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How to get an Aries Man to Marry You: A Few Simple Steps

Are you dating an Aries man but want to spice things up to the next level so that you can get him to fully commit? It may not be easy but it IS possible. Here are some techniques you can try to help get you there. Learn how to get an Aries man to marry you.

  • Use Your Wit to Make Him Chase You

Just because you are dating, does not mean that you should give up on the chase. You need to make sure that he’s still chasing you. Until you have a ring on your finger, you’ll need to make sure he’s still right behind you.

When you play the “coy” card; you may see some very lucrative results. Continue to be interesting and playful with him. This makes him want you and want to keep doing what he has to in order to keep the chase alive.

Don’t give in to him too quickly. If you always agree with him and do things his way; he’ll get bored with you. Make sure he does things you want to do from time to time or tell him you’ll go do it with your friends.

Aries men love smart women who have a really witty sense of humor. If you’ve got both of these qualities nailed down; do what you can to show him your best. You’re basically showing him why you’re the one for him.

Show him why you’d make a great wife and mother of his future children. Show him you’re independent, smart, active, and will be a powerful match for the Aries man to be proud of.

The more fun activities you two do together will make him feel fulfilled and at ease with you. So make sure you plan lots of different things to do that are really exciting and satisfying for you both.

  • Spend More Time With Friends or Family

Group of friends at restaurant outdoors - How to get an Aries Man to Marry You

The more time you spend away from him; the more he’ll want to try to monopolize your time. Remember the old story of the boy not being interested in the girl until she seems uninterested?

You don’t want to overdo it though. You definitely don’t want to give him the impression you don’t want to be with him because then he may decide he’ll go find someone who does.

Just pull back enough that it makes him want to pursue you more. It’s more exciting for him and he’ll want to do the best he can at it. This means you’ll have lots of attention, romance, and passion.

Essentially; you’re making him work for it so that he feels more like a man for having won the chase. You’re the prize of the “hunt” and he’ll definitely be proud to have you.

Something else to consider is working at trying to meet his family or friends. He won’t typically bring you around them unless he’s sure you’re someone he wants to spend his life with.

When he does get to that point; try to become friends with his family so that you can build a foundation that will last a long time. This makes them feel comfortable and will ultimately make him feel like you are a great fit for his close knit relationships.

  • Make Sure He Doesn’t Move Too Fast

Aries men like to take risks in every area of their life. The problem with relationships for him though; he jumps in and realizes he shouldn’t have then backs out.

When you’re dating an Aries man; you’ll want to ensure that you’re making him wait and have some patience. If you haven’t had sex with him yet; make him wait a little while before you give in.

The more you basically force his hand to take it easy; the more it will work with the two of you. You’ll get to know each other better and he’ll have to focus on trying to win your affections.

If you just give it up to him up front; he may not want to maintain the relationship thus you find him backing away or becoming cold after being so hot and coming on strongly.

When you first start to date an Aries man; he’ll feel very passionate and may even think he’s in love. He’s one of those guys that will do the love at first sight thing but then after he realizes he dove in without getting to know the woman; he’ll freak out.

He’ll break it off and without much of a warning. So it will seem like he really loves a woman and then BOOM out of left field he’s breaking it off. This is what gives him the hot and cold experience in the eyes of the women who love him.

So to avoid this; it’s important to pace yourself and be a good example of why it’s important to get to know each other over time instead of throwing it all up front. Certainly it’s healthier for you both to take your time.

I’m not saying you will have to wait for a long period of time but at least give it a few months before you start talking about love and a future together. You both need to see who each other really is.

The End Game

Romantic Couple sitting on the pier with red wine - How to get an Aries Man to Marry You

Naturally it’s always best that you fully get to know a man before you give your heart and soul away in the first place. It may help you to get to know your Aries better via my books.

They could help you see what types of things he loves and hates. This can help you wrap your head around whether or not you think you’re a good match for him and if he’s a good match for you.

Use the combination of getting to know him via his sign and getting to know him in person. This will allow you to fully see the scope of what you’re dealing with. Click here for more information on the Aries man.

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