

4. He Acts Depressed Or Unenthusiastic

Normally, an Aries man in love is spontaneous and ready to have some fun. While an Aries man making you his Plan B means that he’s not all that excited to do much of anything with you. 

You might suggest things that you two can do together that would be a blast, but he acts like a stick in the mud making excuses of why he doesn’t or cannot go. 

A lazy Aries indicates that he’s not happy with his life and may not be with you either. If you happen to notice he perks up when he’s going out with friends or when he gets text messages then you know something is up. 

He doesn’t want to do anything with you but he gets wired to go do something fun with his friend or whomever he’s going to meet up with. Perhaps he’s going to see another woman. 

I should warn you that if he is in a relationship with another woman and you were the one that he was going to on the side, she’s his Plan A and you became Plan B in case she didn’t work out. You are the fall back. 

5. He Rarely Includes You In His Life

Aries Man Not Including You In His Life

I’ve given you examples of how he pulls back or goes totally ice cold on you. What if you were someone that he started talking to but he was already in a relationship? Maybe he told you but maybe he didn’t.

If he was keeping you as secret in any way then you were his second choice in case his main relationship didn’t pan out. This would include showing you interest but only via text with an occasional meet up.

The meet up is only to be at his place or yours. He doesn’t want to take you out or introduce you to his friends. He makes no mention of you whatsoever on social media. 

He may even delete comments you make if it is something that would make people think he’s dating you. He loves to have sex with you but you are not the priority in his life. 

He keeps you at arm’s length so that he doesn’t get too attached to you, because he may not be sure if his long-time love will come back to him or if his current partner will work through things with him.

If that is the case then you will likely never elevate to Plan A. It means that he could just as easily let you go and find someone else to be his Plan B. 

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Here’s The Bottom Line

No matter what the situation is, if he’s not giving you all that he should then you are not his priority. Find out why and either confront him with it or leave him! You need to do what is best for YOU. Make yourself the top priority. 

I can tell you with the clients that write in to me, none of this information is a secret. They all know that when Aries man starts backing out, he treats you differently. 

Trust your gut and do what you know is right for you! Watch his actions and make sure they line up with what he says. If they don’t then something is wrong and you need to put a stop to it.

If you’re unsure about the future of your relationship and what to do next in love and life, then consider booking a private consultation where you can get some answers one on one. Check it out here.

Has your Aries man given you signs that you’re his Plan B? What has he’d done? Please tell me about it! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “5 Secret Signs That You’re Aries Man’s Plan B

  1. Well his last relationship of a year did not work out and he has been good to me the past 2 months and then he had to move and could not find another apartment so he asked to move in with me and I have doubts and he says he has gone back to the bible and sex he can no longer participate in as the bible says no
    I hope you are able to give me some advice

    1. Hi Marilyn Seaman!

      Be careful sweetheart. It sounds like he could be using that as an excuse to use your for your kindness. Please make sure that you’re watching for red flags. If he is sincere then he will treat you well but if he isn’t, he will be standoffish or will start hiding his phone sitting near you thus meaning he could be talking to someone while while staying with you. Having doubts is a good thing in this situation. Always trust your gut! You can also check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets to help you figure him out a bit better. I wish you the best!

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