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How To Keep An Aries Man From Being Jealous

Are you dating an Aries man but he seems to keep jealous of your male friends or of you spending more time with others? Here are some things to consider that may help you figure out how to keep an Aries man from being jealous and put him at ease.

He Sees You as a Possession

how to keep an aries man from being jealous

The first part of an Aries problem is that he sees his woman as his prize. He cherishes her, he polishes her, and he wants to keep her. He becomes guarded and protective of her as well.

When this happens; any other male is a threat to him. In some cases, women are also threats to him as far as his girlfriend is concerned. A woman could cheat on him with either therefore both could be construed as a possible enemy.

He wants a woman who is independent so that he can go out with the boys and do his own thing without her from time to time but he doesn’t really want her going out with her girls.

She could meet someone new while out with her friends or she could find romance with one of her friends. So paranoia sets in a bit. He doesn’t know what friends of hers, if any, are trustworthy.

When you become an Aries man’s girlfriend; realize that you are HIS. This means he holds you to being 100% faithful, loyal, no looking, no flirting, etc. However, he can still flirt, look, and possibly cheat.

It’s a double standard with this guy. Not all Aries men cheat but many of them do. They are Alpha males that think they are here to spread their seed just like at the beginning of time.
The problem is; he doesn’t quite “get” that life in this day and age is very different.

Trust with Friends

If you have male friends or “had” male friends; before your Aries man; you may need to get him to actually get to know them. If you do not; he’ll always wonder why you are talking to other guys.

He will even get jealous of gay men in your life. It’s that they’re getting your attention and he’s always thinking that you’ll someday leave him for someone else. Aries has trust issues much like Scorpio.

That being said; you’ll probably want to introduce your male friends to your Aries man so they can get to know him. Invite them over for dinner and a cocktail. This allows your Aries to size him/them up.

However; the more often you have them come by; the more your man gets to know him. He’ll start to calm down but some part of him will almost always carry that distrust in what the friend’s motives are.

He may also assume you secretly carry a torch for this guy. He truly doesn’t understand how a woman and man can be friends without it reaching a sexual level.

You’ll need to do this method with all of your friends whether male or female. He will trust female a bit more but he’ll still be a little leery about what it is that they want with your friendship.

Invite your friends to do things with you and your man. Double dates are a good thing too when you can do it. This will make him feel a bit more comfortable.

Independent Twist

how to keep an aries man from being jealous

While he wants space and time to go do his own thing; he’ll also want you to stay at home if you’re not out with him doing something active. He may not tell you this is how he feels but honestly; that’s how he feels.

He wants to know where you are at all times, when you’ll be back, and who you are going with; just like parents. With his motives however; he just wants to make sure he can find you whenever he wants.

This form of possession and jealousy is a form of control. If he thinks for one second you could leave him or cheat on him; he may follow you or show up where you say you’re going to see if you’re there.

Aries men can become stalkers, no doubt. However; to get him to feel better about what you do, who you are with, and when you’ll come back is by conditioning him with it.

Start doing it, start inviting him out with your friends, or inviting your friends over. Having him mingle with them a bit more; he may loosen up and not feel the need to try to keep you home so much.

Do NOT become a doormat

While Aries is all about himself; you should never surrender to him. If he has it your way; you’ll be home cooking dinner and naked with your legs spread when he walks in from work.

Then when he’s ready to go get beer with his buddies; he’ll leave you wet and put away for when he comes home for round 2 then off to sleep. If this isn’t what you want; you may want to discuss ground rules at the beginning.

The less misunderstandings that can occur the better. The last thing you want to do is lay down and take whatever it is he throws at you. Don’t make him think that you are available to him anytime he wants.

He needs to understand that just like him; you have needs and desire to have some personal time as well. As long as you build a certain level of trust with him; he should understand you know how to make the right choices.

Only time and patience can truly show him that you are loyal, faithful and all his. Until that day comes; it may be a bit of a roller coaster for you with the Aries man. He’s complicated but once he “gets it”; he’ll forever be yours.

Get to know him as much as you possibly can before you try to move in with him or marry him. Click here to learn more about how to keep an Aries man from being jealous and what is he looking for in a woman.

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