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6 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With An Aries Man

Aries men, these sexy creatures sure know how to make a woman gasp for air. They are just so darn attractive! They have a certain powerful quality that makes them totally irresistible to any woman.

An Aries man is ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is the planet that governs sex, ambition, power, energy, and motivation. This makes it easy to see why these men have such a compelling presence about them.

An Aries man is masculinity personified. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it with gusto. He’s a pioneer, a leader, and acts from instinct. He isn’t the type of guy to think twice about a decision. He just goes for it because he feels it is the right thing to do in his gut.

Yes, an Aries man is quite independent, but he is also incredibly loyal and devoted to his relationships. When an Aries man commits, he really means it. There is a side to him that really loves being in a partnership and he finds it a lot of fun to go on all kinds of adventures with his partner.

But what can you do as the wife of an Aries man to make sure that he is always fulfilled and happy in the relationship? Many things, of course! Continue reading to find out how you can have the best marriage possible with your Aries man. Don’t worry, you can thank me later!

What Are The Best Traits Of An Aries Man?

Best Traits Of An Aries Man

An Aries man is exciting. He’s fearless and goes for what he wants. This makes him incredibly attractive to his partner. He has willpower that makes him incredibly inspiring to be around. When you spend time with an Aries man, you’ll likely feel his energy rub off on you in no time.

He is also extremely optimistic and sees the good in everything, but he isn’t one of those people who just wish things would happen to him. He makes it happen with pure force and will. When he wants something, he’ll go out and get it, guaranteed.

He is also loyal and generous. If you have an Aries man in your life you can know that he will always have your back and support you in whatever you do. If you ever need help then turning to your Aries is your best option.

His heart is really big and he is probably a lot more sensitive than you realize. When he cares about someone, he takes it really seriously. He loves with all his heart and isn’t afraid of falling in love.

What Are The Worst Traits Of An Aries Man?

With all that passion coursing through his veins, it is no wonder that Aries men tend to have a bit of a temper problem. If he gets angry, he gets really angry and can blow up and cause quite a scene. So be warned. Luckily, his bad moods are only temporary and he tends to cool down quite quickly.

He can be a little arrogant and confrontational at times, he’s the guy who will say what is on everyone else’s mind. He doesn’t care about being polite and says it like it is. Sometimes when he is bored, he’ll pick fights because he kind of loves the drama.

Because he is the first sign of the Zodiac, he is basically the baby of all the signs. This means that he may often act a little immature or naively. He’ll just act without thinking through the long-term consequences, but luckily for him, he seems to have beginner’s luck, much to the annoyance of others.

He leaps before he looks and has a hard time slowing down which can lead him to burnout because he doesn’t really know his own limits. This is why Aries men tend to have all kinds of injuries or scars on their bodies because they push and they push until the Universe says STOP!

What Makes An Aries Man Happy In A Marriage?

Now that you understand a bit more about who an Aries man is, now we can explore what exactly makes him happy and what he wants in a relationship. If you know all of these secrets then you can most definitely create a happy and fulfilling life with him!

6 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With An Aries Man

1. He Needs To Be Your Number One

No matter what, Aries will always want to be number one, in everything. This guy is incredibly competitive and wants to be put on a pedestal by the woman he is with. He wants to feel like the Alpha and the Omega.

He wants his woman to adore him, flatter him, and tell him how much she loves him all of the time. He just loves the attention and can actually feel kind of miserable when he doesn’t have a partner who isn’t a little bit obsessed with him.

He loves it when a woman can be present with him and express her feelings to him with honesty and authenticity. He thinks it is incredibly sexy of her. If you tell an Aries man how much you care about him and will do anything for him, he’ll return the favor in kind.

2. Be Loyal And Dependable

Marriage With An Aries Man

An Aries man doesn’t ask for much, but he does expect his partner to be really loyal and a reliable person. If he asks you to do something then he expects you to keep your word because nothing annoys him more than someone who is unreliable.

He has quite a strong moral compass and if he feels like his woman isn’t on the same wavelength as him, he’ll rather not have anything to do with her.

An Aries man is very honest and sincere, he isn’t the type of guy to lie or cheat if he’s unhappy in a relationship. He would rather leave and get a divorce than stoop so low and this is the same kind of honesty he expects from his wife.

So, if you want to make your Aries husband happy then be sure to always be reliable, honest, and loyal towards him. He’ll know if you aren’t being true.

3. Give Him His Space To Be Independent

One of the things an Aries man craves in his life is the independence and space to be whoever he wants to be without judgment and without someone telling him to change or be someone else.

Yes, he loves to be in a relationship and have a sidekick, but having the independence to do what he wants when he wants is just as important to him. He needs to be able to spend time with the boys without having his wife nag him about when he is coming home.

He needs to have the space to go and do his sports and activities on his own. This is a major stress relief to the Aries man. He just needs that time-out to focus on himself and to fill his own cup, without this he might get angry and frustrated and you definitely don’t want that.

So, if you are wanting to make your Aries man happy you need to find the right balance between adoring him while also giving them space to breathe.

4. Create A Comfortable Home For Him

Aries Man In Marriage

Your Aries man might always be on the go going from one epic thing to the next, but the missing link in his life is that comfy home they can always go back to. There is a part of an Aries man that is actually super traditional, but it only comes out once he’s been with a woman for a while.

He really craves a wife who can create a home, cook, and help him clean. A cushy environment for him to enjoy and help him relax when the world becomes a little bit too much for him to handle.

So, if you have those homemaker skills, show him. He’ll adore you for it and get really excited that you are so loving and caring towards him. All an Aries man actually wants to be taken care of for a bit. He loves it and it makes him feel like a king!

5. Be His Number One Support In The World

When an Aries man finds his passion and calling in life, he is going to need all the support he can get. He wants to be with a partner who is excited about his success and is happy to see him shine in the spotlight he so deserves.

An Aries man may in the past have had a few bad experiences with women who get too jealous when he achieves something great in his life. Of course, this just stems from their insecurity, and instead of celebrating with him, they got competitive and jealous.

Remember that your Aries guy is so loyal, he’ll never do anything to hurt the relationship. So, when you see his dreams and ambitions start to take off, fly with him, or else he is going to leave you exactly where you are.

He won’t let anyone stand in front of his hopes and dreams, and if you really loved him, would you want to do that anyway? Be his rock and let him know that he can count on you for anything. You have no idea how much this will mean to your Aries man.

6. Sex, Sex, And More Sex

Aries Husband Characteristic

Being one of the most passionate and physical signs in the Zodiac it makes a lot of sense that an Aries man needs a lot of sex. In fact, it is a bit of an insatiable thirst for him, he just won’t get enough.

He will immerse himself fully into sex and be loud, hard, dirty, fast, and full of fire. This is an Aries man’s idea of a great time in the bedroom. But not only that, he needs a lot of it and often.

He doesn’t like waiting too long in-between love-making sessions. He wants to see how many times he can go so he really needs a woman with a strong sexual appetite. He enjoys all kinds of sex, from quickies to a full night of passion and bliss.

He really craves those fireworks; he can’t stand sex that is boring and monotonous. He wants something different and a little spicy every time. He enjoys novelty so exploring all kinds of things in the bedroom makes him quite excited.

He does have quite the big imagination, so allow him to fill you in on his fantasies and you will make him the happiest man alive. Just don’t judge him, this will really hurt his feelings and the way he sees you.

So, if you want to keep your Aries man happy in your marriage then remember that sex is probably one of the best ways to continue winning over his heart.

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My Final Thoughts

When it comes to creating the most wonderful marriage with an Aries man it is actually pretty straightforward, much like his personality. He doesn’t expect too much from his partner and is just happy with someone who can love him and support him in whatever he chooses to do.

When an Aries man feels that love it makes him feel that anything in his life is possible and that there is nothing that he can’t achieve because it is true. Love will certainly make him one of the happiest men alive.

I hope my secrets can help you to build a happy and strong marriage with your Aries man. You both deserve the relationship of your dreams and I am sure you both know how lucky you are to have one another.

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Are you married to an Aries man? What would you say are some of your own personal secrets to keeping him happy and satisfied in the relationship? I would seriously love to hear what you have to say, so please leave a comment in the section below. There might be something I am missing.

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Wishing you so much love and happiness in the world.

Your devoted friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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